Mask Chains – The Crossroad Between Fashion and Function

Know About How Mask Chains Are the Most Useful Luxury Item of This Decade

Mask chain proves that we can find glamor and style in all kinds of doom and gloom. After the world’s medical and scientific communities made masks an essential part of our lives to combat the pandemic’s onslaught, People did everything they could to glam up the activity of wearing a mask. Everyone got creative with it. For example, some wore heavy eye makeup while others tried to match the mask’s look with the rest of the outfit. Designers and mask manufacturers saw this opportunity and flooded the market with masks made of silk, tweed, and satin. Also embellished with fringe, bows, sequins, and so on.

However, it’s the jewelers that took it up a notch. They bought us the perfect mask accessory, that is a chain mask. It’s a straightforward thing, just a chain that can be fastened to the mask. And it’s all there is to it. But this small addition can completely modify the mask’s appearance. And give the wearer an ultra-mode look that drips with fashion flair. Now, almost everyone can be seen donning these chain masks. Since it has become so popular, let’s take a deep dive into how and why it became a fashion phenomenon. And a couple of ways to style them.

Why the Need for It?

It might come as a surprise, but they are not just for style. They also serve a functional purpose. That is, preventing you from misplacing the mask. Yes, your thought process is correct; it is similar to the chains attached to glasses. The idea behind this neat accessory came from spectacle or sunglass chains or strips. Their purpose is to make sure that the mask stays close to you when it’s not on your face. And it’s better this way. Because if it’s dangling from your neck, it’s less likely to come into contact with any foreign substances, get contaminated, and then ultimately infect you.

Road to Becoming a Fashion Sensation

Even though the reason behind these chains was so that you don’t lose your mask, soon it became the trendiest thing to wear. People are now wearing them just for the sake of fashion. Even those who prefer not to remove their masks at all while outside have started to don them. The reason for them becoming sensational fashion accessories almost overnight is mainly due to social media and influencers. 

The internet is flooded with people showcasing their mask-chained looks, DIY videos, and distinct ways to accessorize with mask chains. And the chains aside, masks themselves have grown out of being a mere protective precaution; they are also a method of self-expression. There are floral patterns, comic character prints, and of course, different kinds of chains that go with the mask’s design. 

Influencers like Lara Eurdolian of Pretty Connected have also come up with their own collection of mask straps. Face mask jewelry is really a fresh and previously unexplored concept in the fashion world. Which is why it’s not a surprise that they have become the latest Instagram style craze.

The Various Options Available in the Market

There are a myriad of variations available in the market, but the gold chain is by far the most popular face mask attachment. It’s mainly because they are simple. And yet have a classic quality about them, which goes with just about any type of face mask. Also, they interject the perfect amount of luxe appeal to one’s face. Furthermore, if you buy one that’s a bit longer in size, you can wrap it around your neck twice and create a layered look. Another popular type involves pearl attachments. It’s trendy because it gives off an exquisite royal feel with its dangling pearls. There are also embedded sea shell chains for a bohemian look, stretchy plaid lanyards for a street-chic look, etc. There is also the option of DIYing it, like a handmade beaded necklace!

stainless steel gold chain

Can You Style Them With Other Jewelry?

Well, of course, you can style them with other jewelry from your jewelry box. Or you can buy a couple of fashion pieces that match up with your mask chain. For example, if it’s a simple and elegant gold chain, then you can buy a stainless steel gold chain to go with it. When you wear them together, they will overlap with each other. And it will give you a seamless, blended look with sideways layering. You can also keep your neck bare, so nothing clashes with the mask chain. And instead, get a gold-plated bracelet to complement the golden mask jewelry.

hypoallergenic necklace chain

Final Thoughts and Advice!

Karen Perez, whose brand Second Wind kick-started this trend with gold, silver, and gunmetal chains for silk and linen masks, said it’s the ideal companion to a hypoallergenic necklace chain. So take her advice and buy a mask chain. With a couple of similar-looking hypoallergenic necklace chains and start looking good while staying safe.

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