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Know the Pros and Cons of Using Wigs

Know the Pros and Cons of Using Wigs

If you talk about wigs, they are the head of hair normally made from synthetic materials or natural human hair. The word wig comes from the word Periwig that first appeared in 1675 in the English language.

 Surprisingly, wigs are versatile and offer more purposes than you can think of. They can be used as a makeup accessory just for a fun change of style sometimes, they are used after religious rituals in many cultures after cutting or shaving one’s natural hair. Besides that, actors do wear costume wigs to portray characters in film or theatre to perfection. But most importantly, and generally, people use wigs like kinky straight clip-ins to disguise hair thinning or hair loss.

The demand for human hair wigs has surpassed the demand for synthetic wigs in recent times. But it is all subjective, and a matter of personal choice as both have their own pros and cons. So let’s explore them both in a bit more detail.

Synthetic Wigs

Synthetic wigs make use of artificial fibers that can be either handmade or machine-made. They are usually created on a base of the lace. They are usually sent by NHS for patients undergoing chemotherapy or for clients with hair loss problems.


  •         In comparison to natural human hair wigs, these are relatively inexpensive
  •         They hold their style quite well, and this ultimately eliminates the need to style them daily
  •         No dying is required for synthetic fibers as they hold their color permanently
  •         They come in a wide variety of colors, and if you love experimenting, then it’s time to play with fun colors. Synthetic wigs take deep and vibrant colors and don’t fade away easily with time. So now you can get any hair color any time


  •         Synthetic wigs need to be washed carefully, though not when on the head. It becomes important to follow the after-care guidelines as you can’t treat synthetic hair like your own natural hair
  •         Synthetic hair offers an unnatural shine to it, and appears more like a doll’s hair
  •         Synthetic hair strands can easily get burned. Therefore, be careful with heat while using a hairdryer, as you just can’t use straightening irons or curling tongs
  •         They do not offer a perfect fitting unless you pay for them to be custom made as per your head’s measurement
  •         They are likely to have too much volume, making them appear unrealistic

Human Hair Wigs

They are made of harvested human hair. This is why they look, act and move like your own hair. When it comes to making natural hair wigs, Indian and Chinese hair are commonly used. However, European hair and Virgin Russian hair are often used in the process. It’s all about what suits your budget and how realistic you want your hair to appear. Apparently, Russian Virgin hair makes the best hair that one can buy if you are high on budget. You can even check out pre-stretched kanekalon hair. Take a look at what you should consider when getting a real hair wig.


  •         Natural human hair, as the name, says it all, are made using real hair so it can be very natural looking
  •         You can easily treat them like your own hair. By this, we mean you can actually use various styling products, styling tools, and hair dye on these wigs to achieve the desired look.
  •         Besides looking natural, the hair is real and hence, feels extremely soft in texture when you touch them or wave your fingers through them.
  •         Just like your own hair, you can wash these natural hair wigs and brush them just like your own natural hair.
  •         Natural human hair wigs do not have an issue of breakage
  •         Moreover, they add amazing volume and length to your never growing hair while giving a natural appeal as if it’s your own hair.


  •         They are more expensive in comparison to synthetic wigs, especially if you are buying a bespoke one. However, they are definitely worth your investment in terms of longevity and natural appearance of the wig.
  •         Natural human hair wigs don’t retain the color for very long and that well as synthetic wigs. Just like your own hair, they react to the environment and prolonged exposure to heat and sunlight can damage them. Also, just like your natural hair become more brittle, have break ends, and dries with regular hair coloring, human hair wigs quality can also be affected if repeatedly dyed.
  •         You need to style human hair wigs regularly, almost daily, just like real hair, or at least every time you wash your hair. To maintain the natural luster and vitality, you’ll have to shampoo and condition them regularly, exactly like you do with your own hair.
  • These were the pros and cons of synthetic hair and natural human hair wigs. Now when you know in detail about them, making the right choice won’t be that overwhelming. It’s time to get a perfect wig for yourself.

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