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Internet and Businesses

Modern Portland Digital Agency

Let's take a closer look at the structure of a full-cycle digital agency.  Before considering the structure, a caveat- here, as in the following examples, there is a simplified structure of departments, and it may vary depending on the company.

The situation with companies that require online specialists is very similar to the situation with the classification of digital specialties. There is no reference structure of the marketing department, in each company it is formed individually and depends on:

  • Areas of activity. For a large FMCG brand and for a product company that deals with online games, completely different specialists are needed.
  • Legal restrictions. For example, financial services, alcohol, pharmaceuticals are difficult to promote online due to legal restrictions.
  • Tasks assigned to the digital department. Somewhere it is attracting customers, and somewhere it is just an online representation of a company without any specific goals.
  • Historical development and past experience. During the development of the company, its own expertise is formed – what works and what does not when promoting. Because of what the structure of the department is changing. For example, the company refuses paid traffic and transfers all budgets to SEO.
  • Expertise of owners. Some founders of the company started as online specialists with some kind of specialization and in the future, when creating a department, they pay their attention to this particular direction. It is very clearly seen when creating Internet agencies, where the owner’s expertise can become the main activity of the company in the future

Now we will try to highlight the main digital companies

1) Digital agencies

  • Full-cycle Digital Agency
  • Media Agency
  • Internet Agency (Internet marketing)
  • Performance Marketing Agency

Digital Agency

The main task is to launch and support portland digital agency activities of clients (creating a website, an application, attracting traffic, smm, etc.). First on the list we consider:

Full–cycle Digital Agency – engaged in strategy development, website creation, attracting and retaining users. That is, they take all digital activities on themselves. Small agencies – often leave on themselves only the strategy, creativity and support (accounting) of the client. Everything else is transferred to contractors for implementation.

Let’s take a closer look at the structure of a full-cycle digital agency.  Before considering the structure, a caveat- here, as in the following examples, there is a simplified structure of departments, and it may vary depending on the company. The agency director manages the process of attracting and servicing clients, his task is to make the agency’s activities a profitable business.

Account Department

Engages in attracting new clients, in particular organizing participation in tenders. Responsible: Sales Managers or New Business Manager. The main KPI: attracted new customers.
Support of the agency’s existing clients. Responsible: Account managers. The main KPI: retention and increase of the average check of an existing customer.
After attracting a potential client, the Creative Department (or Strategy department) develops a strategy for promoting the client’s products. This is done by a creative team, it includes different specialists, depending on the specifics of the client (or on the agency’s available resources). But most often, this is a Strategist, Copywriter, Account manager and is involved in obtaining expertise on the development of a website – a Producer, and a Media Planner (media buyer) for its promotion.

After the strategy is approved by the client, and if it is necessary to create a new website (Update an existing one) or an application, the work is transferred to the Production Department. Where the producer coordinates the work of programmers, designers and contractors in order to create a site of a given quality in compliance with time and budgets.

After the site is created, the main work goes to the Implementation Department (Media Department, promotion department, etc.) where the tasks of attracting, converting and retaining the audience on the new site are already being set. Also in this department, reports on the portland digital agency effectiveness of advertising companies are generated, which are then transmitted to the client.

Throughout this process, the account manager remains the link between the client and the relevant department in the agency.

Media portland digital agency

They are engaged in the planning and placement of advertising for clients. Earnings due to the difference in buying an advertising space and reselling it for the client. Depending on the volume, the difference is from 30% to 70%. Create creatives and accompany RK

Simplified structure of such an agency (without vertical). Similar to the previous structure, only due to specialization, the number of participants in the process is reduced. The account department is engaged in attracting and supporting clients.

Based on the client’s requests, the media planner offers a package of placements on the sites. The designer creates the necessary promotional materials (graphic or animated banners, other promotional materials (Adriver’s list) Video on request of the client – can be made on a contract. After that, the Media Provider is engaged in placing the created materials on the sites selected by the client and provides reports on the effectiveness of advertising.

Separately, I would like to note that I did not include in this structure specialists who attract new sites, the finance department, the department of development and support of their own advertising solutions.

Internet Agency

Often they have only part of the expertise, so they can perform only part of the tasks. In practice, many are strong in promotion channels (SEO, PPC, Email, SMM) but weak in developing comprehensive strategies and creative concepts. Basically, they grew from one direction, for example, SEO or PPC advertising.

The structure of the department is also simplified, since now large Internet agencies can have 100-200 employees and cover almost the entire range of tasks assigned to online marketing.

But, nevertheless, the order of work is similar to the examples above. Namely, the account department is engaged in attracting and supporting clients. The Development department is engaged in updating the client’s website and creating creatives for subsequent marketing activities. Further, depending on the needs of the client, the work is transferred to the appropriate departments. For example, if necessary, SEO optimization works – to the SEO department, advertising launch in Google – PPC portland digital agency department, maintenance of customer accounts in social networks – SMM department. The account manager coordinates the work of specialists and coordinates further actions with the client.

Performance Marketing Portland Digital agency

The last wave of agencies, the payment is for a specific result for the client (registrations, active users, sales, etc.) Many partner networks associate themselves with this type of agency.

Simplified structure of such an agency

Similarly, the account department or New Business department is engaged in attracting and retaining customers. The cost per action that they sell to the client is determined by specialists in the relevant fields. For example, the cost of attracting a client from contextual advertising will be announced by a PPC specialist, the cost of a lead when working with partner networks will be announced by an affiliate manager or a manager for working with partner networks. Sometimes the client himself announces the price for which he is ready to receive a client and the agency develops activities based on it.

At the moment, this is one of the most difficult types of work with a client, since high expertise of employees is needed to be in the black. However, he is the most promising. That is, many customers are willing to pay much more, but for a specific result. Because of this, many traditional digital agencies are gradually switching to a model of working with a client with payment for the result.

At the end of this lecture, I want to voice the main pros and cons of working in agencies so that you understand what you may face when applying for a job.

  • Cool brands, good budgets. You can shoot videos and make interactive mechanics
  • Variety of projects. Every client is something new
  • Excellent skill leveling in strategy and creative concepts creation (in Internet agencies – skill leveling in certain directions)
  • Participation in festivals and promotional parties
  • The client is always right. Even a bad customer
  • Burnout at work. Processing and nerves are typical for agencies (the client has not paid, we do not enter the deadline, contractors have paid, etc.)
  • You will do it beautifully, but not the fact that it is effective (this is for full-cycle and media agencies). You will do cool – but it’s not a fact that your work will last for a long time.
  • There is no deep understanding of the product, which means that part of the expertise is closed to you
  • From experience, I will say that many guys who start working in an agency – after 3-5 years, they switch to the client’s side. Since with the same salary, it is much calmer on the client’s side. I have not noticed any reverse trends.

But, for pumping skills at the initial stage, the agency is much more effective. Often, they are ready to invest time in you and there are already ready-made adaptation programs for beginners, which speeds up your learning process.

At this point we take a break and continue the lecture on other types of companies in the next lesson.

PS Warning – do not get into Convoys – these are agencies that perceive employees as elements of the conveyor – started working, sucked out all the energy, fired, accepted portland digital agency the next one. Pay attention if you work until 10 pm and not because you like it, but because the volume of tasks is always much higher than the possibilities of their implementation, there are frequent layoffs in the company, there is constant pressure or the corporate habit of working until night is cultivated. Then you should be on your guard and decide for yourself how long you will last in this format.

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