Get ready to have a complete detail regarding Kumrat Valley tour packages! Kumrat Valley is a great place to go on vacation if you want to see mountains, rivers, and forests all in one place. It has a beautiful view, nice weather, and hotels that aren’t too expensive.

Well, it is in the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KPK) province of Pakistan, which is known for its natural beauty, like many other tourist spots. Every year, this destination has grabbed the attention of many tourists from all over the world for whom this place is not less than a paradise.

Are you ready to visit Kumrat Valley?



The best time to go to Kumrat trip to see all of its beauty is in the summer. This is because the average temperature in the summer is 20°C, but the nights are cooler.

The alpine climate makes it cold even in the summer, making it one of the best places to spend your summer. It also gets between 100 and 250 mm of monsoon rain.

During the winter, the temperature can drop to as low as -10°C after a 10-foot snowfall. Even though the snow-covered forest, mountains, and frozen river are beautiful to look at, getting to Kumrat is hard because the government hasn’t built enough facilities.

Tourists can plan trip to kumrat valley from April to September. The busiest time is from June to August, when tens of thousands of people come to see this beautiful valley.


In the valley, Kumrat gives you many ways to spend quality time, such as:

  •         Trekking
  •         Camping
  •         Bonfire
  •         Fishing for trout
  •         Rafting

The best thing in kumrat valley is that you can do is go trekking and hiking in the forests, on the mountains, toward a glacier or a lake. This could be the most amazing, mesmerizing, and interesting hiking you’ve ever done.

Another great thing to do is catch trout and cooks them on a woods fire while listening to your favourite music. In Kumrat Valley, you can also have a great time by making a fire at night or just looking at the stars or the Milky Way.

If you bring your own raft, you can also go white-water rafting on the river Panjkora, which will make this trip even more memorable.

You can also hike from Do Kala Chasma to the beautiful Katora Lake, which is in the upper part of Kumrat Valley.

In Kumrat Valley, there are a lot of magnificent waterfalls that are just out of this world. Just being able to sit there and have a cup of tea makes the trip worthwhile.

Even if you play sports in Jahaz Banda Meadows, it will be a once-in-a-lifetime event that you won’t forget. Everywhere in the valley is a great place to take pictures and videos to remember this amazing kumrat valley trip with family.


Kumrat Valley is just starting to become a popular travel destination, so there aren’t many hotels or restaurants there yet. One example is the Hotel Green Hills, which is in the Main Bazar of Thall, which is the main entrance to Kumrat.

Tourists in Kumrat Valley can rent tents from the Sarina Tent Hotel. If you don’t have camping gear, you don’t have to worry because you can get them after a fair deal.

In Thall, you can buy cookies, cold drinks, tea, snacks, mineral water, and food. During peak season, you can also get these things in Kumrat Valley, but to make the most of your stay, you should try cooking your own food.

It will be an amazing experience to buy a goat from a local villager and cook it in a traditional way, like by barbecuing or fishing.


The Upper Dir District of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa is where the beautiful Kumrat Valley is found. It is the last border of Dir Kohistan and has a lot of small villages.

You can get to Kumrat Valley by driving on Dir Chitral Road until you get to Sweet Water Dir Upper. From there, you can go to Kalkot and then Thall. Kumrat Valley is the next stop after Thall. Hiring kumrat valley tour guide services can help you better to locate this destination.

Since the roads aren’t in good shape, you can only get there with a four-wheel drive vehicle. You can go for jeeps or cars for rent to get there.


Yes, it is! You can visit this destination at any time of the year without any hassle. Although the roads are in little bit bad condition which can make the journey tiring for you! But don’t worry! The final destination after a long journey is worth to experience!


Q1: How to reach Kumrat Valley tour packages?

How to reach Kumrat Valley tour packages

A: The nearest airport is at Leh. You can take a bus or taxi to reach the hotel. The bus leaves from the bus station in Leh while the taxi can be booked on the day of your arrival.

Q2: What is included in the package?

A: The packages include accommodation at guesthouses, meals, transfers and sightseeing tours.

Q3: What are the activities that I can do during my stay?

A: During your stay in Kumaon you will be taken on a sightseeing tour around Kumrat Valley, visiting several famous places such as Pindara Fort, Chaurikharka Temple and Batalikot Temple etc. You will also have time to explore on your own during the day or relax by reading a book or watching TV if you wish so. During your stay you will also be taken for horse riding which is included in our packages. You can also opt for other activities like river rafting or bird watching if you desire so!

Q. What are the best seasons to visit KUMRAT VALLEY?

A. The best time to visit KUMRAT VALLEY is during the winter months, which are between November and February. In this period you can enjoy the beautiful snow-laden mountains, which are covered in snow for most of the season.

Q. What is the weather like in KUMRAT VALLEY?

A. The average temperature in summer is around 24 degrees Celsius, while it drops to 0 degrees Celsius in winter. If you are planning to visit the valley during winter, then make sure that you bring enough warm clothes and clothing accessories along with you for your trip!

How long is the tour?

The tour will take you around 2-3 hours, depending on your interests and how much time you want to spend in each location.

What is the weather like during the day?

The average temperature for this area is 45 degrees Fahrenheit, but it can be much hotter during the summer months! There are also plenty of trees and foliage that will help to block out some of the sun during these times. If you’re visiting during wintertime, expect cold temperatures and snowfall.

What is the weather like at night?

It can get chilly at night in this region; however, it does not usually dip below freezing! If there has been rain recently, expect muddy roads and sidewalks when walking around town at night (so wear appropriate shoes!). The stars are amazing here as well; if it’s clear enough outside you’ll be able to see them twinkling above your head!

What is the location of Kumrat Valley?

Kumrat Valley is located in the mountainous region of Uttarakhand, which is one of the most beautiful places in India. It’s located at an elevation of around 4000 ft.

What are the weather conditions in Kumrat Valley?

Kumrat Valley has a moderate climate with cold winters and cool summers. The best time to visit this place is between October and February when it’s not too cold or too hot.

What are the hotels available for stay in Kumrat Valley?

There are only two hotels available for stay in Kumrat Valley, namely Snow World Hotel & Resort and Hotel Snowland Kidz. Both hotels offer amazing facilities like swimming pools, spas, restaurants and bars etc; which makes them popular among tourists who are looking for some fun during their vacation time.

Q: Where is KUMRAT VALLEY in terms of location?

A: KUMRAT VALLEY is situated at the foothills of the Himalayas, close to the border with China. It is located at an altitude of 4,848 metres (15,940 feet). Also visit dubai best food streets.


KUMRAT VALLEY is one of the most beautiful places in Rajasthan. It is also known as Kumari Ka Talab. The valley is located on the Jodhpur-Jaipur Highway, about 40 kilometers from Jodhpur, and it is named after a statue of Kumari, one of the wives of Maharaja Man Singh II of Amber. The area consists of three small villages: Sohagpur, Kumhariya and Pachpadra.

Q: How much does a tour cost?

A: Prices vary depending on where you go and what kind of accommodations you want to book. You can expect to pay around Rs 1,000 for a day trip from Delhi and Rs 3,000 for a two-night stay at a resort in Manali. If you want more amenities like hot water and AC during your stay, prices go up significantly.

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