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Features Of Taxi App Development That Will Make It Successful In 2022 And Beyond

Through technological advancements and the internet’s reach, people now use a variety of mobile apps for everyday tasks. The emergence of taxi booking apps has made commuting easier too. These apps can be updated repeatedly to provide high-end service to the users. Some of these Features For Taxi App Development are mentioned below.

General Features Of A Taxi Booking App

  • For Passengers Panel
  • Providing the customers with a ride panel.
  • Easy social login/sign-up.
  • Creating and managing profiles.
  • Build an on-demand taxi solution.
  • Showing the expected time of arrival.
  • The customers can track vehicles in real-time.
  • A wide range of options for billing and payment are available.
  • Emails, SMS alerts, and notifications.
  • Drivers get feedback and rating.
  • Showing all the available rates and cab options.
  • Scheduling a cab in advance.
  • Bill is auto-generated.
  • Payment is allowed via in-app currency.
  • Customers can access their booking history.

For Driver Panel

  • Booking requests can be accepted or denied.
  • Push notifications.
  • Drivers can call and chat with their customers through the app.
  • Navigation is possible via a live map.
  • Ratings and reviews are accessible.
  • Fare calculation is automatic.
  • Trip routes can be viewed.
  • Can accept payments both online and offline.

For Admin Panel

  • Appointed drivers can be viewed and managed.
  • Managing the availability and scheduling of cabs.
  • Show the route of trips.
  • Controlling inflation prices and rate cards.
  • Being in charge of offers and discounts.
  • Tracking cabs.
  • Look through and head the drivers’ feedbacks and reviews.
  • Reports for transactions and revenue are generated regularly.
  • Heading the geolocation boundary.

Advanced Features That Should Be Included In A Taxi Booking App

1. Driver/User Authorization

Through this feature, drivers get the authority to drive the car under the application. They are permitted to accept bookings and link with the mobile application.

2. Auto Dispatch Software

This feature enables the drivers to control all their bookings. They don’t need to swing back and forth as they can keep an eye on all of them simultaneously. The drivers also get sufficient instructions about their booking location.

3. Driver Queue Algorithm

The owners of the Taxi booking app development company can access all the drivers and taxis available in one location through this feature. So, they can be presented as options to the customers. The whole process hardly takes much time, and the user can get to know the number of cabs bears them.

4. Surge Pricing

There can be days where taxis are in high demand that can cause a shortage. In this instance, the owners can earn higher profits by increasing the price.

5. Zone Pricing

Restrictions, roads, timings, and laws may differ from zone to zone. Thus, it will lead to varying zone pricing. Taxi owners can earn accordingly through this feature.

6. Heat Map View

This feature provides information about the cabs on service during the busiest time of the day to the app owners. So, they can appoint more taxis if needed. It also helps in Understanding The Taxi App Development better.

7. Phone Number Masking

If the driver or the customer doesn’t want to share their contact information, the in-app call feature on the app will help them from revealing.

8. Loyalty Programs

Coupons, discounts, and offers can act as incentives and attract more users. Such loyalty programs will provide an extra nudge to drivers and encourage both parties to use the app more frequently.

9. Real-Time Analytics

Through this feature, the taxi app owners will get to know about the taxi number that is currently in service and which zones they are operating. So, they can find out their app’s performance and how many users are accessing it simultaneously. It is possible as they get information about the customer booking their cabs.

10. Multi-Lingual Support

This feature will make the app popular among tourists as they don’t have to communicate with other people and ask them to book a cab.

11. Automate Driver Payment

This feature helps the user to link their digital wallet or bank account to the app directly. There will be automatic deductions from their accounts, so they don’t need to carry cash or wallets. It is time-saving too.

12. Multiple Payment Options

The taxi apps have integrated numerous payment methods like online banking, mobile wallets, payment through cards, etc. All these numerous options have made such apps very useful.

13. Push Notifications

A push notification will notify the user when he books a cab. The push notifications are also for notifying the users about new discounts, offers, etc.

14. Social Login/Sign-Up

It is paramount that each user has a unique account, so they need to get registered with the app before accessing their services. They can also save their preferred locations and payment options. Linking social media accounts with the sign-up process is not a bad idea. This way, customers don’t have to waste any time entering the details over and over again.

15. Fare Calculation

The feature calculates the fare a user needs to pay for one ride. They will know the amount before booking the taxi.

16. Bill Splitting

It isn’t uncommon for passengers to share a ride. Through this feature, they can divide the bill and pay their amounts from their respective accounts.

17. Multiple Bookings

The feature allows the user to schedule multiple cabs simultaneously for their family and friends. The days of one booking through one account are long past.

18. Book Cab For A Friend

A customer can book a Ride-Hailing App Development for someone who has a different location than theirs. All that needs to be done is to enter the proper pick-up and drop information.

19. In-App Call

A customer might not have the time to make a regular phone call to the driver. With this feature embedded in the app, they can tap the icon to call the driver.

20. Emergency Contact

Users can save emergency contacts if they need to call someone during any mishap.

21. Live Tracking POP Mode

A person can send their booking status to a family member or a friend who can keep track of the cab’s live location.

22. Smartwatch Access

Smartwatches have become a common accessory now, so a feature that will enable taxi booking through smartwatches will make the app popular.


There are several benefits of using such on-demand taxi app development costs for drivers and passengers. The drivers don’t need to roam to look for riders. Since most payments are made online, they don’t need to carry change. The drivers can rate the passengers too. As the apps have GPS, they don’t have to rely on the public to reach their destination. The passengers will see the exact location and time of arrival of the cabs, so there will be no misinformation. There are different payment methods available, which makes it convenient for the customers. They can book these cabs right at home, saving them a lot of time and energy.

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