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Hollywood Smile : What It Constitutes And Its Cost

Hollywood Smile In Dubai

General Overview

Hollywood smile in Dubai is the one of the leading aesthetic dental treatments because of its fine results and instant smile improvement technology. The treatment is not just bound to provide you with an attractive look but also to improve the functional problems you might be facing in the first place. 

 A Hollywood smile is a collection of multiple treatments done in order to modify and correct the aesthetic as well as the functional ambiguitie that restrict one from socializing and eating in public. 

Here is a take on Hollywood smile,  what it constitutes and its cost. 

What is a Hollywood smile?

A Hollywood smile is an aesthetic dental treatment which is done  order to hide the imperfection present on the teeth and to maintain the physical integrity of the teeth.

 It is actually a collection of multiple treatments such as crowns, Bridges, veneers a lot more.  The treatment entails to provide more than one solution and so Makes it successful in the area of dentistry. 

Why is the Hollywood smile hype in Dubai? 

The reason why Hollywood smile in Dubai is so hype is because of its beautiful outcomes. It just  transforms one’s smile into a new and more improved form that is not easily accessible by any other means. 

Dubai being a fast-paced country with beauty, attraction and glamor as lifestyles, demands for having a perfect profile both in the aspects of face and body.  

You are well aware of the fact that the facial profile is a lot more than just having sharp eyes, contoured nose and pouty lips. it is your teeth that actually reflect the attractiveness on your face. They can either provoke a turn down or can instantly enhance your overall facial appearance. 

What are the benefits of a Hollywood smile? 


  • Instantly heights up all the imperfections present on their teeth
  •  Seals of the appearance of chipp  off or broken teeth edges
  •  Resurfaces the edges that are distort after night grinding or bruxism
  •  whitens up the teeth that are stain or discolor 
  •  Hides up the space is that are scatter in between the teeth

Constituents of Hollywood smile 

The Hollywood smile as told earlier is a collection of multiple treatments here is a list of the constituents that are present in it caution, it’s a big list ahead!

 Scaling and polishing

 This treatment removes all the plaque and debris that is stagnated into the surfaces of the teeth especially targeting the proximal surface of the teeth. Polishing involves buffering the teeth with a polishing cup that adds shine and removes the impurities before the 2nd treatment.

Crown and bridges

The teeth that are un support or require full rehabilitation are suppose to be treat with crowns and bridges. A crown Is placed on a single tooth whereas a bridge is placed connecting two supporting teeth. This is especially place on teeth that are either treat  with a root canal treatment or is severely chipp off.  


Dental veneers are a plastic like coating that is available in the natural color of the teeth. It is place onto the surface of the teeth to cover up all the surfaces that include any unpleasant or displeasing appearance.  It also fills up the generalized spacing present in between the adjacent teeth. If you have any undersized tooth then it can also be covered up and can be brought into an adequate size by the help of dental veneers.

Advantages and disadvantages of veneers (difference between Hollywood smile and veneers):

After we have supplied you with all of the details about veneers, allow fast summarize its foremost drawbacks and benefits. Looking at the capabilities, its capabilities are:

It is one of the quickest and easiest beauty dental remedies that take vicinity in two visits to the clinic simplest, in contrast to orthodontics, as an example, which takes months or years to show effects.
The layer eliminated from the enamel is enormously small in comparison to the one we dispose of for zirconia crowns, for instance.
We motel to it if all whitening techniques fail due to the presence of inner pigmentation.
Among its drawbacks:
Damage to the gums if the lenses are urgent on them and exacerbation – pre-current gum issues that result in the failure of the implants.
Bad look of cooled tooth inside the event that one of the crusts falls

Teeth whitening

Teeth whitening is considered as one of the most crucial procedures and constituents of Hollywood smile in Dubai.  Some people do not choose veneers for whitening and would just  go for a session of teeth whitening. It is done by bleaching agent that are approve legally by the dental surgeon. 

The difference between teeth whitening and a Hollywood smile:

After we understand the difference between smile and veneers, let’s understand the difference among teeth whitening and a Hollywood smile:

Is bleaching also part of a Hollywood smile? Laser whitening and  smile are absolutely one of a kind procedures.
This is due to the fact a Hollywood smile means getting tooth with a super color and form, and laser whitening handiest gives a alternate of color best.

Procedure of Hollywood smile 

Here’s what you can expect in a single procedure of a Hollywood smile makeover: 

Initial history taking and examination

 In order to achieve the perfect outcomes and results of a  smile it is very important to get it evaluate for the outcomes.


After your oral cavity evaluation, if your dentist identifies any mobile tooth or extremely decayed tooth it should undergo extraction. It is very important for the unhealthy tooth to be extract so that it cannot hinder the treatment of Hollywood smile makeovers. 

Orthodontic Amendments ( optional

Some candidates require to go for an orthodontic treatment prior to Hollywood smile makeover. This will help straighten any teeth that are tilte or hook in case of extreme generalize spacing or any diastema (midline spacing) ; it is recommend that an orthodontic treatment as a prerequisite. 

Scaling and polishing 

For the removal of plaque and the food impacted debris a scaling and polishing session is a must during the treatment of Hollywood smile. 

Root canal therapy (optional) 

 Candidates who present with pain during the evaluation of the treatment will require a root canal if it is severely infect. It is not mandatory and is only in demand after cavities. 

Crown and bridge placement 

 When you get a crown and bridge placement done in your Hollywood smile makeover treatment package it instantly adds that spark in your overall oral cavity. The transformation is still not complete yet but the results seem almost achieve. 

Teeth whitening

Your Hollywood smile makeover treatment in Dubai is considered as incomplete if you have not booked your teeth whitening session in it. Some dentists would recommend veneers if they think that the imperfections are not completely clear off with teeth whitening. whereas, some would recommend the clearing of staining and discoloration by teeth whitening as the only solution.


Dental veneers can be the treatment of choice in some candidates who have a considerable amount of spacing, under size teeth and many other imperfections that need to be conceal. 

Post treatment care instructions 

When the entire procedure is complete the dentist will assure you that you have  maintain your Hollywood smile by following the post care instructions that include: 


  •  Avoid vigorous biting or the harsh chewing on the same day of your treatment
  • Limit the use of aggressive tooth brushes 
  • Refrain from eating things that consist of add  colors
  •  Go for regular follow-ups when scheduled
  • Result  
  •  Instantly Whiter and sparkling teeth
  • Perfect setting and alignment of the teeth 
  • Restricts the plaque accumulation
  • Instant smile makeover 
  • A completely transformed appearance of over all teeth


The Hollywood smile makeover in Dubai has a variable cost depending upon:

  •  how complex the treatment is
  •  what kind of clinic you have chosen
  •  the experience and seniority of the dentist, 
  • the location of the clinic 
  •  the number of procedures involved in the treatment.

How to maintain the treatment? 

The best way to maintain your Hollywood smile makeover treatment is to follow the post treatment care instructions. The follow up schedule by your dental surgeon is not just to be written on the prescription pad but it is for your own good and revaluation, status check and how far the treatment is working for you. 

Where Can I find the best treatment for Hollywood smile in Dubai ? 

 If you are residing in Dubai then you can schedule your appointment for Hollywood smile makeover in Dubai  some of their refined clinics of UAE. 

The Bottom Line 

 If you’re looking for the best they can provide you with an exuberant and impeccable treatment of Hollywood smile in Dubai then the dynamic clinic in the UAE is a perfect solution and end to all of the problems you are facing in regards to your oral cavity.  The Hollywood  makeover treatments they have done in the past are remarkable and will leave you amazed! You will never regret choosing them. 


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