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Interserver Hosting Review

Interserver Hosting Evaluation

Making a website for your small business entails managing it, optimizing it for search engines, maintaining its security, and, most crucially, hosting it. It can become challenging, perplexing, and occasionally infuriating.

If you are new to website development and do not want to become overwhelmed by it or suffer a loss due to a mistake. Interserver hosting is your partner right now.

You can get several tools for your website at a moderate cost from Interserver hosting. It helps you save a lot of money, time, and effort. In this Interserver Hosting Review, we will walk you through every test we conducted to evaluate InterServer’s features and determine whether or not it lives up to its marketing claims.

Interserver Hosting Overview

  Speed From USA Server 0.7 to 1.5 sec
 Uptime 100% uptime in the past 365 days, which is excellent
 Support Via Email, Instant Live Chat, 24/7/365 Ticket Support, Facebook Chat
 Security Firewall, File scanner to detect any malicious file, Email protection, Malware scanner
 Payment Credit and Debit cards (Visa, MasterCard, American Express), Paypal Etc.
 Refund Policy 30-days Full Refund
Pricing Starting from $2.50/m
 Server Location Secaucus, NJ and Los Angeles, CA


Since 1999, Interserver has offered hosting services all over the world. As it evolved over time to incorporate the most recent technology, it has since given a variety of hosting options with a wide range of tools to pick from.

If you’re just getting started with websites, InterServer is fantastic. Most of your work becomes simple and clear as a result.

By providing you with an all-in-one experience, Interserver hosting makes it easier for you to avoid hopping between different service providers to complete your business.

The plans supplied by Interserver are quite effective, and the pricing are pretty reasonable. The uptime is almost 100%, and they offer best in class service around the clock, every day of the year. As this InterServer Review progresses, we will examine InterServer in greater detail. InterServer Website.

Interserver speed test and analysis

You’ve finally launched your website, but you haven’t noticed any changes. You looked at your uptime, the design, SEO, and everything else, but you were still unable to identify the cause of the loss.

The performance of your website can be greatly impacted by speed. So, did you check the speed of your website? We have you there, yes.

The hosting solution you choose will affect how quickly your website loads. Here, we’ll evaluate InterServer’s speed across the board to determine whether you can rely on it to provide adequate speed for your website to expand or not.


Server Response Time Interserver

One of the most important aspects in deciding how quickly your website loads is the server response time. The user experience on your site is greatly impacted by the server response time, which measures how quickly your server answers to user requests.

According to Google Core Web Fundamentals, the maximum server response time is 200 milliseconds. Your server’s response time is deemed to be great if it is less than 100ms.

Our study of InterServer’s server response time revealed a server response time that was under 100 milliseconds, and the other findings were also excellent. The maximum server response time was 59MS. We used the Bitcatcha tool to verify the server response time from several regions, including the US(W), US(E), London, Singapore, etc. The results will astound you. However, you can use liquid web hosting if you want no limitations on the number of in odes.

Test of Interserver Hosting Speed

The server speed tests demonstrate how quickly the server of your host will respond to user requests and locate the required material. Even if you create the lightest, most optimized website possible, your efforts will be for naught if the servers are slow or don’t respond as expected. This will lead to fewer page visits, a decline in conversions, and many missed sales.

When speed is taken into mind, your website won’t grow. Your website’s growth and, consequently, your business, can be badly impacted by a slow pace.

Because your server is never congested and the network is route optimised, InterServer promises to have remarkable performance. For the purpose of evaluating one of our websites hosted on

100% performance TBT (Total Blocking Time): 0ms LCP (Largest Contentful Paint): 473ms / Best LCP should be less than 2.5s A performance metric developed by Lighthouse in 2020 to gauge the perceived visual stability of a page load is called CLS (Cumulative Layout Shift), which is equal to zero.

In this InterServer Review, numerous tests were conducted to evaluate InterServer’s performance, and every one of them produced results that met our requirements for speed—that is, in the shortest amount of time.

Test of Interserver Uptime

An uptime test measures how long a server operates without being shut down or restarted. The entire amount of time that a server is operational and running is known as server uptime, which is a metric used to measure a server’s performance.

