Marble vs. Quartz Kitchen Countertop, which is Better?

Marble and quart are one of the most popular materials for kitchen countertops. These natural stones are elegant, versatile and functional for kitchen spaces. The popularity of marble also extends to marble tiles, a preferred flooring option among homeowners.  

Let’s take a close look at both of these natural stones and compare them! 


Both marble and quartz countertops are aesthetically pleasing 

Marble is a natural stone that comes in a variety of colours and patterns. Since it is found in nature, each and every slab of marble is distinct from the other. This can be great news for homeowners because their marble countertops will be truly unique.  

However, these marble tiles do not come in uniform colours and patterns, so be prepared for a distinct look.  


Quartz is a human-made material that comes in a wide range of styles and colours. Since the Quartz kitchen countertop slabs are made by humans, a cohesive and consistent look is guaranteed. The homeowners will still get unique and mesmerizing quartz countertops in a greater number of colours.  

White quartz countertops are one of the most popular slabs as they closely resemble marble.  


Generally, quartz countertops are more durable 

Marble is a strong material that has been historically used to beautify structures around the world. But it is also a fact that marble is porous and is prone to stains.  

Especially from liquids like lemon juice, vinegar, wine, etc. Sealing of the marble countertop is required to reduce the chances of stains. 


On the other hand, quartz countertops are much more durable as compared to marble. They last longer than marble does and work great as kitchen tabletops.  

Moreover, quartz kitchen countertops are resistant to stains and do not require sealing as well. They won’t chip or break away easily as they are non-porous.  


Marble countertops are expensive compared to quartz 

Marble and quartz countertops vary a lot in cost. It is a natural stone well-known for its elegance. Since it is obtained from nature, the availability is limited. This is a prime reason behind the high cost of marble countertops, especially white kitchen countertops.  

Moreover, the cost also depends on the type and colour of the marble. Because some of the marble can be super expensive.  


Whereas quartz countertops are engineered stone surfaces composed of crushed quartz crystals and resin. They offer more uniform patterns and colours, are highly durable, and require minimal maintenance. Quartz is a cost-effective countertop option in comparison to marble. With quartz kitchen countertops one gets a wide range of options with added durability.  

Marble is a luxurious option for those willing to invest, while quartz provides a more budget-friendly and low-maintenance alternative. 


Quartz countertops are easier to manage, marble is not 

Maintenance is a must for every natural stone, whether you use them as floor tiles, wall tiles or kitchen countertops.  

A marble countertop is prone to stains and etching; thus it is considered a high-maintenance material. In order to prevent these stains, sealing is important, that too periodically. Sealers prevent the spilt liquid from absorbing, allowing you some time to clean the mess. The regular cleaning of marble must be done by specialized and pH-neutral cleaners to avoid any damage.  


On the other hand, quartz countertops are much easier to maintain. They do not require sealing and don’t need any special cleaning liquids. Quartz countertops are less likely to get stained or damaged, meaning very little upkeep is needed. Even after daily use, a simple wipe of a wet mop can get the most job done.  

For homeowners looking for a low maintenance yet aesthetically pleasing option, a quartz countertop is just perfect.  


Marble vs. Quartz Countertop Comparison at a Glance 

Marble Countertop 

  • Natural stone, with unique colours and patterns, that can vary greatly. 
  • Strong but porous, prone to stains, requires sealing. 
  • Expensive due to limited natural supply. 
  • High maintenance needs specialized cleaners. 
  • Luxurious but high maintenance. 


Quartz Countertop 

  • Man-made, wide range of colours, consistent appearance. 
  • Highly durable, stain-resistant, no sealing needed. 
  • Cost-effective alternative. 
  • Low maintenance, easy to clean. 
  • Budget-friendly and low-maintenance choice. 


Which one is Better? 

Both marble and quartz can be a stunning addition to your kitchen space. If you are looking for a low-maintenance material that looks great and can last for years to come, then quartz stone for kitchen is the right option. 


A marble countertop is ideal for homeowners looking for a luxurious and unique kitchen slab.  

Ultimately, the choice comes down to your personal preference, requirements and budget. 

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