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How Does Mobile Device Management Work?

The coronavirus pandemic further accelerated a trend that was already in full flow. As more and more people work from home either occasionally or on a full-time basis, Mobile Device Management from Intrasource allows employees to carry out their tasks seamlessly from any device and location.

What does Mobile Device Management do?

Mobile Device Management brings all of your company’s devices together on a shared platform that’s protected against online threats. The latest security patches and software updates are installed automatically, which means that all of your employees are working on the most recent version of every application. This ensures compatibility across the board and removes the risk of security issues that arise from out of date software.

By applying Mobile Device Management across your business, every member of staff is on the same page from a digital perspective, which helps to safeguard them against malware, viruses, ransomware and hackers.

Change admin rights in an instant

When a new starter joins your company, you need them to have access to all of the relevant software and data right away. The same goes when someone is promoted or moves departments. As the applications they use will often be different to those required in their previous role. Then we have people who leave your business or retire – their admin rights need to be removed the moment they vacate the premises in order for your business to remain compliant.

All of these actions become so much easier and faster when you have Mobile Device Management in place. Simply decide on the software a user or department is allowed to access and away they go. The package also includes geofencing, which lets you track where your devices are. It offers the option to restrict access according to location, greatly adding to your levels of digital security.

Bring Your Own Device

Another handy feature of Mobile Device Management is here. It gives your business the power to fully apply a Bring Your Own Device policy. As a result, your staff have the freedom to securely use their own devices as well as those supplied by the company. This applies to any device that’s connected to the internet. PCs, Macs, laptops and smartphones. Making it a truly versatile form of software that aids collaboration and agility.

BYOD is becoming extremely popular in all kinds of work environments. From offices and retail units to factories and construction sites. It instantly makes a workforce more adaptable, as employees can carry out their duties no matter where they’re based. Aside from facilitating home working, BYOD also supports everything from visiting clients and attending industry events to checking emails on the train. And being able to access, create and share documents whilst on the move.

Ask us about Mobile Device Management

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