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How to Wrap Hands for MMA Gloves 

Most beginners are confused whether they wear hand wraps under MMA gloves; we must guide you that it is an essential part of self-preparation to become an MMA athlete. Wrapping your hands will help you to prevent injuries during training or MMA matches. We must be aware that Mixed Martial Arts require a lot of wrist support, so hand wraps are pivotal for wrist protection.

Throwing punches without any specific protection will be dangerous enough, so wrapping hands is always important to protect your hands. The primary purpose of wrapping your hands is to protect your knuckles, wrists, and hands and absorb the shock impact.

 How can punching hurt your hands?

Whenever you plan MMA or Boxing and, most importantly, practicing strikes, the protection of your hands is most important. Hands usually receive more brutal impact through blocking strikes by an opponent. This impact comes via punches in Boxing and MMA; however, in MMA, one has to take care of knees, elbows, and kicks. While participating in combat sports, it is always imperative to wear hand wraps. The human hand contains 27 bones that are fragile enough, so they usually take a tremendous amount of shock with each strike.

Way to Wrap Hands for MMA Gloves

  1. Starting with your Thumb and Wrist

  • Check out the wrap for Up and Down labels as Upside faces out and Downside faces your skin.
  • Spread your fingers while wrapping, so your wrap will be tight without cutting off your circulation. When you surround your fingers, make a fist and back around your wrist.
  • Wraps typically have a thumb strap at the starting end, so hook the thumb strap over your thumb. If the wraps do not have loops twist the end around your thumb and bring it back or your hand.
  • Wrap your wrist and lower forearm three times by keeping your hand, wrist, and forearm in a straight line. Always start from the back of your hand and loop band around your wrist, then extend the wrap up your forearm about 1 to 2 inches from your wrist joint.
  • Bring the wrap to the heel of your palm, make 1 – 2 passes around the wrist, bring the band to the palm. Then cross the band over the back of your hand from the pinky side and make sure to spread your fingers meanwhile.
  • Wrap the thumb and heel of your palm; bring this band around the back of the thumb near the wrist. After passing through your finger and thumb, cross the band over the back of your hand.
  1. Wrapping your Knuckles and Fingers

 Loop the band around your knuckles while keeping your fingers wide-spread. Start by bringing the band around your pinky knuckle and across your palm. Then pass the wrap between your thumb and index finger and bring it back to your hand straight around the knuckles.

  • Make one more pass around your knuckles by wrapping the band around your knuckle, across the palm, between thumb and index finger.
  • Press the wrap between your pinky and ring fingers.
  • Make a fist as you bring the band back to your wrist while moving the band across your palm towards your thumb. Close your fist will keep your wrap tight and make fists during your flight or training.
  • Open your hand and then wrap between your ring and middle fingers.
  • Make a fist and bring the wrap around your thumb and wrist.
  • Spread your fingers and pass the wrap between the middle and index fingers from your palm, and put your hands’ underside.
  1. Securing the Wrap

  • Spread your fingers and 1-2 final passes around knuckles; your fist should be closed with the band on the back of your hand plus wrist.
  • Wrap the band around your hand and check, from the knuckles to the wrists, then pass the wrap to get the Velcro.
  • When you get to the Velcro Strip, seal the Velcro Strip around your wrist and finish up by securing the Velcro.
  • Before stepping into the ring, make a fist and move your fingers around to check your wrap hands to make sure your wraps are tight and comfortable.

MMA equipment

As we have already mentioned many times that MMA includes grappling and striking aspects. This combat sport comes with top-notch coaching equipment for protection. We will recommend you to pick according to your demand for training or intense drilling. For some proactive gear that dealt with MMA requirements and specialized regarding this sport, click here.


There is a misconception that MMA is a dangerous game and learned to beat people up. Therefore, we have provided you with worthy details about the benefits of learning MMA and how it helps you lose weight efficiently. With an MMA workout, one can lose weight significantly, transform your body into shape, and take a step towards a healthier lifestyle.

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