Hydraulic Cutter Machine

Advantages of a hydraulic cutter machine compared to conventional mechanical models A shearing machine is an industrial equipment with rotating discs and blades that used to cut hard steel sheets and metal beams. The term shears refers to the use of a high-pressure tool on a metal rod once to remove a section of metal. All metal shears use the same cutting technique where there a fixed upper blade, a lower blade, and an adjustable clearance separating the two blades. When a force applied to the upper blade. It forces the lower blade to cut. And split the metal in two. NC Press Brake machine

Hydraulic Cutter

Cutter divided according to the shape of the blade into linear or round. Linear shears are used to cut metals thicker than 2 mm. And driven by hydraulic power like hand-held thin metal machines. Circular shears are used to cut circular metal blanks and rings and are powered by an electric motor. The best metals to cut are bronze, aluminum. Copper and mild steel. Metal cutting is cost-effective and easy. Which is why it  preferred in industry and even in homes.

Types of shearing machines

1. Bench Cutting-

The word bench is because the machine is mounted on a bench to increase its mechanical ability. It is used for cutting rough shapes of medium-sized metals. Small table mowers, however, are equipped with sharpened chopping blades and light weights that allow for a clean and fast cut.

2. Guillotine-

This means that the machine control by hand or foot and sometimes mechanically. The material to be cut is first cut by the ram and the moving blade falls and cuts the metal. The shearing machine consists of a shearing table to place the material to be sheared. A holding device to hold the material to prevent movement, a measuring device to ensure the material is in the right place, and lower and long knives.

3. Electric shears-

Power by electricity

This type of shears power by electricity to cut large pieces of metal regardless of size. Alternatively, it can be hydraulically driven to cut metals too large to transport. 4. Throat – Less shear – This means that the metal being cut is free to move around the cutting wheel, making it flexible. Used for complex cuts and curves. Advantages of using hydraulic grinders compared to mechanical models Hydraulic shears are fast and accurate, making it easy to cut large amounts of metal in factories.

Mechanical models

Hydraulic shears do not require as much maintenance as mechanical models. And  therefore cost effective. Hydraulic grinders usually compact machines and therefore take up less space. Although they have the same type of pressure as mechanical grinders. Hydraulic grinders secure the metal with clamps while cutting, ensuring smooth cuts and even 90-degree cuts. There is a wide range of hydraulic grinders on the market for all sizes of metal.

How to use hydraulic shears safely?

Specialized operators always work on the machine Keep the machine clean and follow the operating rules to avoid danger. Always turn off the power to the machine after use.

How does a hydraulic cutter work?

The hydraulic cutter is ideal for cutting metal cables, pipes and belts. But how does a hydraulic cutter work? We will tell you that in this article. We pay special attention to hydraulic cutters from Holmatro. A wide range of hydraulic tools of this quality brand can purchase.

Hydraulic cutters

And rented from us. Hydraulic mechanism Hydraulic cutters use a hydraulic mechanism to close the hardened steel blades of the shears. High pressure oil  pumped into the movement mechanism to provide enough power to cut even the hardest materials. The hydraulic cylinders of some cutters. Filled by an external pump. Others have an electric pump with a battery integrated in the handle of the scissors. Each type has its advantages. And disadvantages. Read on to find out which type of hydraulic cutter is best for your job.

Mobile hydraulic

Mobile hydraulic cutters Holmatro mobile hydraulic cutters.  Specially designed for on-site use. These include, for example, the dismantling of buildings. The cleaning of industrial cables and the repair of gas stations. For these purposes, mobile cutters manufacture. With ease of handling. And portability in mind. The electric and fuel driven mechanism of Holmatro mobile cutters is light and compact. The brand also offers models with batteries, specially designed for working in hard-to-reach places. The strong yet light aluminum construction of most mobile cutters makes handling and transportation easier.

Constant maintenance

Cutter blades (metal) require constant maintenance. Sharpening the blade of the cutter should done regularly so that the cutter do not give poor quality cuts. In addition, proper equipment must use for sharpening cutter. For grinding wheels, the blade angle. And end grind important factors in determining grinding performance. And service life. Cutter  suppliers can often provide a maintenance plan and provide replacement parts and sharpening.

Hydraulic shears

Continuous hydraulic shears Unlike mobile cutters. Stationary cutters manufacture for continuous use at a fixed workplace. These hydraulic cutting machines often used in manufacturing processes. And in the recycling of automobiles and household appliances. For this reason, stationary cutters make for maximum durability. And constant use. Engines mostly made of high-quality steel. Which results in more weight. However, thanks to the so-called balancer, the weight not directly dependent on the user. And good simplicity of use maintained.

Shearing motion

The shearing motion moves slowly from one part of the material to another. The angular configuration of the blades called a rake. Rake and clearance a function of the type. And thickness of the material being cut. In press-type shears. The upper blade angle relative to the lower blade by about 0.5 to 2.5 degrees. A typical shear consists of a fixed bed. Where the blade mounted. A vertically sliding crosshead. And a series of retaining pins or feet that hold the material in place. While the cut being make. A gauge system with stops used to produce specific sizes to finish the workpiece.

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