Talking about all the new trends in the market, one thing that remained unchanged is definitely the Kolhapuri Chappal. Some traditional chappal caught our eye and we immediately thought we needed to discuss the new designs in detail. Who does not love to go carry different footwear according to the occasion? Let’s dive in and have a look at all the things related to ladies chappal.

Regardless of how stunning your outfit is it will constantly look inadequate in the event that not brought together with the right sort of footwear. Footwear has a significant influence with regards to dressing up. Be it a relaxed get-to-gather or a casual occasion that you need to join in. Footwear is truly significant to upgrade your look. There are a variety of sorts of footwear. Among them a very famous kind of footwear is Kolhapuri Chappal.



  • Festive Wear
  • Casual
  • Solid Style
  • Basic

The Chappal is an extremely well-known hand-made footwear ever. They have been since our grandparent’s time and after such a long time it is still in the fashion game. Kolhapuri Chappal is made utilizing leather. Kolhapuri Chappal is not only loved by people in rural areas. In fact it is quite famous in urban part of the country too. The pattern of Kolhapuri is extremely old and until this point in time, it has been on the top rundown when we discuss footwear.

As the name shows, Kolhapuri Chappal was consolidated in India. In a town named Kolhapur yet it isn’t restricted to that as it were. At first in previous eras, people used to cover their feet with leaves and barks of trees. However after a long time they began to utilize leather and that is when Kolhapuri appeared. Kolhapuri Chappal has been popular from one side of the world to the other. Everybody in various areas of the world genuinely adores them. Kolhapuri Chappal for women has an enormous assortment that you can browse. They add many-sided specifying to chappal that makes it look classy yet trendy to wear. We have different designs and varieties available in Chappal and you can pick as per what you like.

The fact that Chappal is hand tailored with leather makes it very durable. They are even waterproof to a degree. They are made with hand sewing and consequently are really long lasting. Ladies Kolhapuri is somewhat not the same as men Chappal. The front of women Kolhapuri is a narrow shaped structure and the chappal has a ton of detail.

All you need to Know about Kolhapuri Chappal

As indicated before Kolhapuri’s are made with leather hence they are really comfortable. In light of the fact that they basically take the shape of your foot. Moreover you can undoubtedly carry it and it would constantly protect your feet from any danger. You can style a Chappal on various outfits on various events. Kolhapuri Chappal is suitable to wear in the hot summer season as they give a cool touch to your feet. There are a ton of assortments available in Kolhapuri with some exceptional detailing. You can discover some premium zari and thread detailing with hand work embroideries on the kolhapuri chappal.

The right sets of footwear really changes your styling game so consistently select footwear that is in vogue and adaptable. It will help you create numerous various looks on different events. Let’s discuss different types of Chappal to know more about it.

Basic Chappal

If we talk about the initial times of Kolhapuri Chappal, the first chappal was the most basic footwear handcrafted with leather. At first kolhapuri chappal was only available in tan brown color with no stone or embroidery detailing. Whenever I see chappal so the first thing that pops in my mind is the memories of my late grandmother who loved wearing chappal.

The Kolhapuri Chappals were at first found in earthy brown leather color. However, with the progression of time, these chappals have gone through various new patterns and styles. In recent times they have made it for individuals with various variations as well. You can find chappals in a wide range of varieties nowadays. Ranging from dark, white, red, yellow, blue, and green, and, surprisingly, more, choices are available.

Festive Wear Kolhapuri Chappal

There is an immense collection with regards to festive wear Kolhapuri chappal. Beforehand, Kolhapuri’s were just available in local markets. However with the changing patterns and the demand for kolhapuri a ton of designer brands have now presented chappals. Fashion brands have incorporated stones and embellishments in Kolhapuri Chappal to make it look a true festive wear.

White and Black Kolhapuri chappal

Who doesn’t love to own a footwear that goes well with every single outfit? Well, if you are looking for some timeless footwear to carry at multiply occasions then this black kolhapuri chappal is definitely a must have in your collection. Have a look at the premium detailing this has to offer. The mirror work on the toe of chappal along with fully embellished pati featuring pearls, stones, zari, threadwork and lace. Complete the overall look of the chappal.

Black kolhapuri chappal

Here is one more design of festive kolhapuri that will totally game your fashion game. If you are dressing up for a mehndi event and can’t decide what kind of footwear to opt for. Then this gorgeous antique work kolhapuri chappal will do it all for you. The turquoise colored stone in the middle of the pati is definitely a stellar, the copper sequin work with a touch of dabka is truly a must have in your footwear collection.

Solid Style Chappal

Solid style has been so in fashion these days. Be it about a solid dress, a solid bag or a solid pair of chappal everything looks so on point and makes you look super trendy. There is nothing better than having a solid style chappal that you carry on various outfits. Style a one tone outfit with a solid style to give a chic and trendy look. Matching your shoes with your outfit looks so stunning and give you all the stylish vibes you need.

red and white kolhapuri chappal

Casual Kolhapuri Chappal

Kolhapuri chappal isn’t just suitable with desi clothes, however, you can never go wrong with kolhapuri matched with western wear. They look very cool when brought together with a western outfit. So, there is positively no footwear that praises your ethnic look the way Kolhapuri chappal does. Match it up with a kurta, churidar, or a long dress and you are prepared to slay. You can finish your look with a classy. It will give all the ethnic vibes making you look very exquisite.

Casual Kolhapuri Chappal is versatile as it can be paired up with a variety of outfits. In addition to that it would always make you look updated with the fashion trends. If you are a working women and you are looking for some comfortable piece of footwear, then, you should definitely consider kolhapuri chappal as they are easy to carry and pretty durable. The kolhapuri chappal enhances the overall look and reflect the perfect kind of traditional vibes that you are looking for.

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