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How to Use SHAREit On Android

The SHAREit app has been in the business for quite a while. It is a core product of the SHAREit Group. The company is based in Singapore and has offices worldwide. The SHAREit app is a digital content platform using which you can share files, consume HD content, play online games, download treding games, share files in a group, and much more. 


It works whether you own a Windows phone or PC, an iOS or Android device. If you’re thinking about installing this on your Android phone, here’s how you can make the most of the app. If you’re new at this, here are easy steps to help you use the file sharing app feature like a pro. 


Download and Install 

The first step you need to follow is downloading this android file sharing app on your device. Please ensure that you download the app’s latest version to enjoy all the features without facing any challenges or lag. You can get the app’s latest version at the Google play store or the official SHAREit Group website. Once setup is done, though, go to your Android phone and launch the app. Now, set up your account by customizing the avatar so other devices can easily recognize you. 


Understand How it Works

Before you start sharing and sending files, you need to understand what SHAREit basically does. This app is a digital content platform: 


  1. It allows you to move data around. Meaning, you can transfer files from your phone to someone else.
  2. You could also send and receive files, even when those files come from a phone to a laptop or PC.
  3. You can watch HD videos with a content library that is extensive and receives regular updates. 
  4. Play &Download mobile games without your email or mobile number to sign up. 


Know the Pros 

SHAREit isn’t the first or only wireless file transfer app in the market. But it’s one of the fastest out there. It’s 200 times faster than Bluetooth, which means the transfers only happen in seconds, if not minutes. If you’ve got a lot of transfers to do, then you’ll want to test this app and start enjoying those speedy transfers. 


Also, it makes the transfers possible even when the devices aren’t connected to the internet. You won’t even need to link the two devices with a cable. Nor will you use any of your cellular data for the transfers if you’ve been wondering about that. If you want to learn more about how it works, check the SHAREit YouTube channel for easy tutorials. 


Enable Receiving Mode

Once the setup is done, make sure you touch the Receive button from the home screen. That will open receiving mode in the Android phone; this also means that the app automatically creates a Wi-Fi hotspot on the phone. Just look over the screen of the SHAREit app, and you’ll find the network name. 


Send Files 

Click on the Send option. The button is easily visible at the top, then tap on the files you want to send. Once you’ve tapped all the files, you can hit Next. Since there’s already a Wi-Fi hotspot on the Android unit, you can link the iPhone to the Android phone in the same way you’d link any phone to a Wi-Fi spot. 


Once that’s done, you can start sharing and sending files. Just browse through your camera roll or photo albums and click on the videos, files, or photos you wish to send. You can also send contact numbers, music, PDF docs, ePubs, and more. 


Know Formats and Sizes

The SHAREit app is easy and convenient to use because it allows you to handle multiple formats, types, and sizes. Some apps allow for file transfer but sadly fall short because they can only handle certain file types and sizes. That’s not a problem with this file-sharing solution. 


Do Wireless 

The best thing about these transfers is that they’re wireless. When you send any of the files, you’ll find out right away one of the app’s key features and why it’s a popular file-sharing tool. You don’t need a USB cable to connect two devices to enable the transfer. You don’t have to link the devices to a Wi-Fi network either. 


So, download the SHAREit app now.

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