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How To Download Facebook video To iPhone?

Guide On Download Facebook Video To iPhone

Today we are going to guide you to Download Facebook Video to iPhone. This is a small tool developed and introduced by a third-party developer for saving Fb videos to devices. Facebook is the place where we all share our memories, quotes, movies, TV series, stories, and everything. And it is a platform that contains videos, pictures, GIFs, links, and so on. If it is just an article we can copy and paste it wherever we want. And there is a saving option as well for pictures and images. But, when it comes to a video, we cannot download video clips from Fb to our devices.

Therefore, we should follow a third-party method for that. So the tool we brought called Fdownloader can help you to Download Facebook Video to iPhone. This is how it works and how you can use it. Carefully go through every single detail. Then you can get an idea about using the tool.

More about Download Facebook video to iPhone

Download Facebook Video to iPhone using Fdownloader is not complicated if you know how to handle it. And even if you just visit the tool page, you can get an idea about it. When you will click the first download option there, it will open the preview with and the second download SD video button. You can check it in the step guide. And also, there will be another option to select some other format using the Other Formats option.

Moreover, Fdownload can only Download Facebook Video to your iPhone if it properly connects to the internet. As often, the tool will be slower if the connection is not stable. And because we are going to Download Fb Video to iPhone, make sure the iDevice has sufficient space to save a new heavy file.

It is pointless looking for the Fdownloader app for iPhone. The developer confirmed that it is just an online method based on the very own web page of the tool. And it is completely a third-party option for you. It is better to keep in your mind that Fdownloader is not the official download option or a sponsored tool of Facebook.

Step by step guide to download Facebook Video

To download Facebook Video to iPhone, you can use the Fb app or the web version as the way it is easy for you. Connect your iDevice to Wi-Fi or turn on data before starting the process. Here is the complete guide to Download Facebook Video Online. Read every single step before using the tool. It is just for your betterment and not because the tool is complicated. So get the guidelines and make your attempts effortless. 

  • Open the Facebook app or sign up for your account using Safari
  • Go to the video that you decided to download. If you do not have the video, search for the topic you want using the search bar. Or you can go to the videos section. There are many video clips. Type the topic you want and search it. It will be easy to find a video
  • Click the share icon at the bottom of the post. It is on your right side
  • A list of options will open. Then select the Copy Link option
  • Use the web browser and open the Fdownloader page. Those who used the web version of Fb can open a new tab and visit the tool
  • Now paste the link that copied from the Fb video to Online Fb Video Downloader
  • After pasting the link, use the Download button
  • Within a few seconds, the preview will show
  • Click the “Download SD Video” option to end the process

You will see there is another option as “Other Formats” next to the “Download SD Video” option. Do not click it if you do not want to change the format of the video. If you click it, you will see what are the other recommended formats. After selecting one of them, use the download button. If not, just tap the Download button. The video will download as an SD file to the iPhone.

By following the same method, you can Download Facebook Video to iPhone, even if the file is too long or short. Long videos will only affect the download time. But, a perfect internet connection will help you to manage long video downloads as well.

Troubleshooting tips

If Download Fb Video to iPhone will not be able to complete, do not worry. Because it is an online tool, no need to worry about the security of the device. Make sure that the device connects with Wi-Fi or mobile data till the end of the operation. And also, the device storage inability too could be the reason behind the failure of the Fdownloader.

If it seems to be your internet access is stable and the storage space too enough to download the new file, then it may be because of an error of the tool. Just try again. there is no doubt that your second attempt will work.

Wrapping up

By the way, Fdownloader is great news if you were a TV series or movie lover and always watched them on Facebook. Stop wasting your data. It is better to download all the episodes and watch them offline. It will be easy for you to share them on other platforms as well. Apply the same even if you want to download any other video clips. This is not just about Download Facebook Video to iPhone. It does not matter even if you are with a Mac, Android, or Windows either.

Fdownloader is there for you. Open Safari, Google, or any browser that is easy for you. However, the tool is free and safe for everyone. Its unlimited download ability lets us save thousands of videos without trouble. If you want the video in any other format other than SD quality, select the required format before selecting the second download option. Do not miss this chance if you want to Get Fb Videos for Free limitlessly. 

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