How can I keep my Instagram account secure?

How can I keep my Instagram account secure: As we all know that social media platform has become a part of our life today. We cannot live a day without social media platforms. Because ever since the era of social media started. This trend is not over yet because as our generation has progressed, social media platforms have also progressed. So they have become an important part of our life. So you don’t need to go anywhere. Because you can easily access the social media platform anywhere. can also be used.

So let’s now talk about how we can keep our Instagram account safe. Because we can protect Instagram account in many ways. So that our account is not at risk.

Enable Two-Factor Authentication: This is an option on Instagram in which you can keep your account secure. In this you can keep your account safe by enabling this option in your account. Because if someone tries to open your Instagram account. If you do, you’ll get a code before you open it letting you know that someone is trying to open your account. And the code that will come to you will open your Instagram account. So even with this option enabled, you will still be able to access your account. Keep safe and secure.

Check Login Activity: Instagram has also given this option to its users. In which you can keep your account secure. Because sometimes our account gets hacked. And we do not know that for this reason Instagram has given you the option of login activity to protect its users. In which you will be able to easily find out whether your Instagram account is logged in anywhere or not. And even if you log in yourself, you will still receive a mail on your Gmail on the login activity of your Instagram account. In which you will know at what time our account is logged in. And from which place and with which system you have logged in, you can also keep your account secure.

Make your account private: By going to the settings of your Instagram account, you will get the option of a private account. What you have to turn on is also a part of the safety and security of your account. Because this option has also proved to be very beneficial for us. Because with this option we can make our account private. Due to which no new user will be able to see our account from inside because we have turned on the private account. If you accept his request, he will send it so that he can view your accounts. So this option is also very important for us.

Disable Activity Status: Users can see each other on Instagram. Which user is active online means. These features are present inside Instagram which you can see. Who among your friends or followers in your account is active on Instagram. A green dot appears on that user’s account for detection. From which we know that this user is currently online on Instagram. If you do not want to show it to any users, then you have to go to the settings of your Instagram account. And that will be the privacy option for you, you will see the option of activity status. Which you have to disable so that no one will be able to see your account whether this user is active or not.

Block, Ban, or Report Accounts: Millions of people talk to each other on Instagram. There are some people among them who want to get everyone’s account banned. So we can block those accounts and report them as well. Due to which those accounts are removed from our Instagram account. That’s why we have been given this great option by Instagram. With this we can also keep our Instagram account safe.


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