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How Malwarebytes VPN Secure all Devices and Desktops

Malwarebytes is a security program that offers tools to keep your device safe from various threads. The paid plans of Malwarebytes offer internet security tools like firewall, browser protection, VPN etc. Once you use the premium Malwarebytes program, you can use the device and internet without any malware concerns. VPN is a crucial and very helpful tool. Users can run the Malwarebytes VPN on their PC easily.

  1. Open your Malwarebytes program
  2. Open the subscription page
  3. Go to Add Privacy Protection
  4. Check your Malwarebytes purchase
  5. Tap on Submit Order

Now open the mail and check for the activation email. Once you get the subscription for VPN then you can use it on the system easily. Open the Malwarebytes dashboard and go to the Privacy tab. Select the VPN server location option. The user will get the list of available servers. Click on the city/country to connect to the VPN server. Now toggle the VPN button to enable and then you can easily access the web on VPN. 

Merits of using Malwarebytes VPN

Secures your network

Your Malwarebytes VPN is very helpful when the system is on an unsecured network. If you are using the public network like at the airport, libraries, cafe, etc then enable the Malwarebytes VPN immediately. In an unsecured network, cybercriminals often try to hack your device. Sealing the data on an unsecured network is easy. But when you use the VPN, hackers can’t find your IP. It masks your IP so nobody can find you. Your VPN also encrypts the data you are sending from the device. Your Malwarebytes VPN creates a secure channel to send the data. 

Stream content that is not available at your location

Several contents are not available at your current location. If you want to stream that content then you can use the VPN for this job. Say you are travelling to another country and you want to watch the news or other content which is blocked at the current location. You have to enable the VPN on your device and then set the location where the content is available. Once you connect the device, access the content easily.

Unable to use Malwarebytes VPN on the Device

Restart the Device

When the Malwarebytes VPN is not working on the device then restart the system. Sometimes, Malwarebytes get into a runtime error. Close the Malwarebytes dashboard and all the running programs. Now restart your device and open Malwarebytes. Go to the Privacy icon and then choose the VPN service. Toggle the VPN switch and check whether it is enabled or not. Once your device is connected to VPN, now you can securely access the web on an unsecured network.

Update your Malwarebytes Program

Your Malwarebytes won t open if the setup is outdated. You have to update your antivirus regularly to update the virus chart and other services. If the VPN is not working then close the dashboard. Open the Apps folder and then click on the Malwarebytes. Check for Malwarebytes update; install if available. After updating the setup, your Malwarebytes program will start working correctly. 

Repair Malwarebytes Related Registry Files

When the Malwarebytes VPN and other services of your antivirus are showing errors then check the registry files. Antivirus shows issues if it can’t get the correct registry entry. But you should try to secure the files when you know the correct steps. Use the Regedit command to visit the registry editor of your device. Now click on the Malwarebytes-related files and check for the error. You can also create the backup key before editing the registry file. After repairing the registry files; your Malwarebytes services will start working correctly.

Update your OS and Check the System Files

Anti-malware programs show errors when the system files are showing some errors. For fixing the system files, check the OS update. Few programs show errors when the Operating System is outdated. Check your device and update the OS. After updating, restart the PC and check for Malwarebytes VPN error. If the system files are still showing the error then you have to run the sfc/scannow tool. This utility function will check for corrupted system files. After running the utility, try using your Malwarebytes VPN tool. In case, the VPN is showing an error due to missing program files then reinstall the setup. Remove the corrupted Malwarebytes program and then install a completely new setup on the device. 


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