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Life-Changing Benefits of Hijama: Perfections for You in Health Style

Herbs are medicinal plants that use to cure and prevent any diseases. Herbs have many effects like anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory etc. Hijama or cupping therapy is an old form of alternative medicine. Special cups inserted on the skin to create suction. Benefits of hijama are; help with inflammation, pain, blood flow, relaxation and well-being. It is a deep type of massage. Cupping therapy is s safe treatment. We can go to nay trained professional to get the therapy. Hijama also has some side effects on the skin parts where cups touch your skin, such as burns, mild comfort, etc.

1. Hijama therapy

Hijama therapy is one of the alternative therapies that are originally from China. This process is doing by placing cups on the skin to create suction on the specific part of the body. It helps in the healing process with blood flow. Hijama therapy is also beneficial for the flow of qi in the body. It is originates from the Chinese word, and it means ‘life force’. A Taoist alchemist and herbalist, Ge Hong, first practiced cupping. Cupping therapy has been helping balance negative and positive within the human body. When we restore balance between these two extremes, the state is thought to help with its ability and the body resistance to pathogens. Moreover, it helps increase the flow of blood which helps to reduces pain.

It was performing by using animal horns in ancient times. Then later, cups made from bamboo and then ceramic. The suction is creating on the skin through the use of heat. The blood circulation increases when cups are placing. It helps to relieve muscle tension, improves overall blood flow, and then promotes cell repair. The benefits of hijama therapy are that it helps form new connective tissues and create new blood vessels. Cups are heating with fire and then applied to the skin. When the cups get cooled, the cups drew inside the skin. The best hijama center me is ‘Ajmal Dawakhana’

2. Types of Cupping Therapy

In the modern cupping method, glass cups are round like balls and open on one end.

Following are the two main categories of cupping therapy:

  • Dry cupping: this method involves the only suction process
  • Wet cupping: It involves both controlled medicinal bleeding and suction

3. Conditions to use Cupping therapy

Hijama or cupping therapy is uses to treat many disorders, especially lungs like:

  • Cough
  • Asthma
  • Bronchial congestion

Also traditionally used for:

  • Pain management
  • Digestive problems
  • Paralysis

Cupping therapy is primarily used in China to find benefits in conditions like depression, back pain, high blood pressure, arthritis, diabetes, insomnia, gout, fertility, acne, eczema, etc. there are many benefits of hijama for ladies like helps in relieving the period’s pain, Menopause problems, and fertility related issues.

4. Side Effects of Cupping Therapy

Following are the side effects of using hijama or cupping therapy:

The cupping method can cause marks on the skin. Because bringing blood to the surface and can cause bruises.

This therapy is not beneficial for all treatments. Bleeding disorders such as hemophilia, patients treated with anticoagulants. For them cupping may not be the best option for treatment. Cupping therapy should not performed on active inflammation skin sites such as burns, infections, and open wounds. Moderate discomfort acts as stagnation removed and loosened muscles and connective tissues. Hakeem herbal and physicians should be fully trained so that it does not cause any server side effect.

5. Amazing Benefits of Hijama Therapy

Following are the hijama benefits:

5.1 Faster Relief from Pain:

This therapy helps to relieve pain caused due to lower back pain, arthritis etc. Other kinds of pain can also treated by cupping therapy like dental pain, muscle pain, sciatica pain, migraine, headache, etc. With the help of concerned joints, cupping done with arthritis. This therapy increases mobility and blood circulation. Therefore it is an effective treatment for different conditions like stiff neck, lumbago, and shoulders.

5.2 Get rid of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome:

We get little time for rest and rejuvenation in this fast-paced world. Even If we are in a state of physical rest, we are mentally overloaded with many distractions like laptops, mobile phones etc. All of these conditions can lead us to chronic syndromes. It can be a long term form of fatigue. Cupping therapy is an effective treatment for these conditions.

5.3 Relief from Lung Diseases:

For lung diseases like asthma, pleurisy, bronchial congestion, and chronic cough, Hijama therapy is very effective.

5.4 One of the best benefits of Hijama; Keeping your Skin Healthy:

Whatever is happening inside your body reflects the health of your skin. Hijama therapy works by improving the blood flow to the skin and helps increase the oxygen supply which is important for nutrients skin requires for staying healthy. It helps to reduce the recurrence of acne and other diseases like cellulite. This therapy also helps to expand the blood vessels for better blood flow and removes poisonous substances from the skin surface.

5.5 Relieving Digestive Problems:

Hijama therapy helps to relieve many problems related to the digestive tract caused by malnutrition, chronic stress.

5.6 Healing Urinary Diseases:

Hijama therapy can used for the treatment of many diseases like urine retention and kidney stones. For example, by applying the cups to the lumbar region, urinary retention can treated.

5.7 A way of Relaxation:

It is a deep form of massage that provides relaxation to your body and mind. The creation of energy and blood flow due to cupping is a good form of relaxation.

5.8 Faster Healing by Hijama therapy:

For the parts of the body that needs healing, the process of cupping increase the blood flow. The recovery can made rapidly by increase the level of energy and blood flow. It is a very relieving experience. For all most every person, this therapy is a good experience.


We have countless benefits of cupping or hijama therapy. As Muslims, Islam encourages us to use this therapy for the treatment of diseases. Cupping therapy is an old way of treating many conditions. This therapy also has some side effects, but that can neglected when we do it with proper training.

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