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How Cough Syrup Medicine by S.P. Pharma Overcome Cough and Cold

For many years, a combination of Tulsi and Honey is preferable to deal with cough, cold, and fever of different forms. A few people even chew a few leaves of Tulsi with honey on empty stomach to prevent cough and cold. In simple words, tulsi leaves with a single teaspoon of honey are an ideal home remedy to deal with seasonal cough. You only have to avoid drinking water or having any food item at least for half an hour you consume the mixture. However, people lead a busy life today, because of which they cannot get enough time to prepare tulsi and honey mixture. To resolve this Issue, good companies have started producing herbal cough syrup medicine, which has Tulsi and honey as prime ingredients.

In this blog post, you will come to know the features and benefits of dosage guidelines of Kuff Tulsi Honey Cough Syrup Medicine available under the S.P. Pharma Group.

Features and Benefits of the Cough Syrup

A popular and recommendable herbal solution is Safe Kuff Tulsi Honey Cough Syrup. A prime benefit associated with the product is that it is an herbal solution. Indeed, you may use the product to treat every type of infection that occurs in your respiratory tract.
As the name itself, it has proved to treat productive cough and cold with cough problems caused by an allergy. Another special feature of the product is that it avoids the onset of any infection in the human body. The reason is that it increases the production of antibodies largely.

Dosage Guidelines

Dosage guidelines of the cough syrup medicine vary according to to-
5 drops to 10 drops for 3 times is for infants
Half teaspoonful for 3 times a day is for children
1 to 2 teaspoonful 3 times in one day or as per the recommendations of a doctor for adults

When Doctors Prescribe the Cough Syrup Medicine

Healthcare experts may prescribe the cough syrup to-

• Instant relief to cough and cold problems

Note-Herbal products, especially the ones made from Tulsi and honey remain free from any side effects. However, if you still experience any issue or reaction, you have to consult your doctor immediately.

Qualities of Tulsi and Honey to Boost Our Health

Now, we will analyze the health benefits of Tulsi and honey separately so that you may easily understand the role of Safe Kuff Tulsi Honey Cough Syrup by the reputed S.P. Pharma Group.


Honey has many antibacterial and antiviral properties. It may avert a wide range of viral and bacterial infections. It even has a soothing effect on the throat walls to relieve cough problems.

A few people even choose to have lemon water or tea mixed with honey. The combination soothes sore throat in no time. Particularly, honey helped many kids suffering from respiratory tract infections, as it improves sleep and reduces nighttime.


For many years, Tulsi leaves have proved to be beneficial to boost the ability of a person in fighting cough and common cold problems. As a natural component, it helps in the production of antibodies to prevent the onset of various infections. Tulsi comes with cough relieving properties and soothes the airway.

Moreover, it helps you to remove any sticky mucus from your nose. Besides, Tulsi leaves have immunomodulatory compounds. These compounds not only improve the immune system but avoid all types of infections.

Other than this, essential oils of the herbal leave come with expectant possessions to lose mucus and give instant relief from chest congestion. The product has antitussive properties to work effectively on various nerves responsible to cause cough and cold problems. In this way, you always stay averts from cough problems.


Cough and cold if overlooked may cause many other problems in the future. Moreover, in some cases, minor dry cough or seasonal cough leads to bronchitis or pneumonia problems, especially in children. Hence, we recommend you get a combination of honey and tulsi-based cough syrup medicine to overcome your seasonal and bedtime cough with cold problems. Only, you have to follow the instructions carefully and intake the syrup dosage according to the instructions.

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