Four factors to consider when designing your own T-shirt in the U.S.

T-shirt are among the most versatile clothing items you can own. Wear them all year long because they’re comfortable, versatile, and go with everything.

playboi carti T-shirts can express who you are, especially when they are customized. These shirts stand out and advertise your brand at the same time.

However, how do you create a t-shirt that people will want to wear?

Developing a t-shirt design involves some branding, which is why it’s so important to decide what your purpose is and which themes you want to incorporate.

It’s not about you personally, but rather about the brand you’re representing.

What is the brand’s personality? Is it conservative or edgy? Fun or serious?

You should understand who you’re selling to before designing your custom t-shirt, whether you are designing safety apparel, contractor shirts, vintage shirts, or promotional shirts.

You’ll learn how to create a design that ticks all the right boxes.

Think about your T-shirt budget first

Assessing your budget before designing your t-shirt might seem like putting the cart before the horse for some.

However, it is essential because it can help you determine:

  • Whether you can print as many t-shirts as you wish
  • with as many colors as you want
  • depending on the printing method
  • and shirt brand
brand, consider screen printing when printing in bulk. The most common and most popular form of decoration is for a reason. In addition to being affordable, it produces great results.

Think about Your Design Idea

Now that you have considered your budget, it’s time to choose what to put on your playboi carti merch t-shirt.

Prepare a list of imagery, colors, and words you want to use. There are two reasons for this.

  • One is that it serves as a starting point for your creative process.
  • This ensures that all aspects of your brand will be incorporated into the final design.

We have a collection of vintage t-shirts that can provide inspiration for your design. Additionally, consider these suggestions:

Step 1: Pick the Best T-Shirt Style

There are a variety of t-shirt styles to choose from, including crop tops, polo shirts, crew necks, and short-sleeved, and long-sleeved t-shirts.

Making your selection, however, requires you to consider the following factors:

  • Choose a shirt style that is appropriate for your intended audience.
  • Ensure the material you choose matches the printing method.

The best blanks to use for vintage t-shirts are outlined below.

Tip 2: Choose the Right T-shirt Print Size

Choosing the right print size is essential for t-shirt design. It should not be too small or too large. These factors will help you choose the right size:

  • A giant print won’t work on a t-shirt for a 10K run because it will affect the breathability of the fabric.
  • A large print on a t-shirt can weigh down lighter fabrics and reduce their breathability.
  • There are certain shapes, like squares and circles, which look better when sized smaller (we recommend ~9″ wide).

If you want people to wear your t-shirts, keep the print size modest.

If you are unsure what your design will look like on your t-shirt, print it on a piece of paper and hold it up to it before committing or referencing one of your favorite t-shirts.

Use easy-to-read fonts and typography

Choosing an easy-to-read font is important if you plan to include text in your design.

It is even possible to combine more than three fonts to emphasize a certain part of your message.

Below are some more tips to help you:

  • The most important words should be bolded and placed near the top.
  • For added visual interest, use fonts with contrasting styles.
  • Pay attention to how the layout of the text interacts with the imagery.
  • Drop shadows and gigantic lettering make text hard to read.

Tip 4: Visual placement is vital.

Not every design needs to be centered on the midpoint. For example, asymmetrical designs should be centered visually.

The placement of elements together or too far apart is another common design mistake. The following examples demonstrate how every element within the designs can shine:

Consider the following tips to achieve the best visual placement:

Avoid placing your design directly between the collar and bottom hem, as it will appear too low. For a full front and center chest design, like in the t-shirts above, you will want to place the design 2-3 inches down from the collar.

You can make the design wider if the design isn’t too tall, such as with the Toledo Turtle Club t-shirt & playboi carti hoodie example. Consider reducing the overall width if the design is too tall (see Four One Nine t-shirt).

A design should be visually harmonious. Comparing a few different designs before choosing the final one is always a good idea.

I recommend using complementary colors for your design.

Make sure all the colors you use to complement one another. As an example, if you selected a red shirt, you might consider using white text.

Printed navy on black, for example, your design might be hard to read or understand if the colors don’t complement each other. It will ruin your entire design and make your t-shirt look unprofessional.

In the t-shirt pictured above, we’ve used multiple colors on a black background. It’s effective because all the colors used are lighter than the black background and can be clearly seen.

3 – Use Reputable Graphic Design Software

When you’ve finished brainstorming, it’s time to put your design skills to the test. You can choose from a number of easy-to-use design software programs to help you achieve your goals:

  • Illustrator is vector-based graphic design software that can create designs that can be infinitely scaled.
  • The screen printing industry commonly uses CorelDraw as an alternative to Adobe Illustrator.
  • T-shirt designs can be done with Adobe Photoshop, which is best for editing photos.

Ensure the final draft is reviewed by someone with a connection to your brand. Based on what they say, make adjustments to the t-shirt.

We have professional in-house designers at Jupmode who will help you create the perfect artwork for your brand if you aren’t comfortable creating your own design. Read More

You only need to describe your vision in terms of colors, logos, and styles of t-shirts-we’ll do the rest.

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