Famous new online games for children

Following are the famous new online games for childrens


One of the long-term construction of the gaming industry. The game was announced back in 2012 , but it only reached gamers’ computers in 2020, and then in the form of early access. Like the original, Bannerlord invites gamers to feel like real lords in the Middle Ages , who have to rise from rags to riches and become the founder of their own kingdom. To do this, you need to recruit an army and personally take part in fierce battles and sieges of castles .

In addition to solo adventures, Bannerlord has several multiplayer modes. These are the familiar Sieges, and the brand new Battles of Captains, Skirmishes and Duels. Gamers will also be able to join forces and organize alliances.



The developers of Crowfall promise us an interesting hybrid of the usual MMORPG with sessions. The main entertainment was the events of campaigns in temporary worlds, each of which lives by its own rules. At the same time, the game will also have permanent worlds, but the main ones in them will not be the developers, but the players themselves.

Also, players are offered a wide choice of classes and a pumping system that is non-standard for the genre – skills will improve as they are used, as, for example, in The Elder Scrolls. The developers also allow you to try out the system of advantages and disadvantages – the advantages will give bonuses to certain skills, which is quite logical, but the disadvantages will not only worsen some abilities, but will also give points in return that can be used for further pumping.


A tactical shooter from Riot Games, creators of League of Legends . Events unfold in the future, and the key feature of the game is that the fighters have unique abilities. In terms of gameplay , Valorant is similar to a mixture of Counter-Strike and Overwatch – that is, the emphasis is on shooting, but you can use magic . In the main mode, battles unfold between two teams of 5 people, the duration of the match is 24 rounds (minimum 12).

Valorant (originally titled Project A) is one of several big releases from Riot Games. Project T ( fighting game ) and Project F (MMO) are also expected in the League of Legends universe.



Science fiction writers have long been writing about the events on which the plot of this MMO sandbox is based. The apocalypse has finally arrive, not only the Earth, but the entire solar system has been destroyed. Parts of humanity managed to escape, now they fly in their space arks in search of places suitable for life. On one of the unknown planets and the player will be.

The newly minted colonist will have to develop the skills necessary to survive and build a new civilization. And it will be possible to build and invent almost anything – from agricultural tools to spaceships .




Conqueror’s Blade is an interesting mixture of RTS and third-person action . This means that you can act both as an experienced commander with a cold head, and as a warrior with a warm heart, who himself is torn on the battlefield, driven by a thirst for justice and blood.

Considering that developers from China are working on the game, the setting of Ancient China is quite logical. The main features of the game are large-scale dynamic battles and the absence of bore fantasy – players are waiting for quite plausible medieval battles without any elves and dragons , seasoned with Chinese flavor.



Collectible card games in the MMO format are becoming increasingly popular. It is even surprising that for a long time the brand from which the history of CCI as such began was not present on this market. Only in September 2019, Magic: The Gathering Arena was release, offering MTG fans to participate in battles in an online format without spending a lot of money on card sets, and ordinary gamers to once again touch the legend.

With updates, the developers promise to make available all the cards ever release in the MTG series for the entire time of its existence (more than 25 years). The battles take place both in the form of the usual duels and in the format of tournaments, and some of them will have a real prize fund (however, you will also have to pay for participation in them with real money).



Since March 2019, this fast-pace action game in anime style has been in early access, but it’s too early to talk about a full-fledged release. But it is already clear that the project has great potential, because unlike most online action games, it is focus on co-op, and the example of Payday and Left 4 Dead shows that the future belongs to cooperative action games. In the release of the game, we are promise an interesting plot, a huge number of options for customizing spells, a wide selection of weapons, many PvP and PvE modes, and a wide selection of combos.



The huge success of Mortal Kombat X could have been a double-edged sword. On the one hand, NetherRealm Studios got a lot of money and great motivation to make a sequel. On the other hand, they do not look for good from good. Therefore, MK11 is inherently not too different from MK X.

It’s still the same 2.5D fighting game (flat screen with jumps and side transitions), almost the same characters (of course, new ones have been add, but who will be interest in them when there is Scorpio, Sub-Zero, Sonya Blade and Baraka), rework equipment system (something between MK X, where equipment determined the entire moveset, and Injustice 2, where it was more for beauty), and the long-awaited return of Fatality and Brutality.

Since there is no X in the name of the game, the X-Ray technique has also been rework, which is now call Fatal Blow (but works in much the same way). And yes, don’t forget the multiplayer modes.

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Multiplayer shooter about the First World War . Battles unfold on a giant map between 64 users who have to fight for key sectors of the battlefield best crazygames. The following parties are represent: Germany, Russian Empire, Allies.

Tannenberg , like other realistic online shooters, has a lot of features crazygames online : an abundance of weapons, a competent tactical component, six maps, several modes. Do not worry if friends cannot keep company – the game has an advanced AI that replenishes empty seats in the session.

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