Mobile Tracker Online: What is It and How it Works

At first, mobile tracker online technology was only seen on Tv in Hollywood movies. When the hero knew about the location of the target or when he was able to watch them it was pretty fascinating. At that time it was simply a Tv thing and it was impossible to imagine that these cool tools will be used by a common citizen one day. That’s right now one can use the spy app or also known as monitoring software to keep a check on the target activities. These apps not only let the user know about the target’s whereabouts and movements but also keep the record as well for further use.


The TheOneSpy Mobile tracker online is an app that we are going to discuss today. The app offers features like parental control and employee monitoring in particular but one can use the app for themselves as well. Here is what you need to know about a typical mobile Android Spy app’s working and technology.


TheOneSpy Mobile Tracker Online App: What Is It:

As cool as it sounds spy app thing is also very fascinating to use. I mean who can complain about parenting stress when the app can solve all of your problems. It is like a simple helping hand for the user. Be it as parental control or employee monitoring TheOneSpy offers extraordinary features for everyone.

Malware Or Spyware:

Well before discussing the app working let me clear one of the biggest misunderstandings regarding a spyware app. There has been a very serious misunderstanding related to the use of spy apps and the users. It is considered as something illegal and is not liked by many communities. Well, the thing is those people do not know the details. Malware is a virus or harmful tool that is used to attack the target gadget. Of course, it is illegal as it can damage the target tool and data. Hackers use malware to attack the targets. Spyware on the other hand is a type of malware that is used for monitoring purposes.

Spyware like the TheOneSpy mobile tracker online app needs physical access to the target device for installation. On the other hand, the malware can be installed remotely.

Legal Formalities:

Legally the spy app mainly focuses on the parental community and employers as potential users. Both parties want to keep an eye on the minor kids and employees respectively. Using the spy app is one of the most efficient to achieve that goal as it is time saving more trustful and flexible in so many ways. It is legally fine to use the app to keep an eye on your teen or to check the productivity of the employees. But keep in mind that you can only monitor the employees through the company-owned devices.

About Bundle Selection:

TheOneSpy offers three kinds of bundles depending upon the mode of payment and duration of the deal. You can select the bundle as per your requirement and enjoy tracking. Let’s take the example of TheOneSpy android bundle deals they are

  • And-Basic for 1 month
  • And-Standard for 6 months
  • And-Extreme for 1 year

An important point to mention here is that like TheOneSpy mobile tracker online app is different from other spy apps in the market. Especially in terms of basic and advanced feature distribution in the bundle.  You can freely choose the bundle without worrying if the deal contains advanced features or not. TheOneSpy uniformly offers all kinds of features to the users.


The installation needs physical access to the target device. You can install the app remotely. But don’t worry only installation needs physical access as after that the monitoring can be handled remotely without any problem.

subscribe to Application
Visit the spy application web page and register yourself. You will receive credentials via email.

Get target device in hands
Get your hands on the phone and complete the installation process successfully.

Activate online dashboard
You can use the password and ID to activate the dashboard and use features.


Some of the features include live mobile location tracking, geo-fencing, camera bug, Live to listen to surrounding features through mic bug feature, access to built-in calendar, screenshot alert, social media, and instant messenger chat app monitoring, and more. The social media monitoring feature covers more than ten apps’ best Technology that includes Facebook, Youtube, Instagram, Snapchat, Tinder, Line, Viber, Telegram, Skype, and more.  Be free regarding the online world as the app offer access to the target web browsing history of the target. Users have remote access to the bookmark folder and can even block the content by using the web filtering feature.TheOnespy is the best parenting control app for parents and easy to spy on the kids.

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