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Indian Cuisine’s Must-Have Whole Spices

The Indian culinary tradition is the most diverse and eclectic in terms of flavours, spices, and aromas. The country is widely considered to be one of the world’s spice capitals. Our traditions place a high value on the origins of our dishes. The spice box, a collection of all the essential spices that can work their culinary magic on nearly any Indian meal, is something that every Indian family is familiar with. Adding Indian spices to enhance the flavour of food has been passed down through several generations. Spices are high in vitamins, minerals, and other essential nutrients, as well as having a distinctive flavour and aroma.

Black pepper

Black pepper is native to India, specifically the Western Ghats and Malabar. It’s an unusually difficult spice to grow because it’s subject to several natural cycles, such as rainfall, which explains why fresh pepper prices fluctuate so much. Because its production is dependent on a number of factors, black pepper is one of the most expensive spices available. It was as valuable as gold at the time, and thus the term “black gold” was coined. Before mixing, black pepper, like other spices, must be roasted. Fresh black pepper, on the other hand, can be used in recipes for its fresh aroma and flavour.

Cumin Seeds

Cumin seeds are often used whole and roasted to add a distinct smokey flavour to Indian dishes. This plant’s distinctive ridged brown grains and strong odour can be detected from a long distance. It’s sometimes confused with fennel, caraway, and anise seeds, but you can tell the difference in colour and flavour by looking at it (brown rather than green fennel) (smoky, as opposed to a stronger liquorice taste). Cumin is used fresh for the most intense flavour. One thing to keep in mind when dry-roasting cumin is that it burns quickly, and burnt cumin tastes bad and will be noticeable in your dish.

Mustard Seeds

Mustard seeds can be yellow, black, or brown and are used interchangeably in Indian cooking. The flavour of mustard seeds is released when they are crushed or fried in oil. Mustard oil is widely used in northern India, and its smokey, nutty flavour is a must-have in curries and curry powders. Mustard seeds are high in calcium, zinc, and dietary fibre, as well as magnesium and iron, and are good for cardiovascular health, cough and cold relief, and hair development.


Fenugreek is the spice that gives Madras curry powder its distinctive, earthy, and robust “curry” aroma. The seeds are yellowish in colour and resemble small wheat kernels. The leaves of fenugreek are also dried and used as spices (usually Kasurimethi). Kasoori Methi online have a strong odour and should be handled with care. They’re also used in traditional medicine to make fake maple syrup, which is oddly enough.

Fennel seeds

Fennel seeds have an uncanny resemblance to black liquorice seeds. It is an excellent seasoning element for Tarkas and many other Indian cuisines. They’re also used as a mouth freshener after meals. They have a pleasant aroma as well as culinary and medicinal properties. Fennel seeds can help with indigestion, bone health, and cancer prevention. They contain a lot of vitamin C.

Carom seeds

Carom seeds, also known as Ajwain, are another name for these seeds. Ajwain is a wonderful spice. The flavour is so potent that it can’t be eaten raw or uncooked. These appear to seeds, but they are actually dried fruits. Every seed contains a significant amount of thymol, giving it a flavour similar to thyme but much stronger. Monounsaturated fatty acids are abundant in ajwain. It prevents hair from greying prematurely, alleviates acidity and gas, and treats asthma and chronic cough.

Seeds of coriander

Cilantro produces seeds of coriander. The scent of coriander is lemony, with hints of green and woody undertones. It’s a popular spice in the Madras and Vindaloo regions, where it goes well with sour ingredients. They can be ground before being added to a sauce or used to flavour oil before adding other ingredients to the pan. It has excellent cooling properties and improves blood circulation in the body.

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