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Five Effective Ideas for Link Building

Link building has changed massively over the period. Like every other Google algorithm focusing on quality more than ever, link building has shifted to quality from quantity.

Earlier, it was about the more links you could build. While today, it’s the quality of the links you’ve built that matters the most.

With quality comes strategy and when you’re devising and executing a link-building strategy, remember that the outcomes won’t come instantly.

It’s a slow and steady process, and you’ll eventually get the outcomes with a rightly picked strategy.

The pages where you aim to build the links – their quality and authority matter the most. In determining how close you will reach to the top of search engine result pages (SERPs).

The key to building links with high-quality pages having great authority is blogging. The more consistently you blog, the better link-building chances come your way.

The numbers suggest that a site that blogs consistently is likely to get 434 percent more pages indexed, and their inbound links are likely to grow ninety-seven times more than usual.

However, there are more effective yet proven ideas for link building other than just blogging. This blog post highlights the five amazingly effective ideas for link building that would help you bring an incredible hike in the search engine ranking.

But before we dive into these effective link-building strat5egies, let’s explore why link building plays such an integral role in bringing up the SEO game.

Why Is Link Building Significant To Attain A Higher SEO Ranking?

Link building is significant in attaining a higher SEO ranking because that’s one of the factors search engines use to determine a site’s rank.

When analyzing your website and deciding where it should rank, search engines like Google, Yahoo, or Bing, etc., see through the number of links that lead to your website.

They also analyze the quality of those links – the credibility and authority of the websites yours have been linked with.

The more authoritative and qualitative links you’ve got, the better are the chances for your landing pages and blog posts to rank higher over SERPs.

Apart from being a factor search engine uses in ranking your website, links are also a great way to building trust among your visitors.

The users are likely to trust you more when you showcase the sources of information you talk about – this reflects your knowledge and authority over a particular niche.

Five Effective Link Building Strategies for Marketers

Take a look at these amazing strategies and get inspired!

Strategic Guest Blogging 

Do you think the trend of guest blogging has almost expired? Well, that of mass guest blogging has sure ended. With quality becoming the primary factor, you wouldn’t want to post blogs to almost every site possible without tracking their relevancy and authority so that you can get a massive number of backlinks.

That style of guest blogging won’t work anymore. The search engines have got smarter over time, and they know when you’re blogging to add value and when for numbers only.

If you really wish to reap the benefits of guest blogging, the best way is to create strategic yet unique pieces of content for the sites that are relevant, qualitative, and authoritative – capable of attracting your potential audience.

As you do guest blogging righteously, you’ll sure get the outcomes in the form of incredible ranking, massive traffic, and qualified leads.

Circulate Infographics 

Yes, you read it right. Infographics are still a trend – a working trend without a doubt.

The amazing fact about circulating unique yet stellar infographics is that you’ll generate continuous traffic to the blog and earn all the quality links without even asking.

The numbers suggest that the articles carrying an infographic are likely to earn 178 percent more links than usual. So, are you still going to think that infographics don’t work anymore?

Want to scale up your link-building strategy with infographics? Here’s how to excel at it –

  • Hire a specialized infographic artist for the job. They are trained professionally and knows how best to represent unique information in the form of visuals.
  • Use infographics in your blogs and articles consistently; they can be of great help in reflecting any idea or concept.
  • Make sure you create incredibly unique yet niche-related infographics because the competition is pretty massive across the market.

Create Awareness & Engagement through Social Media Channels 

Social media has become the new driver of modern marketing tactics. It can help massively in channelizing your guest post efforts rightly.

However, if you’re not actively spreading awareness and engaging across social media channels, your brand will eventually get lost amidst the competition.

Stay super active over social media by sharing posts, images, and videos that your audience would like to see. Help your viewers with the content of their choice, answer their queries, share products’ information, updates regarding product launches, and so on.

Actively posting and engaging on social media helps you reach a bigger audience. Consequently, more people get to know about your brand – maximizing the chances of building authoritative yet niche-related links.

Utilize Resource Links from Trusted Websites 

A great strategy for quality link building is to utilize resource links from trusted websites.

How does that work exactly?

Well, that’s simple. It’s like compiling a list of useful blogs from your industry that rightly fits the search queries of your target audience.

You can put in as many blogs as you want from all the authoritative sites in your resource and link to them. You can easily get the links by emailing all those sites you’ve included in the resource.

Chances are you’ll get responses from most of them as you’ve kind of appreciated their effort and have listed them in your resource.

This is equivalent to building a trust level, and those sites you’ve linked are much likely to return the favor by linking back to your site.

Implement Broken Link Strategy 

The easiest and grab-and-go strategy for link building is the broken link strategy.

It takes great effort and mind frame to write newer blogs and guest posts for it.

With so many things to look after in the marketing realm, it’s often difficult to consistently develop unique and engaging content. Broken link strategy saves you from the struggle, but how?

Well, that’s pretty simple. Find pages with dead links and offer them your links that contain similar content.

Wondering why your recommendation would be accepted? Well, that’s mainly because you’d have showcased the effort by pinpointing dead links. Secondly, who doesn’t want to link with good quality content? It won’t only help you through authoritative link building but also the other site.

Your focus should not only be on building links but quality ones

Google algorithms do not look upon the number of links you’ve built but the experience or value you’ve added to the consumers’ journey.

The above-listed strategies are incredible for successful link building. However, if you need professional assistance, you can always hire from the best link building services available in your budget and reach.

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