How to Buy the Perfect Pair of Running Shoes for Beginners

Are you a beginner runner looking to buy the perfect pair of running shoes? The process can seem daunting, but with the right advice, you can find the perfect pair of running shoes at a price that won’t break the bank. In this blog post, we will discuss the essential factors to consider when buying running shoes, such as fit, cushioning, and support. We’ll also provide tips on how to find the best running shoes at a reasonable price. By the end of this article, you will have the knowledge and confidence to buy the perfect pair of running shoes for your needs.

Do your research

Before you start shopping for a new pair of running shoes, it’s important to do your research. The type of running shoe you should get depends on the type of running you’re planning to do, how often you plan to run, and any special needs you may have, such as stability or cushioning. To find the right shoe, consider the following factors:

  • Type of running: Are you a beginner or a more experienced runner? Are you a casual runner or are you training for a marathon? All of these factors will help determine which type of shoe will be best for you.
  • Your foot shape: Your feet have unique features that make them different from anyone else’s, so it’s important to know your own foot shape before buying running shoes. Do you have wide or narrow feet? Do you pronate? These answers will help you select the perfect shoe.
  • Materials: Different materials can affect the comfort and performance of your shoes. Consider the type of material used in the sole, midsole, upper, and inner lining of the shoe.
  • Other features: Different features can improve performance and comfort. For example, waterproof material can be useful for outdoor running in wet weather. Cushioning and shock absorption can help reduce the impact on your joints.

Taking the time to do your research is essential to finding a good pair of running shoes that will meet all your needs.

Consider your budget

When purchasing a new pair of running shoes, it’s important to consider your budget. While the price of running shoes can range from relatively affordable to quite expensive, you don’t necessarily need to break the bank for a good pair. Keep in mind that the more expensive shoes tend to offer additional features such as cushioning, support and stability. If you are looking for a basic pair to get started with running, then there are plenty of reasonably priced options available.

However, if you plan on running more frequently or running long distances, then it is worth investing in a higher-quality shoe. Consider the type of running you plan on doing and then allocate a budget accordingly. It’s also important to remember that your running shoes should be replaced every 500 miles or so, so take that into consideration when deciding on how much to spend.

Find a shoe that fits your foot type

Finding the right running shoes for your foot type is essential if you want to stay injury-free and experience the full benefits of running. All feet are different, so it’s important to find a shoe that provides the proper support for your unique foot shape and size.

To start, assess your own foot type by looking at the wear ümraniye escort patterns on your current running shoes. This will help you identify which areas of your feet are bearing most of the pressure. There are three general foot types: neutral (normal arches), pronators (low arches), and supinators (high arches). Most people’s feet will fall into one of these categories, though there are some individuals with a combination of two or all three-foot types.

For neutral feet, you’ll want to look for shoes with cushioning, flexibility, and moderate stability features. Neutral shoes provide cushioning that absorbs shock and protects the foot from impact.

For those with low arches (pronators), motion-control shoes are ideal. These provide more stability than neutral shoes and help to reduce excessive inward rolling of the feet while running. The midsoles of motion-control shoes have extra cushioning and support in the arch area.

For runners with high arches (supinators), look for cushioned shoes. These provide more flexibility, allowing for easier movement of the foot during the gait cycle. Cushioned shoes also tend to have more shock absorption than neutral or motion-control shoes.

To get the best fit possible, visit a specialty running store and get fitted by a knowledgeable staff member. They can help assess your foot type and determine which type of running shoe is best suited to your needs. Make sure to bring along your current running shoes so they can get an accurate picture of your foot type and gait pattern.

Get fitted by a professional

Getting fitted for a pair of running shoes by a professional is one of the best things you can do for your feet as a beginner. A professional shoe fitting ensures that you are buying the right size, style and type of running shoe for your foot type. The process begins with a series of measurements to identify your arch type, the shape of your feet, and the width and length of each foot. This information helps them determine which type of running shoe will provide the best fit and support. 

