iPhone 6s Battery Replacement: Tips to Help Find Right Shop

The aging battery can affect the performance of your iPhone 6s. You will have to charge it frequently. And, one day, your device will not turn on. A dead battery does not mean your iPhone 6s has also become an expensive junk piece. You can visit a repair shop for iPhone 6s battery replacement and ensure that your device works again. 


In recent years, there has been a significant increase in the number of iPhone users in India; due to that, plenty of third-party shops for iPhone repair have mushroomed. Plenty, however, is not always good news. It can complicate the decision-making process. You will find it tough to choose the right one. Here are a few tips that can help you find the right shop for iPhone battery replacement. 


Contact iPhone users 


When your iPhone 6s battery begins to drain faster than usual, contact your friends, colleagues, or family members who also use iPhone. Seek their recommendations for a reliable and safe repair shop for the iPhone 6s battery replacement. They are most likely to let you know the names of the shops that do quality repair and the ones you need to avoid. 


Online reviews and ratings 


Online reviews and ratings, usually posted by customers, are powerful sources of information. They let you know both the pros and cons of visiting an iPhone repair shop. You, however, have to be careful about the reviews posted by trolls and a shop’s employees. Once you ignore them, you get to know the real picture – whether the iPhone repair shop really offers quality services or not. It is best to consider visiting the one that has received the largest number of positive reviews and high ratings. 


Dig Up Information


You also need to gather information yourself, to determine whether a third-party iPhone repair shop can be trusted or not. Most reputable shops have websites. Check their content on benefits, advantages, parts, price, turnaround time, and warranty. Consider contacting a shop if its site tells you that it is a well-established one, uses genuine parts, does an iPhone battery replacement job within 24 hours and at a reasonable cost, and offers a warranty.


Call Customer Support  for iPhone 6s Battery Replacement


Also, call the customer support of a repair shop and ask the executives a few questions. These questions should be related to the experience of technicians, use of genuine parts, estimated repair cost, and how much time it will take to replace the battery. It is best not to visit a shop that hesitates to answer your questions.     


If you find that a reputable shop for iPhone 6s battery replacement is far away from your place, check if it offers pickup and drop-off service. Such a service makes high-quality iPhone repairs easily accessible. You do not have to step out of your house to get your phone battery replaced. Someone from the shop will come to your place to pick your iPhone. After the new battery is installed, the person will again visit you and return your phone.

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