Japanese Pokemon Rare Promo Card – Which Should I Buy?

Japanese Pokemon Rare Promo Card - Which Should I Buy?

As you probably all know  Japanese Pokemon originated in Japan. Hence the oldest and rarest Pokemon cards came from Japan. 

This is a very interesting and difficult question. The answer to why you are buying the card really depends. Are you buying cards for your personal collection, selling them for a profit sometime in the future, or using them in a Pokemon game?

For those of you who are looking to collect rare Japanese pokemon cards for sale in your own personal collection, it is a good idea to choose which cards are best for you. Japanese   Pokemon promo cards are much nicer than in the US.

These are more beautifully designed, have more details, and don’t have the yellow border of a cheap look like the Coast US Pokemon Card Wizard. But, my personal opinion and choice are entirely yours. Cards like your choice I think you should collect.

The answer is simple for collectors who want to buy Pokemon cards for sale in the hope of making a profit later. Buy the old Japanese Pokemon Trophy promo card. These cards are what really hold their value. Like a baseball card, the older the card, the more valuable it will usually be.

 Old, rare Japanese Pokemon promo cards are becoming harder to find and prices are skyrocketing

Take the all-time rare Pokemon card, for example, Pikachu Illustrator. -10-10 years ago one of these was for sale for about 000 000,000.

Now, you are lucky if you can buy one of these beautiful gems for less than $ 25,000 (currently there is one on eBay for $ 32,500). Other rare Japanese Pokemon cards such as the Pikachu Trophy Card, the SSB (Super Secret Battle) Mewtwo, and the Tropical Mega Battle Executor Card have all gone up in price. You would be able to find these cards for around 3000, but now they are around $ 7000 each. Prices will continue to rise over time, as they are getting harder and harder to find, especially in the case of mint.

Trophy cards were produced in such limited quantities and they were made before anyone really knew about Pokemon cards, so they are extremely difficult to find. The new Pokemon cards are nice, but they don’t look as attractive as the old ones. Also much more product than the classic.

Finally, I have very little advice for those of you who want to use Pokemon cards for real Pokemon games. Due to changes in the new rules of Pokemon games, using Japanese Pokemon cards in tournaments is becoming harder and harder. 

It now appears that Japanese cards will be completely banned from playing the tournament in the next few years. Of course, they’re still great to collect, because they’re much nicer than in the United States. But if you want to use them in tournaments, it’s not great.

When I was younger Japan was obviously not selling video games but they were writing plays as well as making animations. And that’s what little America got I had to love even a little girl. At first, there was Ultraman.

The monsters were horrible

Ultraman himself was a hero but very ugly, and it was pure good versus evil. Monsters came from outer space and Ultraman saved humanity from them. I remember a cute monster that was the size of a small person and covered with long curly hair (hard to explain). But even that monster, though desirable, was quite ugly.

My generation quite understood that monsters should be ugly. Pokemon seem to lack monster hormones or something else in them. Just to mention it, there was also Speed   Racer (great story- who could forget Spreadal and Chim Chim- and who was Racer X actually?). The Mac5 path was great. No little girl would like that? Ash can’t hold a candle at speed!

Anyway, Pokemon is cool and time and taste have changed

It seems that we are living in an age where morality, good, evil. Heroism is much more obscure than our ‘simple’ children. We just wanted to see the bad guy get it – the monsters don’t fight it in the tournament. Perhaps nowadays children are more sophisticated.

As a science fiction fan, I know that I think Pokemon has potential. Although they will probably alienate their audience by capitalizing on it.

About Pokemon Vivid Voltage Booster Box:

It is based on Pokemon Sword and Shield, including Generation VIII Pokemon. And focuses on Mouse Pokemon Pikachu and its Giganta Max Form. The set will feature Amazing Pokemon, a new type of card featuring Legendary Pokemon and Legendary Pokemon.

The English extension release on November 13, 2020, and the Japanese extension release on September 18, 2020. A Vivid voltage booster box is a combination of a Japanese equivalent set and a legendary heartbeat subset.

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