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How To Help a Friend or Family Member Out of Addiction

There’s nothing worse than seeing a friend or family member go through an addiction. You want to help them but you don’t know how to, which is why many people turn to rehabs for help. Of course, visiting a clinic such as Infinite Recovery( is always a wise decision. But what else can you do to help your loved one?

1: Show Them You Care

The first thing you need to do is show your friend or family member that you’re there for them. It’s very easy for people to feel ashamed of their addiction and the fact that they’ve fallen so low. Showing them some interest can break down those barriers, allowing them to open up about what they are going through.

2: Listen to Them

Once they’ve opened up, you can truly see what they are going through. Their pain and suffering may clearly be visible, but this is where you get to listen. Listen carefully and attentively, making sure you understand everything they’re saying. It’s important that you don’t interrupt while they’re talking because you want them to feel like their voice is being heard and that what they have to say holds some merit in your eyes.

3: Find a Solution Together

After you’ve listened to them, it’s time to discuss solutions. There are many different types of rehabs out there, but which one is best for them? If they are in the early stages of addiction, then an outpatient rehabilitation center might be a better choice. This will help prevent any relapse down the road when they come home again. It’s a great way to start the road towards sobriety. If they are in the latter stages of addiction, then it might be wise to check into an inpatient rehabilitation center.

4: Help Them Fight the Urge

If you don’t fully understand addiction, then you might not realize that giving in to the temptation to use again is highly likely. Even if they’re clean for a few weeks or months, there’s no telling when the urge will strike. And it could be extremely powerful at times too, making them feel like they need drugs to get by in life. You can help your friend or family member by letting them know that you’re there to support them through the addiction process and aiming to be there for them when needed.

5: Don’t Give Up On Them

Most importantly, don’t give up on trying to get your loved one the help they need. If they relapse once, then it’s okay because many addicts relapse before they can make a full recovery. You can help by reminding them of all the reasons why quitting drugs is important and how it will affect their life for the better.

6: Avoid Making Excuses

Finally, you can’t make excuses for your friend or family member. Yes, they might have a good reason for using a drug again, but until their addiction is under control, it’s going to get worse and worse over time. There’s no telling how long it will take them to recover, but hopefully, by following these steps, you can help them reach sobriety and find a better life.


Life can be tough when someone you love is addicted to drugs. You want to be there for them and help them but you’re not sure where to start. If they’re struggling, support them toward getting professional help from rehab centers like Nova Recovery (  that could really make a difference in their life.

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