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Know the benefits of Kybella treatment

Kybella might be the solution you need for your double chin problem. Once deoxycholic acid is injected into the double chin, it dissolves all the fat cells- the acid exists in your body. Thus, it will cause no harm to your body cells, tissues and muscles. The body gets rid of them through metabolism. Kybella Beverly Hills will help you with the journey to a perfect chin.
Kybella has plenty of benefits. The major one is that the double chin will disappear. Stay tuned.

Fast and Easy

Kybella, Beverly Hills team, handles each patient individually. Thus, you get a custom treatment depending on your skin type and double chin condition. A consultation helps to get an estimate of the sessions you need and an overall cost.
One session needs a maximum of 25 minutes. The esthetician injects the fat layer with tiny needles. Sometimes, the process will be handled by a non-medic- but they are trained to handle injections.

Minimally Invasive

Several double chin treatments involve needles and blades. However, Kybella Beverly hills give a less invasive treatment. Kybella injections will only need tiny needles to prick through your skin. Other options may provide lower customer satisfaction and leave you with a wound.

Permanent Method to Remove Fats

You can trace deoxycholic acid in your body. It’s mainly found near or on the stomach area. Also, its main work is to dissolve fat cells. When you use deoxycholic acid in the Kybella treatment, it dissolves the fat cells under the chin. Several sessions will ensure all fat cells are dissolved.

No Downtime

As seen earlier, Kybella treatments are not invasive. Thus, they leave your skin intact- you can barely notice the injection marks. Thus, you can go on with normal activities after your treatment.
Minor side effects may only need some OTC drugs. Otherwise. All the other effects will fade with time.


Esthetician uses tiny needles at Kybella Beverly hills. The needles help to distribute the serum evenly. However, you may feel some pricking as the treatment proceeds. That’s why the esthetician will use some numbing cream to prevent any pain.

You Get a Youthful Look

A sagging fat layer under the chin makes one appear old. When you get kybella treatment, the chin will shrink to the desired size. The outcome will be a youthful look. Also, the treatment is affordable. Thus, you can save yourself from name-calling through Kybella.

Gentle and Safe

Once the FDA approves a drug or method of treatment, you know you are safe to use them. Thus, feel free to use Kybella as FDA approves it.
The chemical in kybella is synthetic. However, it has the same formula as one in your body. Thus, it will not harm your body cells.

High Patient Satisfaction

Every treatment method should leave a patient happy. Kybella Beverly Hills offers treatments that are painless and affordable. Also, the results are desirable. Many patients recommend their family and friends for a Kybella treatment. It’s an indication that they are happy with the results.

Liposuction Alternative

Liposuction has several alternatives. However, only a few offer similar results. Kybella gets rid of all fat cells. Also, the far deposit doesn’t re-occur if you maintain a healthy lifestyle. Also, you’ll not need some downtime with kybella as you’ll need some with lipo.


You’ll get the best treatment for double chin at Kybella Beverly Hills. The method offers permanent results at a low cost. It’s better than surgery in terms of price and results. The short time in the treatment room reduces the need for booking an appointment.

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