How To Create A Revolutionary App Like UrbanClap

The on-demand service industry experienced rapid growth and expansion in the past couple of years. Many companies used this popularity surge to rise to the top, becoming the preferred choice for many people. The most notable app on this list is UrbanClap (now Urban Company). UrbanClap and UrbanClap clone apps earned their place in the market by providing a premium business model to service providers and customers.

So, the first question that comes to mind is, What is UrbanClap, the services it provides and how to begin with UrbanClap clone app development?

Overview of UrbanClap

UrbanClap is one of the best on-demand professional service platforms that provide users access to countless trusted home specialists at the click of a button. The app offers professionals to users, from plumbers to cleaners and everything in between.

Services covered by UrbanClap
  •       Urban beauty
  •       Urban spa
  •       Urban grooming
  •       Urban repairs
  •       Urban cleaning
  •       Urban painting
  •       Special services like  finding fitness trainers, yoga instructors, interior designers, interior decorators, etc.
UrbanClap revenue model

In 2017, UrbanClap’s yearly revenue reached approximately 1.7 billion USD. From then on, the company’s revenue started rising at a peak . The question is, how does the app earn so much?

Answer: UrbanClap utilizes specific revenue models and strategies to earn a profit. These strategies include


A commission model accounts for eighty-five percent of the profit that the company earns. In this model, professionals from different fields sign up for the platform. On the other side, users browse through these services and choose the best that suits their needs.

When professionals book their service through UrbanClap, they must pay a commission fee. For each work type, there is a fixed commission rate. This model means that the more jobs a professional accepts and completes through the app, the more UrbanClap earns.

Lead generation

Above paragraph, we understood the company has a fixed commission structure for jobs. But, what happens when a user wants a customized service?

Imagine a user has their wedding and wants a florist within four days. In this instance, the user can input their demands into the app. UrbanClap will then provide a list of leads the user can go through and select.

Additionally, once the user selects a lead, the app will charge both the professional and the customer a commission.

Monetization through ads

This method is an excellent way for any app to earn money. The various ad networks available in the app industry include cost-per-mile, cost-per-click, cost-per-install, cost-per-action and cost-per-view.

An UrbanClap clone app can choose any one or various ad networks as part of their ad requirements and earn good revenue through advertising fee from various brands

Steps involved in UrbanClap clone app development

Time required to develop such an app depends on the requirements. Typically, the project takes anywhere between twelve to thirty weeks to build. The development time can significantly increase based on additional requirements such as extra features, custom UI, other payment gateways, etc. Also, this development time does not consider the app launch.

Cost to build this app depends on the features you want to add. UrbanClap has a few basic features that are a must-have for an on-demand services app. These features are:

Customer app features
  •       Easy sign-up
  •       Simple login
  •       Social media integration
  •       Data security and safety
  •       Navigable and interactive user interface
  •       Accessible services browsing and price range
  •       Advanced search filters
  •       FAQs for further reading and clarification
  •       Multiple payment gateways
  •       Service feedback
  •       Service history
  •       View service provider’s profile and professional details
  •       In-app chat facility
  •       Payment history
 Service professional features
  •       Rapid registration
  •       Simple login process
  •       Profile analysis and approval by admin
  •       Multiple subscription plans
  •       Real-time chat with customer
  •       In-app chat with customer
  •       Service rate and charges
  •       Service times and availability
  •       Update work status
  •       Payment history and work
  •       GPS location tracking

The features listed above will give you a good understanding of the features and functionalities required to make an UrbanClap clone app work. The cost involved in developing such an app ranges from 15,000 USD to 20,000 USD.

If you are considering developing an app like UrbanClap, the first thing you need to do is find a good app development company. There are numerous companies you can see through a quick internet search, and each one can provide solutions at different costs. It is best to meet with more than one of these companies and get a good idea of what they are capable of.

Final thoughts

The on-demand service industry is only going to grow in the coming years. The drive shows a promising future to investors, service providers and multi-seller marketplaces. Hence, investing or developing an app for this industry is sure to be a successful venture.

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