How to Engage Customers at Each Step of Buying Journey?

A strategic customer buying journey is driving digital businesses at all levels.

There is not one, but many ways a customer product buying journey is established. It could be users accessing different devices, operating systems, and platforms.

So, when you think of counting on such a journey with aid of digital marketing services, make sure to be dynamic. It is an approach that can match the unpredictable buying behavior of customers at each stage of the journey.

For example, customers look at your brand differently on social media and the website. Whenever they search for your company’s product online, they have a different mindset to the first customer & then buy. Most of the time, users get distracted by some other brand of products and switch to them instead of buying from you.

Overall, there has to be a strategic move to make the most out of each stage of the customer buying journey.

Here in this blog, we will be sharing some relevant tips to engage your audience at a different step. Moreover, make the best use of high conversion tools to push your digital marketing strategy a bit.

Steps to Engage Customers at Different Levels

Digital interaction of customers can never be the same. It varies at different levels and as per the user’s interest. Therefore, few necessary steps need to be considered at first while reaching them.

#Step 1: Create Engaging & Persuasive Content

The first stage of awareness starts with creating compelling and interesting content. Organic visibility relies much on a persuasive content copy. Be it like the website, social media or blog section, it is important to create a flow in the content.

Especially, looking at the relative importance given to Core Web Vitals, digital marketing strategies need to change.  As an enterprise, you need to create well-written content of different types including top-rated keywords to gain:

  • Higher organic visibility (allows visitors to land on your brand)
  • Attractive clicks (compelling information with CTAs included)
  • Maximum time on the website (keeping page visit time high to engage more customers)

Best Tool to Use:

Text Optimizer: The tool really helps you generate engaging content for a higher ranking. Using this, you can identify relevant topics, analyse content, and more.

  • Find Subject Lines: The tool helps you find brand-related and trendy topics to write upon.
  • Add Better Words to Content: Find the most popular and persuasive words choices from the tool.
  • Optimize the Existing Information: Produce rich and high-quality text by optimizing information based on the flow.

#Step 2: User Tech-Friendly Engagement Tools

Many enterprises commit this mistake of start offering products, whenever customer lands on the website.

Remember, you need to engage people to buy from you. Instead, no need to start pouring in lead generation information at the earlier phase.

Engage customers with more content suggestions. It allows customers to know more about your brand, generates a trust factor, and then buy.

Best Tool to Use:

Alter: It is an Artificial Intelligence-powered tool that creates a personalized form of content for site visitors. Get prior engagement tactics from the tool to offer interesting information to visitors. 

#Step 3: Better Care & Assistance

This is a stage when the customer is intended to buy a product from you and on the stage of the shopping cart. This is a crucial encounter between your brand and the customer.

Try not to bring any kind of distraction in the way of buyers finally checkout on the site. It is because 70% of the customers leave the cart abandoned in the middle of the checkout.

The safest route to successful checkout is providing utmost assistance and care to customers at this stage. Create a seamless exit-intent flow to avoid distractions, boost conversions, and increase profit.

One of the ways to do that is by implementing a smart bot technology to answer user’s queries in real-time. Let there be no human assistance involved at the checkout stage. A Chatbot will handle the issues at the purchasing process in a hassle-free manner.

#Step 4: Retarget to Generate More Leads

Now that you have generated sales from a targeted section of customers. Next to focus on is retargeting. It is important to retarget all those people who know your brand and have come to your site without purchasing.

The best part of this step underlying a smooth customer buying journey is that visitors already know your brand. No need to start from scratch itself. Create engaging content, ads, and other marketing collaterals from the point of view of offering something special.

It does not matter if you are offering a deal, special discount, value-added offer, or something complimentary. What matters the most is the conversion of already interested customers to your brand.


It’s hard to engage customers at different levels of conversion. But a strategic plan implemented by the best digital marketing company can help reach your goals. Thus, follow the above-mentioned tips to create a smooth customer purchasing journey with maximum results ahead.

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