Here is what you need to know about TEC certification

Telecom products have to connect with other products to work. That’s their nature as that’s how they establish communication – their primary task. However, that connection can create serious issues if the product is of a bad quality. That’s why, it must go through TEC certification before you can import or manufacture it in India. 

What is TEC certification? 

Telecommunication Engineering Centre, that works under the Department of Telecommunication has the responsibility to test and certify every telecom product based on the following parameters:

  1. User Safety
  2. Connectivity
  3. Regulatory standards. 

If the telecom product complies with all of the above, TEC issues telecom product’s importer the TEC certification. 

Who does and who doesn’t need to follow the TEC certification process?

Following telecom product dealers need to follow the process to obtain the certification from Telecommunication Engineering Centre:

  1. Imports of products that fall under GCS and SCS list. 
  2. Importers of the following products:
    1. Private Automatic Branch Exchange equipment
    2. Group 3 Fax Machine
    3. Two-wired Telephone Equipment
    4. Data Modem
    5. Cord Less Telephone
    6. PON family of broadband equipment
    7. Feedback Devices
    8. ISDN customer premises equipment
    9. Transmission Terminal equipment. 

However, if you the dealer is the importer or manufacturer of the following products, he doesn’t need to the “TEC Certificate Process”

  1. Test instruments
  2. Research and Development products
  3. Passive telecom products
  4. Integrated systems and network that entail more than one telecom product
  5. IoT sensors
  6. Set top box
  7. Inter sectoral devices
  8. Equipment for personal use
  9. Multi functional devices containing Wi-Fi and Internal ports. 
  10. Equipment that comes under the jurisdiction of Telecom Regulatory Bodies other than TEC. 

What is the procedure to obtain TEC certificate?

Simple- minded consultants say that to  obtain TEC certificate, apply online. However, the truth is more complex than this simplistic statement. Yes, there is an online procedure, but, it’s only the half of it. Following are the unfiltered and all real steps to obtain TEC certification:

  1. Testing of the telecom product at an NABL certified lab: First, an NABL lab must test the product and provide the test report to the applicant. 
  2. Application filing online: Once the applicant has the test reports, he can fill the online application form. The process of that is as follows:
    1. First, the applicant must go to the TEC portal and apply for registration as a new user. 
    2. Application for new user registration requires the submission of AIR authorization letter. 
    3. Once the applicant has submitted the document and the TEC has approved it, he will obtain the user registration credentials. 
    4. Afterwards, he has to login and fill the application form. 
  3. After submitting the application form, he has to take its printout. 
  4. He then must attach the printout with the mandatory documents before submitting them to the regional TEC office.
  5. The TEC will run assessment on the application, documents and the sample of telecom product. 
  6. If the Telecommunication engineering centre observes that the telecom product meets all the regulatory standards, has no connectivity issues and is safe for the people, it approves TEC certification for the importer.

What are the documents one needs to furnish to get TEC certificate?

Telecommunication Engineering Centre assesses the applicant on the basis of the following documents:

  1. Letter of authorization authorizing the Authorized Indian Representative
  2. Memorandum of Understanding between the AIR and the importer
  3. Address proof of the facility that produces telecom products
  4. Document that describes the technical specification of the telecom equipment 
  5. Trademark registration of the product
  6. Authority Letter from the product’s brand owner if he is not the same as the product’s manufacturer. 
  7. Bill of materials
  8. Original test reports that the applicant has procured from an NABL-authorized laboratory.


Definition, whether you require it, process and documents – that’s all the information you need to know about TEC certification. If you’re able to grasp all of them with this blog, it has accomplished its task. In conclusion, If you want to know about the certificate even more and even seek to obtain one for yourself, contact TEC consultants.

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