How Can A Budding Actor Become A Superstar In 2022?

A young actor devoted to his craft faces humiliation and rejection. Will he screw up or succeed? 

A journey of making dreams into reality. We all carry our big dreams in our eyes and passion in our hearts for pursuing those ambitions one day.

Are you a budding actor struggling and facing rejections? If yes, formerly, this story is for you. This article is for all those who have a full-fire passion for achieving their dreams, but sometimes they want to give up…

Beginning of the Journey

This story is mine which I’m going to give you today. A budding boy from the small town of America, carrying his huge dreams of acting and theater in his heart.

In 2019, when I was graduated, my father wanted me to go to London for higher studies. And I wanted to join the theater and drama school because, from childhood, I was like a child who always wanted to be a star, which never fades.

Acting and becoming successful in acting are two different things. So, like your parents, my parents were also worried and didn’t want me to walk on a path on which I might fail. But I started trying to achieve my goals. So, I convinced them for six months, if I get admission or I clear the admission test in one of the most famous drama schools, then they will allow me to learn and practice crafts there.

It took seven months for convenience and took my first step towards my dreams. In 2020, I left my home, took my bag, researched acting schools, and emailed some wonderful mentors via It’s a free email finder tool that helped me find professional email addresses of art professors within seconds! If you’re on the same route as me, then it’s time to put your feet in my shoes and try this tool that gives you incredible results, as it was my best partner during my hard times.


Making the First Step

And I took lots of courage with me. It was cold, everything was covered with snow, and I had never traveled alone before in my life. It was a difficult but well-experienced journey in my life. When you have no one but your ambitions and the passion inside you, that becomes your biggest courage and support partner. Acting is my first love, and you all know how much our first love matters to us.

Double Shift

I started working in a bar, even in double shifts, near the national drama school. Although it was far away from my apartment, I made a passionate and smart decision. I started performing my acting skills in front of customers who were coming to the bar, and most importantly, the famous actors to whom people wish to share the stage were becoming my daily customers in the bar. I learned a lot from them while serving them, Vicky, I learnt creative drama, modern skills, acting perspectives, and more.

The Final Audition

Also, I had joined some drama schools where I learned and practiced. In November 2020, I had my final audition to get admission to my dream school. Finally, the time was near, and till that time, I had faced hundreds of rejections humiliations from my bar owner. And was pressurized from the thought of failure, “if I failed this time, I had to go back home and do what my father wants me to do.” These thoughts were killing my dreams every single second.

You can imagine the pain; I know all of us have been going through this situation at any point in our life. I wanted you to join me in my final audition.

Let’s go to the theater…

Let’s see “A tall young boy, with dyed hair, the color of ink because whenever he looked in the mirror, he saw a romantic actor caught in a different time, making him feel like the artist he always wanted to be.”

I started my audition, beneath the spotlight, on a large platform, with hundreds of thoughts that would change my life.

I howled, I growled, laughed, cried, and the play ended…

But I failed again…

I was near perfection according to the results but not perfect. For a while, I thought it ended, “your life ended,” I said to myself. Tickets in my hands, heartbroken, everything was like the dark. I had never seen it before.

Left the City,

I left the city that night, and I went to another famous city, the hub of acting and drama. I never went home back because this time, the results which said: “near perfection” were something like, I’m going in the right direction, I’m doing good.

I told myself that it was alright if I didn’t have the chance to learn in my dream school, but I made my dream come true, and in 2022, I received my first award for a theater play, and I’m now quite popular.

In the end, I would conclude that not returning home was another correct decision because the gap between opportunity and your dream can only be bridged by hard effort and never-ending hopes.

Every bad pushes you towards the good; it’s only a mindset shift. So, are you ready to make the next step? The reward is just in front of you.

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