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How to Choose a fan? We are happy to help you

A fan provides cooling in the house on hot days. It is also suitable for blowing fresh air into the room. Which fan is most suitable for you depends on the room where you want to place it and the way you want to use it. MediaMarkt helps you choose the right copy.


A fan provides pleasant cooling on hot days. It blows a refreshing breeze through the room, making it a lot more comfortable on hot days. Are you looking for a device that actually lowers the temperature in the room? Then go for an air conditioner.

table fan

A table fan is compact and practical. Due to its small size, it fits perfectly on a table or desk. A table fan does exactly what you need on a hot day: to cool you down. You set the blowing speed yourself and you often also adjust its blowing direction yourself. Direct it only at yourself, or let it cool the whole room. How to Choose a fan

standing fan

The standing fan (also called a tripod fan) has a round basket, just like a table fan. Because it stands on a tripod and the basket is quite large, it is suitable for cooling large surfaces. The height is often adjustable so that it fits perfectly with your household. The blowing speed and blowing direction are also adjustable. Some pedestal fans come with remote control. The more advanced models can be operated with an app.

tower fan

You place a tower fan (also called a column fan or column fan) on the floor just like a standing fan. A tower fan is about 70 cm high as standard, which makes it the ideal height to cool you when you sit on the couch. Due to its narrow, compact size, this type also fits in small rooms. More luxurious tower fans have a timer and can be operated with remote control and in some cases even with an app.

floor fan

A floor fan is one of the most powerful fans. Its large basket and strong power make it suitable for supplying large spaces with fresh air. These fans are often noisier than the other types.

Ceiling fan

Ceiling fans are often found in bedrooms and offices. And for a reason: they are quite quiet and blow the air over a large area. You usually turn a ceiling fan on and off via a remote control, an app, or a switch on the wall. You can get your best product by buying ideas 

When installing a ceiling fan, it is important that the load-bearing capacity of the connection point is at least 100 kilograms. It is also wise to hang the fan no lower than 2 meters 30. This prevents you from getting between the sheets when you raise your hand while standing.

Air cooler

An air cooler is more effective than a regular fan. Air coolers evaporate water and in this way ensure that the temperature of the air actually drops. Because the evaporation of the water costs energy and therefore heat, the air cools down.

An air cooler is less effective than an air conditioner, but it is very practical. Just like a mobile air conditioner, you can easily move them from one room to another: most air coolers have wheels. Unlike an air conditioner, you do not need an air exhaust hose for an air cooler. This makes it even more flexible to set up. Finally, air coolers do not dry out the air.


Fans come in different shapes and sizes. Even if you have chosen the type, our range is very extensive. We explain the main differences in properties.

Basket diameter

The larger the diameter of the basket, the more air the fan moves. The large diameter is more important the further away the fan is.

Noise level

Fans make noise. How much noise it makes varies by model. The sound level is shown in decibels. A difference of 3 dB extra means that the fan makes twice as much noise. A ceiling fan or a fan without rotating blades works the most quietly.

Number of speed settings

The more speed settings, the better you can adjust the fan to the temperature and your personal wishes. This way you can enjoy exactly the cooling you need.

Oscillation function

A fan with an oscillation function can cool the entire room. Such a fan automatically moves from left to right and spreads its cooling breeze throughout the room. Almost all fans have an oscillation function.


Do you have small children or pets? Then choose a fan with a basket that protects the blades. This prevents your child’s fingers or your cat’s tail from getting caught between the blades. You see more and more fans without blades. They are not only safer but also quieter.

Remote control

Some fans come with remote control. Handy for switching the fan on or off, making it oscillate, or adjusting the blowing force without getting up. Some remotes even allow you to set different user profiles.


Do you want a fan that can do more than just cool? That too is possible! Think of an air-cleaning function, heating function, timer, or app control.

Air cleaning function

Fresh air is nice, healthy fresh air is even more pleasant. Fans that can clean the air come in two categories:


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