The professional may also have you walk or jog on a treadmill in order to assess your gait and the way your foot strikes the ground when you run. This is important to ensure that the shoes you purchase have enough cushioning and stability to protect your feet and keep them comfortable while running. Lastly, the professional should have you try on multiple pairs of shoes and adjust the laces or use special insoles to customize the fit even further. 

Although getting fitted by a professional may seem like an unnecessary expense, it can save you from experiencing blisters, pain, and discomfort during runs. It can also help you buy the right pair of shoes for your individual needs, ensuring that you get the most out of your running experience.

Break in your shoes gradually

When buying new running shoes, it’s important to break them in gradually. Wearing a brand-new pair of shoes straight away can cause discomfort and lead to blisters, so it’s important to give yourself time to adjust to them.

Start by wearing your new shoes for short distances on flat surfaces like sidewalks or pavements. This will help you get used to the feel of the shoe and any changes in support or cushioning. As you become more comfortable, gradually increase the distance and terrain of your runs.

Don’t be tempt to “test” your new shoes on a long run or intense terrain. You should give your body time to adjust to the new shoes before pushing them too hard. Blisters and soreness can be signs that you need more time to break in your shoes.

Additionally, you can use a special insert or insole to make your new shoes more comfortable. This can help reduce impact and absorb shock, so that you don’t experience pain or discomfort during your runs.

Have realistic expectations

When it comes to buy running shoes for beginners, it’s important to set realistic expectations. It’s normal for new runners to want the latest and greatest technology in their running shoes. But it’s important to remember that more expensive shoes do not necessarily equate to better performance or a better running experience. In fact, some of the newest and most expensive shoes might not be the best option for someone just getting start.

Remember that running is a complex activity and involves many muscles and joints working together. It is important to take your time to find the right pair of shoes for you. Don’t get caught up in the hype or the newest features, but focus on finding a shoe that fits your feet and your needs. It is also important to understand that there is no “perfect” shoe. Even with the right pair of shoes, you will still have to work hard and practice regularly in order to reach your goals. 

Finally, don’t expect running shoes to make you a better runner overnight. It takes time, patience, and dedication to reach your goals. With the right pair of running shoes and a good training plan, you can achieve your goals and become a better runner.

Brands to Lookout For

When shopping for the perfect pair of running shoes, it’s important to consider the best brands on the market. There are a variety of shoemakers that offer quality products specifically designed for runners. 

Nike: A leader in running shoes, Nike produces a variety of styles and designs that fit different foot shapes and sizes. From lightweight minimal shoes to maximum cushioning designs, Nike has a style for everyone.

ASICS: This Japanese company is know for its classic and timeless designs. ASICS offers great cushioning options that are perfect for beginner runners.

Brooks: If you’re looking for stability and support, Brooks is the way to go. Their shoes provide more arch support than other brands and are ideal for people who are starting out running and need extra help with posture and foot alignment.

New Balance: New Balance offers several categories of running shoes including motion control, stability, and cushioning. They also have some innovative features such as Fresh Foam cushioning technology.

Saucony: Saucony is another popular brand that offers neutral, stability, and support shoes. They are design to improve balance and stability while providing a comfortable ride.

Ultimately, finding the perfect pair of running shoes for beginners can be overwhelming. Do your research, try on multiple pairs at a store, and make sure to invest in a quality pair of shoes that will keep you supported and comfortable during your runs.


Running shoes are an important piece of gear for any beginner runner. They can help improve performance and reduce the risk of injuries. When shopping for running shoes, it is important to do your research, consider your budget, find a shoe that fits your foot type, get fitted by a professional, and break in your shoes gradually. Have realistic expectations when it comes to your running goals, and be sure to look out for reliable brands that offer quality materials and features. With the right pair of running shoes, you can enjoy the amazing benefits of running without worrying about potential injuries or other issues.

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