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Know The Pros And Cons Before You Move Into An HOA 

An HOA is a community of various homeowners being part of a particular association and enjoying certain amenities. Anyone who has ever lived in one knows all about the good and the bad sides of it. If you want to move to an HOA, you may want to look at the pros and cons first to make sure you make an informed decision. 

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Pros of moving into an HOA

  • Access to various amenities. 

Getting easy access to amenities near your house can be one of the best benefits of living in an HOA. HOAs have all sorts of things you can enjoy, such as gyms, pools, basketball courts, clubhouses, conference halls, etc. You pay a one-time fee during monthly fee collection and get the freedom to use the services for the rest of the month as many times as you want. 

  • Increased property value. 

When you purchase a house in an HOA, you can be assured that your property value won’t go down. Or rather, the HOA board won’t let your property value decrease. HOAs are very strict regarding the maintenance of the houses. 

  • HOA resolves disputes. 

If you ever get fed up with your neighbor’s activities, you can directly file a complaint to the board, and they will resolve the issue for you. They will see to it that everyone follows the rules and regulations of the HOA. 

Cons of moving into an HOA

  • Limitations of property changes. 

This may sound upsetting, but when you live in an HOA, you may not be allowed to make the changes you want in your house. For example, if you want to paint your house bright pink, the board may not allow it because it compromises the community’s curb appeal. 

  • Assessments. 

Living in an HOA comes with its own costs. The HOA collects monthly fees or assessments from homeowners for maintenance of amenities and other purposes. The bigger and better the HOA is, the greater is the fees. 

  • Less privacy. 

If you have seen an HOA community, you might know that the houses are either very close or practically touch each other. Therefore, privacy might become a concern here. In fact, your neighbor may even be able to hear you talk in your own house. 

There are advantages and disadvantages in everything, whether you decide to live in an HOA or not. However, the pros of living an HOA definitely seem to outweigh the cons. In the end, it is about your personal choice. 

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