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How to enable speech to text conversion in Windows 10

The ability to convert speech to text on a computer allows you to quickly and simultaneously record every idea and thought you have in mind, for this you even use a pen or pencil and keyboard. You do not need to. You can even use this program to convert speech into text while doing other things.

Ability to convert speech to text in Windows 10

One of the capabilities that can help you save a lot of time is the ability to convert speech to text. One of the advantages of this feature is that it can be used simultaneously with other tasks. You can easily use this feature in any place and while doing any activity such as exercising or while traveling.

Such a capability has existed for a long time. The most powerful systems only recognized numbers, dating back to the 1950s.

This capability has grown significantly in the last decade. In this regard, tools such as Siri, Google, etc. are examples that used the ability to convert speech to text, but these tools are not very suitable for converting longer speeches to text, and other tools for this purpose. There are some that we will introduce in the continuation of this article.

How to enable speech to text conversion in Windows 10

To enable speech recognition in Windows 10, you must first click the Start Menu button in the lower right corner of your desktop and then enter the settings.

On the Settings page, click Click the time and language. Then click on Speech in the navigation bar on the left. Then go to Speech, Inking & Typing in the privacy settings section.

After entering the mentioned section, to activate speech services and typing suggestions, click on the Cortana button and speech recognition. Note that at this stage you must have a microphone that you have already connected to the computer.

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Another thing to keep in mind at this point is that as soon as you enable this feature in Windows 10, Microsoft will start tracking how you interact with speech recognition and Cortana. This is done to correct and improve the experience of using this feature, but this data transfer involves security issues and requires your approval.

Once you have Cortana Voice Assistant enabled, you can fill out forms, dictate texts, and just talk to your computer and give instructions.

In order to enable speech-to-text conversion in Windows 10, you must press the Windows key with the H key. The Cortana system then opens a small box and starts listening to the text and then typing the words it hears through your microphone.

Speech to text conversion software

To convert speech to text, there are softwares that you can use to convert the words you say into text. The software listens to your words through a microphone and converts them into text.

Many of this software also act as diagnostic assistant software, meaning that they can do what you say based on voice commands.

This tool is available for Apple devices. You can convert spoken words to text using Apple Free Dictation. You can also use your own voice to format text.

If you use this option, you can even translate your spoken words into text without an internet connection. In addition, you can talk for a long time using the dictation improvement option.

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