How to Add GIFs to Your Instagram Stories

You can control who can see your Instagram Stories by changing the privacy settings on your profile. Stories are public by default, but you can switch your profile to private, allowing only approved followers to view your content. You can also select which followers can see your Stories by selecting them as “friends.”

Note: watch Instagram stories by using the Instagram story viewer app provided by


If you’re looking to create an incredible Instagram story that makes a great first impression, you might want to try using GIFs. However, they should be used carefully. You don’t want to overdo it and overwhelm your audience with information. Luckily, there are plenty of GIF editing applications you can use. Below are a few tips for creating a great Instagram story that uses GIFs. You can use these tips to create stunning and memorable stories!

To get started, you first need a Giphy account. Once you have an account, you can upload your favorite GIFs and use them in your Instagram stories. However, you must make sure that you switch off the background layer if you want to use a GIF on Instagram Stories. Then, simply click “upload” and your video will be ready to go. You should now be able to use GIFs in your Instagram Stories!


In case you’ve been thinking of adding stickers to your stories, this feature is now available for iOS and Android users worldwide. Instagram created these stickers with Giphy, a huge repository of gifs. In this article, we’ll show you how to add Instagram stickers to your stories. Just follow the steps outlined below. Then, you’ll be well on your way to sharing witty captions and photos.

You can link out from your stories with swipe-up links. Swipe-up links are a great way to promote blog posts without the need to post profile links. You can mix a CTA with colourful graphics for a powerful call-to-action. The swipe-up functionality is also useful for smaller accounts. The new stickers can be customised to draw the audience’s attention and make potential customers click on them.


If you use Instagram, you’ve probably heard about Boomerang. It is a feature that boosts photos and speeds them up for forwarding and backward play. Depending on your camera, you can have up to 20 frames. Boomerang works with both the front and rear camera, so you can create fun loops that are sure to be shared. Here’s how to use it on your phone. Follow these steps to create a Boomerang on Instagram.

First, find the Boomerang icon in the upper right corner of your screen. From there, you can edit the text and draw pictures. You can also toggle the sound on and off. Once you’ve finished editing, click on “publish the story” and choose where you want to post it. Boomerangs will appear in your story. You can also upload them to YouTube, Facebook, and other social media sites. To use this feature, you should have an iPhone.

Reply bar

You can reply to an Instagram story using a photo or video. Snapchat does not offer this feature. If you want to reply with a photo or video, tap the camera icon and select “Reply.” Alternatively, you can also use Boomerang to respond. In either case, the recipient will be notified via email. In addition, Instagram will highlight your reply in blue. Once you have replied, you can also screenshot your response.

In order to turn off the feature, go to the Settings menu, and then choose Privacy > Story. From here, choose whether you want to receive direct messages from people, or only accept replies from your followers. If you disable the reply feature, you will not be able to receive messages from others. If you disable the feature, you may need to remove followers. Then, you can enable replies again. If you want to block people from replying to your stories, turn off the feature by modifying your account settings to restrict the app’s escort mecidiyekoy permissions.

Share arrow

You can add the Share arrow to Instagram stories by clicking on the pencil icon in the right-hand corner. The arrow appears next to the like and comment icons. When clicked, it will send the post as a message. This way, you can track your followers’ actions and see who liked the post the most. In addition, this feature helps you get feedback from people who are interested in your work. When users like your story, they increase your popularity, which in turn will increase your chance of gaining followers.

The Share arrow on Instagram stories makes sharing content to Stories easy and convenient. To add a post, swipe left from your home page to open the camera. You can flip it to either the front or back camera. Next, add stickers and text overlays. Once you’ve finished, click the white arrow in the right-hand corner to share your story. Congratulations, you’ve successfully added your first story! Now, just follow the steps above to share more stories.

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Editing options

If you’re ready to make your story look more professional, you can edit the photo, text, and video content. You can even turn your stories into slideshows. To make them more fun, you can also add stickers, lettering, and even a song. Many of these editing options are similar to those found in other popular social media apps, including Storyluxe and Unfold. However, unlike Storyluxe, Made doesn’t offer stickers or GIFs. Its features are similar to those of Unfold and Storyluxe, including saving and sharing options.

Unlike other platforms, editing your Instagram story is fairly easy. Simply tap the left or right side of the screen and then tap the three-dot icon in the bottom right corner. You can add a caption, delete individual photos, or change the background. However, you can’t change the order of the elements within your stories. However, if you want your story to appear as it was posted, you can edit the text and add more text.

Instagram Story Viewer – The Easiest Way to Watch Instagram Stories

If you want to view all of your friends’ Instagram stories, you can do so with the Instagram story viewer tool. You can view the list of people who have viewed your story by clicking on the number below. The Instagram algorithm reflects how people interact with your content and adapts to your preferences. Unless you have more than 50 viewers, your audience will be arranged in chronological order, with the most recent viewers appearing first. To find out which stories are trending, you can check the hashtag #story on Instagram.

Instagram story viewers let you download stories from your account. You can repurpose the content to create a digital product or an online course, or even make money from affiliate marketing. The following are the top Instagram story viewers you can use to download stories. If you’re not sure which one to use, try StoriesDown. It’s free and easy to use. You can browse stories anonymously, download content, or even earn cash by selling digital products or services created with Instagram stories.

Another popular online Instagram story viewer is StorySwipe, which allows you to view and save Instagram stories without having to sign in to your account. Instagram does not charge for the service, and you can watch public stories anonymously. Once you’ve viewed and saved a Story, you can contact the owner of the content to ask them for permission. You can view any public profile’s story on this website. This is the easiest way to watch Instagram stories without a connection.


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