If Father Has No Job, How Does Child Custody Work?

Being given physical custody of your child doesn’t mean that you’ll be able to take child away from mother. Courts will always work to preserve the relationship between both parents and their children. As long as both parents can agree on who should have custody. This will likely be the result of the court’s decision. However, if the parents cannot come to an agreement, either can file papers with the court for custody.

If you are trying to do everything you can to get custody of your children. It’s essential that you know the details of your state’s child custody laws. While they are fairly consistent across all states. In such case they have their differences which could have a major impact on how things shake in your case. 

If you’re a father with no job and custody of your children. It can be very difficult to effectively manage parenting responsibilities. Especially if you’re trying to make ends meet with child support payments assistance from family. California law makes provisions for fathers who don’t have jobs by mandating that still have an active part in their children’s lives. 

Here are some common questions about child custody if the father has no job, along with my best answers based on real-life experience as a divorce lawyer who specializes in child custody cases.

To learn more about child custody when the father has no job, read on!

What is Child Custody?

In California, child custody is broken into two separate areas: physical custody and legal custody. In order to gain physical custody of your child(ren), you must first have legal custody. Legal custody refers to a parent’s ability to make decisions about a child’s life. It includes education choices and medical care while physical custody refers to where a child actually lives.

 A parent can either have sole legal or physical can be awarded joint legal and/or physical custodianship with their partner. Both parents will still legally share all parental rights regarding major issues such as

  • Education
  • Health care and religion
  • Other things like making certain medical decisions for your children if they’re unable to do so themselves.

However, only one parent in each situation typically has day-to-day control over these things. The court does not automatically assume that mothers are better suit than fathers in regards to any aspect of parenting (although it may take longer for fathers to establish trust) but rather each case depends on its own circumstances; many cases call for an award of joint custody even when one party is absent.


How Does Child Custody Work in California?

When a divorce occurs and parents have children together. They have to decide who is going to grant custody of their children. In California there are different types of child custody arrangements that a judge may award during a divorce case. The two main types are legal and physical custody. 

If you do not know what each one means it can become very confusing when making these decisions about your kids’ future. These terms need to be clearly define before any decisions are made so that everyone understands how child custody will work in your specific situation. 

It is highly recommended that you seek out help from an experienced child custody attorney if you feel as though your rights as a parent will be affected by a family court judge’s decision during your divorce proceeding.

You never want to make a mistake or take a risk with something as serious as your child’s well-being. They deserve only the best and getting yourself educated on how things work at first hand is probably going to give you more peace of mind than anything else. 

There are various ways that you can learn more information about child custody without having to shell out money for services from a child custody attorney, including doing some research online or asking questions directly to other people who have already gone through similar experiences. You might even consider speaking with individuals who practice family law professionally on behalf of clients on both sides of major disputes over parental responsibility for minor children.


Why Do I Need a Child Custody Lawyer for Child Custody?

It’s natural to be concerned about what happens when you go before a judge. Will your lawyer explain everything that’s happening in detail? Will you feel overwhelmed by legal jargon and long speeches from opposing counsel?

 You can rest assured that your child custody attorney will explain it all to you in plain English and make sure you understand what’s going on. And if there are any terms or phrases you don’t recognize, don’t worry; they probably aren’t vital for understanding your case. What’s more important is that your child custody attorney knows how to speak clearly and concisely with judges.

An experienced child custody attorney will make an honest assessment of your unique situation, come up with ideas for possible outcomes depending on which way things go in court, discuss them with you thoroughly (without overwhelming you) and plan out how to communicate your story effectively while addressing potential questions asked by others involved in your child custody proceedings.


What Will Happen During My Court Date?

If you’re in need of a child custody attorney because your ex-spouse isn’t fulfilling his or her parenting responsibilities!

Don’t expect it to be smooth sailing. When your issue is up during court proceedings. It will likely take some time for all involved parties to reach an agreement that works for everyone. 

It might help to have a child custody attorney by your side while these decisions are being made. They’ll make sure that any temporary arrangements put into place remain fair and beneficial for both parents and their children.

Ultimately, child custody attorneys work hard so children don’t suffer—even if one parent can’t support them financially. You should also know that everything discussed at court hearings will become part of your permanent record. Child custody attorneys may negotiate with judges on behalf of clients but they cannot force them to change a ruling once it has been decided. 

As a result, whoever is looking after your interests in court must think critically about every possible outcome. In such situation before going forward with any course of action since there’s no going back once decision has been announced. In addition, if your child custody attorney fails to bring up something relevant during court proceedings, you’ll be bound by whatever decision was made even if there were extenuating circumstances for why they failed to mention them initially.

The Final Words

 This is a difficult question that must be answered by a child custody attorney, but it will most likely come down to income. When one parent earns more than another, they are typically granted primary custody of their children. 

Either way, both parents will play an important role in their child’s life and receive regular visits from them. Even if they don’t earn an income or have some other factors working againt them father’s rights are protect by law and fathers should do everything possible to maintain those rights.

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