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How To Make Buffalo Chicken Pizza Differently?

Buffalo Chicken Pizza Recipe

Buffalo chicken pizza is one of the most tasty and well-appreciated pizza flavors all around the globe. Since the inception of the Buffalo Chicken Pizza Recipe, many have tried to improvise it in several ways. Today, in this article, you will learn how to make Buffalo Chicken Pizza in a traditional manner as well as in ways you can make it differently. Prepare it with our secret ingredient Dingolay Gourmet Hot Sauce and get ready to have the time of your life. We assure you, this Buffalo Pizza Recipe will jazz up your regular pizza night with Tropical Dingolay Gourmet Hot Sauce.

Traditional Buffalo Chicken Pizza Recipe

Traditionally, Buffalo Chicken Pizza is prepared with chicken mixed up in Buffalo Sauce. Preparing Buffalo Sauce requires a lot of time. Dingolay Gourmet Hot Sauce has significantly made our job easier in that department. Still we are sharing the regular Buffalo Chicken Pizza Recipe for your convenience.

To make the Buffalo Chicken take four chicken thigh pieces, pierce them with a fork so the marinade may penetrate better.

Sprinkle a generous amount of salt and black pepper powder on it, then pour olive oil on it, as much as is required. Let the chicken marinate in these three ingredients for about half an hour.

Then shallow fry the chicken, shred it and mix half of it in the Buffalo Chicken Sauce and reserve the other half for later use.

Spread the Buffalo Chicken Sauce on the rolled out pizza dough. Then add the buffalo chicken mixed in buffalo sauce. Add the reserved shredded chicken on it and top with lots of grated cheese. To add extra flavors, top with mushrooms, onions, capsicums, olives or jalapenos.

Buffalo Chicken Pizza Recipe – Improvised with Dingolay Gourmet Hot Sauce

The regular Buffalo Chicken Sauce demands time, energy and perfect consistency and several other sauces and ingredients to prepare it with. No one honestly has such amount of time. Dingolay Gourmet Hot Sauce can be utilized in many ways. The three flavors i.e. Original Dingolay Gourmet Hot Sauce, Mango Tropical Dingolay Gourmet Hot Sauce and Pineapple Tropical Dingolay Gourmet Hot Sauce brings extra flavors to your regular meals. It can be used as marinade, dip or replace the regular sauces. The exquisite fiery, sweet and sour flavors, makes all other ingredients and spices useless. Prepare the buffalo chicken pizza recipe with Dingolay Gourmet Hot Sauce, it will make it tastier as well as save you tons of time.

Instructions for Buffalo Chicken Pizza Recipe

Defat boneless chicken cubes about 10 pieces, and pierce them with a fork, forming small pores. Sprinkle 1 teaspoon of salt and black pepper powder on it, then pour olive oil. Decide the amount of these ingredients according to the amount of chicken.

Let the chicken marinate in these ingredients for about half an hour.

Then pour about one cup of Original Dingolay Gourmet Hot Sauce in a pan, put the marinated chicken in it. Then let it cook for a while. When the chicken has tendered, stir fry it for a while. Let the chicken cool down to room temperature. Then shred half of it and reserve the other half for later usage.

Spread baking sheet in the baking tray and brush it with olive oil or non-stick spray. Roll out the pizza dough in the baking tray, and spread the Dingolay Hot Sauce as pizza sauce on the pizza dough. Then add the chicken mixed in Dingolay Hot Sauce and after that sprinkle the reserved chicken. Top it with onions, capsicums, olives and mushrooms, and lots of shredded cheese.

Bake this pizza at 100 degrees in a pre-heated oven for about twenty minutes or until the crust of the pizza turns golden brown and cheese gets bubbly.

Carefully take the pizza out of the oven and serve it hot with Mango Tropical Dingolay Gourmet Hot Sauce or Pineapple Tropical Dingolay Gourmet Hot Sauce with best buffalo chicken pizza.

Buffalo Pizza Recipe with Homemade Pizza Dough

Store bought pizza dough although saves you time, but Buffalo Pizza is sacred to us, so try out our easy and foolproof pizza dough recipe and you will never head to a store to buy some pizza dough.

To make pizza dough, take 3 ½ cups of all-purpose flour, sift it in a strainer and add 2 ¼ teaspoons of instant yeast powder. Then add 1 teaspoon of sugar and ¾ teaspoon of salt to it. Mix them, then add 3/4 cup of lukewarm water. Make sure water’s temperature is not above a 100 degrees. Otherwise the bacteria in the rise shall not let the dough rise.

Knead this mixture into a firm dough for about five to seven minutes. Pour 2 tablespoons of Olive Oil on its surface, apply it evenly on it with your hands and with the help of a cling film secure the bowl you have kneaded your dough in. Let the dough sit and rise to the double of its size for about an hour.

After a hour, take the dough out on a rolling pin, or any flat surface where it is easier for you to knead it. Sprinkle some cornmeal or all-purpose-flour on it and start kneading again until it reaches the required consistency.

Then cover it again and let it sit for another ten minutes.

After the said time, knead once again to be sure of the consistency and then roll it out with the help of a rolling pin and spread it in the baking tray.

Replace your regular Pizza Sauce with Dingolay Gourmet Hot Sauce, spread it on the pizza dough, add buffalo chicken, cheese and vegetables and toppings of your liking. Bake it in a preheated oven at hundred degrees for twenty to twenty-five minutes.

Buffalo Chicken Pizza Recipe with Dingolay Hot Sauce

This Buffalo Chicken Pizza Recipe is one of our favorites for all the right reasons. Try this foolproof recipe and do not forget to make it with Tropical Dingolay Gourmet Hot Sauce. We are sure it will bring you as much as it brings us.

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