You could still lose many hours in a year by being unavailable to your clients, even if your uptime is 1% below 100%.

Similar businesses include WPX Hosting, Blue Host, Chemicloud, Kamatera, and Hostarmada. Our website, which InterServer hosts, was verified numerous times during testing using the Pingdom tool, and it almost felt as though we were receiving a 100% uptime guarantee from InterServer.

Our testing of the website over a period of 7 days revealed 0 Downtime, 0 Outages, and 100% Uptime, which is just fantastic.’s Interserver Load Handling

For load testing, we sent 30 real-time virtual visitors over the course of six minutes at an average rate of 16 requests per second, making 5272 total requests, and receiving a fantastic response time of 44 milliseconds. The outcomes for the website are very astounding.

We tested InterServer for load handling because we want you to develop, so we did. With multiple loads, your website may become sluggish, but InterServer takes care of this. To guarantee that you receive excellent speed, InterServer never permits your server to become overcrowded.

Nevertheless, we continued with the testing and obtained the great load handling results that InterServer had promised.

Security Evaluation

When you don’t take appropriate precautions, it’s incredibly typical to have your account compromised.

You simply need to take care of the bare minimum safety precautions when it comes to websites because the majority are taken care of by hosting service providers. The hosting solution handles the security-related background work.

InterServer offers a variety of tools to help Now, in the unlikely event that you lose your data as a result of an outside attack, InterInsurance has your back! You may analyse the situation, fix your website, and prevent similar occurrences in the future with the assistance of inter-insurance. Isn’t that wonderful?

In comparison to the A2Hosting servers, this is favorable. Check out my essay on A2Hosting for a comprehensive evaluation.

Interserver’s main attributes

Anything’s primary characteristics serve as the product’s highlights and outline what we may expect from it. Let’s now examine InterServer’s main characteristics, what to anticipate from it, and why it is a top option.

  • 30-day Refund: You are entitled to a refund if the plan you purchased is unsuitable for you or does not meet your needs. The policy is only valid after 30 days after purchase. Contact InterServer at with your domain name and the last four numbers of your credit card if you have questions about your plan or refund. 99.9% Uptime: The uptime of your websites is crucial because they must be accessible at all times
  • Extremely quick speed: InterServer is able to offer you extremely quick speed. A quick website is adored by all users. You have an always-fast website because InterServer never allows your server to get overloaded.
  • Renewal Rates: The majority of hosting companies have high rates of renewal. The renewal rates for InterServer are not higher. Therefore, you need not worry about InterServer’s high renewal rates once your subscription expires.
  • 70% are Migrating: The majority of users, or roughly 70% of Interserver’s users, have moved their websites to InterServer. This transition was made possible by Interserver’s speed, security, affordability, and usability.

You can now guess how trusted InterServer is by individuals all throughout the world. InterServer is very proud of the outstanding 24/7/365 service it provides across a variety of platforms.

Does Interserver Hosting Really Have the Strength Your Website Needs to Succeed?

It’s simple to start having doubts after looking at InterServer’s reasonably priced shared hosting packages. Can you truly have infinite resources, valuable add-on features, and strong security tools for just $2.50 per month? Why is there a catch?

Everything looks good on paper. With 19 years in the web hosting industry, InterServer offers a wide range of plans, including shared hosting, reseller plans, virtual private server (VPS) machines, and dedicated servers. Additionally, because InterServer’s four data centres are all in the US, users in the region may expect very fast speeds.

But I had to test it out for myself to see how it worked. I joined InterServer myself in order to learn more.

Numerous Resources, Countless Domains, and Strong Extras

Shared hosting from InterServer is available in two flavors: Windows hosting, referred to as ASP.NET, and Linux hosting, simply referred to as Standard Web Hosting. Linux hosting, which is based on the well-known cPanel control panel, offers the best performance for WordPress and other popular CMS (content management systems). On the other hand, online projects reliant on Microsoft technologies, such ASP.NET or MSSQL, nearly exclusively employ Windows hosting.

I paid $2.50 for the Linux-based Standard Web Hosting plan in order to conduct this review. Although it has many fascinating features, the unrestricted resource availability takes precedence.

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