Lipsticks vs Lip-glosses – How can you distinguish between them with the help of packaging boxes?

Many people confuse lip-gloss with lipsticks because they have similar packaging. But these two are not to be confused together because they have very different textures and a very different formula.

Ingredients used in the production of lipsticks and lip-glosses:

Lipsticks are mostly made up of waxes, solidifiers, diluent oils, and colorants. Previously lipsticks only came in bullet forms and had tendency to dry out the lips. But now different textured lipsticks are available in the market. Which gives a matte, glossy or shiny feel to the lips. They also come in different forms like you can see that liquid lipsticks are widely available in the market and are used by the majority of women. Other than that sheer-lipsticks, semi-matte lipsticks, cream lipsticks, tinted balms etc. are the new variations in lipsticks.

Lipsticks are highly pigmented and give a long-lasting color to the lips. The number of hours which lipstick will last on your lips is usually written on the packaging and greatly depends on the formula that was used for its manufacturing. However, lipsticks do have a downfall which is that they are not very moisturizing and can tend to make the lips dry if it is left on for a longer period of time.

Whereas, lip-gloss are made up of natural oils which give a moisturizing feel to the lips. Lip-glosses usually give a very sticky, shiny, and wet feel to the lips. Sometimes texture of the lip-glosses can get very sticky due to which not much preference is given to them. Also, these are used for giving a nice tint and shine to your lips. They do not give full-on color, therefore, are not usually preferred by women. Lip-glosses are more of a girl’s thing therefore their wide usage is amongst teenage girls.

Distinguish packaging of lip-gloss boxes from lipstick boxes:

The packaging of cusotm boxes for lip gloss and lipsticks is the same because they are usually packed in glass or tube-like bottles. However, the outer cardboard packaging is usually different so that it is easy for the customers to distinguish between the lip-glosses and the lipsticks.

The most important part of distinguishing lip-glosses from the lipsticks is that, on the package you clearly mention whether it is a lip-gloss or a lipstick. In addition to that, since the ingredients of both these beauty products are also different therefore it is important that the packaging clearly mentions all the ingredients.

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Attractive Packaging boxes:

Now that we have discussed what necessary information should be written on the packaging. It is time that we also discuss how to make a beautiful packaging that will attract customers at first glance. The number of sales and the recognition of the brand amongst the customers all depends on the type of packaging you provide them with. For making attractive packaging you can either use your own creative imagination. And hire designers to do the job for you.

How to create a visually-pleasing packaging?

The main thing which should be focused on is that the theme of your packaging boxes should be in accordance with the theme of your products. Coherency between the product and the packaging is extremely important. The box packaging should not be of completely different designs and colors when compared to the product packaging. They should give a ‘put-together’ look but it should be kept in mind that altogether the product packaging should not give a ‘too much’ look.

  • Pick the colors wisely:

For creating perfect packaging, it is very important that you pick the colors of your packaging box wisely. For instance, the product has a mix of different colors like pink, purple and black. With such color coordination, in my opinion, white, black, lavender or any light shade of pink would look nice. And if you ask me, other colors like orange, yellow, or dark blue will not really go with the packaging.

  • Be creative and unique with your designs:

If you have hired a designer for creating your brands packaging. Then it is their responsibility to create a packaging which is unique and creative. The purpose of the packaging is to give the brand its own exclusive recognition.

  • Use of simple design:

Using a simple design for your packaging box is very important. This is because a lavishly designed box might not be very practical to use for children as well adults. Also, a simple design with just the right information and details would be good and easy to understand for the customer and would always be a better option than the having a packaging which is too crowded with the details.



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