How Affinity Benefits Work

As an association, your aim is to serve your members as best you can. After all, your members signed on with you to act in their best interest. And that means providing said members with the best benefits package possible — and at the best rates. You’ve chosen Mercer Affinity to help you pull that off. Wise move, since Affinity can give you the expert advice, array of products, and membership customization you need. Read on for more about how Affinity Benefits work.

The Issue

Building a more formidable “affinity” between you and your members requires commitment and a deliberate effort. The idea is to foster loyalty while increasing dues revenues — as well as revenues unrelated to dues. 

How Can I Get Customized Benefits?

You need someone that understands that just as every association is different, their members therein are also distinct. That is crucial. Be wary of a blanket, one-size-fits-all approach, a strategy that could wind up having a less than beneficial effect on you and your membership. That’s not something you want to pay for and it’s not what you get here.

Rather, you want a personalized approach that zeroes in on your program and includes a comprehensive, top-down analysis. This kind of method enables construction of benefits packages that both perform well and offer high value. After all, isn’t that the combination you’re seeking?

How Does Mercer Affinity Tailor Benefits for Associations?

Whether the membership is comprised of students, professionals and their family members, or even small businesses, customized benefits await them. 

For students, Mercer Affinity can get your members’ student as well as short-term medical insurance, plus term life, prescription discounts and renters property coverage.

If it’s professionals and family we’re talking about, Mercer Affinity offers a whole panoply of coverage. Provisions can include disability, dental, life, accident, liability, home/auto, as well as domestic and foreign travel insurance. That’s in addition to legal services and individual health insurance solutions.

For small businesses, Mercer Affinity can help with health, dental, vision, liability, and property insurance, in addition to worker’s comp.

And How Does Mercer Affinity Accomplish This?

In the main, Mercer Affinity does it all through its years-long relationships with providers and insurers. In this industry, that’s invaluable. As a known and well-established commodity, Affinity Benefits has a leg up over the competition. Your members benefit by getting the best rates available as well as group discounts, personalized customer service, and proprietary digital resources such as financial tools and education.

How Do Associations Benefit?

The fact is that if you help your members by providing them with the best insurance solutions out there at the best rates, you’ll engender loyalty that will increase dues revenues. What’s more, the way Mercer’s programs are structured; your membership can also create non-dues revenue. Mercer can help with that as well.

The bottom line is that becoming a Mercer client means a provision of benefits that include benefits consulting, a whole raft of products, and the personalized attention necessary to meet your membership’s distinct needs. In this arena, you don’t want to risk it all with new-kid-on-the-block inexperience.

Now that you know how Affinity benefits work, you can have a plan tailored that will fit the precise needs of your distinct membership. Just remember that what you want is experienced assistance that offers comprehensive program analysis. Why? We’ll say it again: each association’s members are different from those of other groups.

Members do count on their association to advocate of their behalf, and we’ve found that Mercer Affinity can make sure you don’t disappoint.

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