How To Design The Perfect T-Shirt For Your Event

Planning for an upcoming event? Going for customized t-shirts will be great fun! Sourcing low-priced t-shirts of the best quality should be your first priority. There is a lot more that takes place in designing your perfect t-shirt for any of your upcoming events.

From the intent of the t-shirt to working for the artwork, designing your favorite requires a lot of effort and consideration to make it loved by everyone. One wrong step can have an inimical effect on the final outcome. 

Check out the factors to consider while designing the creative t-shirt!

Considering The Intent Of T-Shirt

Before starting the designing process, you must be aware of the purpose of that cloth. Designing a shirt will be based upon some common questions related to why, what, when that will decide the impact of it and making it be worn by people over years. Before beginning the process, try to get answers to the following questions regarding the hell-bent on the t-shirt and its design. 

  • Who will be the attendees of the event will be wearing the t-shirt 
  • What should be the motive of the design that is to be printed on the shirt
  • When will the shirts get shared
  • What is the location of the event and is there any meaning that can be integrated with the design
  • Why would someone want to wear that piece of cloth again? 

Make sure that you are clear with this set of questions before initiating the process further. When you are clear with the goals of t shirt printing Edmonton, the ideas will emerge into your mind to make it more creative.

Designing Of T-Shirts 

When you begin to design the graphic that will be printed on the t-shirt for the event, the first step will be the t-shirt color. There can be the possibility of a prearranged color for the shirts or you can either choose the color after the fact.

Color plays an important role so that the design does not get lost in the shirt. Make sure that the color is compatible with the shirt and it adds to the design. 

As the shirt will wear by the participants of a particular event, thus the design should not only look best on mock-up but should also have a perfect look on the garment.

It should be taken care that no inappropriate elements are placed in the way; also the important pieces must not be encased around and get covered by people’s arms. The graphics on the shirt should be large and can be read even if it gets withered.

Work On Artwork

Before exporting any graphics for the supplier of your t-shirt, you need to equip some of the steps for the artwork to get the best result. Avoiding these steps may lead to the bringing back of your printer for the amended graphic or the end shirt results will not be accurate.

Make sure that you use the proper color codes for garment printing. Go for research to which colors are best for apparel printing. It is also advised to convert all your text to outlines for avoiding any accidental replacement occurring.

All of the art must be designed at actual size and as vectors wherever possible. How this will help us in reducing the risk of fuzzy printing in the designs. Even if you are not an experienced designer, you can take help from an experienced designer for the event t-shirt creation. 

Choosing A T-Shirt Printer

When you hire a t-shirt printing company for the delightful designing of event t-shirts, you need to consider the type of printing offered by them. The companies offer a variety of printing methods including screen printing, dye sublimation printing Edmonton, pad printing, and discharge printing.

Make sure the company works closely with the client to ensure that the customized printed t-shirts are everything you have imagined for the design. Only the best company can provide you the best results, making the apparel attractive and beneficial for the event you are working upon. Hire a reputed firm to get your work done professionally. 

Bottom Lines

Going for the customized design t-shirts for any specific event not only gives your brand promotion and marketing in front of the audience. More and more people come to know about your business and that will directly help you to grow. You can also create a custom t-shirt by yourself or with the help of a company.

The other factors are choosing the fabric, colors, and budget, and printing method so that the final result is what you desiring for. Go for this easy and free marketing and advertising strategy to get your brand or business promoted in front of potential customers.

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