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Four Ways to Get Rid of Cockroaches

What comes to mind when you see roaches scurrying around your kitchen or cupboards? Yucky, right? Saying cockroaches are filthy and annoying is just an understatement. These pesky creatures can be quite stubborn and getting rid of them is not always an easy job.

Aside from areas where food is abundant, roaches can be found crawling on garbage cans, sewers, septic tanks, basement, bathroom, and laundry room. This is why they are believed to carry unthinkable kinds of germs and viruses. Roaches, therefore, pose a threat to human health.

Why do roaches appear in our home or property?

Having a cockroach infestation can be really embarrassing. One thing is for sure: You have to get rid of these pests before they mortify you in front of your guests or visitors.

Nonetheless, a roach problem does not always translate to having a dirty environment. Studies show that roaches still appear even in a squeaky clean household. Here are various reasons why roaches invade your home:

  • The smell of food.

Like most pests like ants, flies, and rodents, roaches easily get attracted to an environment where they can find their food source. That’s why you see roaches scuttling across your food counters and kitchen floors where food spills or crumbs could be present. This is also the reason roaches prefer dwelling on garbage areas where there’s plenty of food waste. To prevent roaches from entering your home, then you just simply need to remove and clean after any food spills or leaks. Also, don’t leave food out in the open for long if you don’t want to attract roaches.

  • Moist.

Unquestionably, roaches (i.e. oriental cockroaches) love staying in a wet or humid environment. So, if you have leakages at home especially in areas surrounding your plumbing system, expect those “water bugs” to be there. Get rid of stagnant water and keep your surroundings clean and dry if you want to block the entry of roaches to your home.

  • Openings or entry points.

Roaches could be infiltrating your property plainly because they have easy access to it through those cracks, holes, or gaps on your walls or home structure. As long as there’s an available opportunity, roaches will come to your home no matter what. Homeowners are therefore advised to fix tears on-screen or seal openings like cracks or gaps on walls to deter roaches from obtaining access to your home.

4 Methods for Cockroach Removal

These are some of the most common, effective, and easy-to-do techniques to make your home free from cockroaches:

  • Boric Acid

Boric acid is a powdery compound that is proven to effectively kill roaches. To apply this natural home remedy, simply sprinkle the powder lightly onto areas or surfaces that the roaches usually crawl on such as floors, corners, drawers, under the sink, etc. You can even use boric acid as bait by sprinkling it onto a plate with food in the middle. Make sure to sprinkle boric acid on dry surfaces only. Every roach that comes in contact with this substance will definitely die. You have to be cautious with applying this method though. The fact that it contains poisonous ingredients means it is not safe and should therefore be kept away from the reach of children.

  • Diatomaceous Earth (DE)

DE is an effective and inexpensive natural insecticide that is chemical-free. This powdery substance has to be sprinkled on cockroach-infested zones. The pulverized sediments found in DE are meant to absorb the fats and oils of roaches’ exoskeletons, thereby dehydrating the pests until they eventually die. Applying diatomaceous earth also requires caution as this substance could harm people’s lungs once inhaled. Wearing of mask and gloves is recommended when handling DE.

  • Baking Soda

Combining baking soda with other substances such as diced onions or sugar will result in an effective non-toxic cockroach killer. Sugar or onions act as baits that attract the roaches and the moment these pesky critters consume the baking soda, their stomachs would bloat or expand until they die. This is a similar effect when baking soda is used for fermenting and inflating dough. 

  • Glue Strips

This is also a potent technique to get rid of cockroaches. The glue strips serve as traps for roaches that get enticed by the smell of the glue strips. Once these pests step on the strips, they have no chance of escaping and get stuck in there until they starve and die. While it is considered safe for children and pets, the glue strip should be disposed of and replaced immediately as soon as it is already filled with dead cockroaches.

Although these DIY methods are fast-acting and readily accessible at home, pest control experts suggest not trying them all unless you are fully aware of the proper manner of applying them so that potential risks will be avoided.

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