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Most Effective Ways To Overcome Number Learning Problem for kids

Most Effective Ways To Overcome Number Learning Problem for kids

Number learning with fun

Children will perceive the conception of numbers at an Associate in Nursing early and use them for reasoning. Before their 1st birthday, they 1st perceive the quantities and apprehend distinguish a tower of three cubes from one among five cubes.

Around two years recent, the kid will already have the insight to count to three or five. By three years recent, he is going to be able to show some numbers on his fingers. He conjointly knows that if he has one candy and offers him a new one.

Here are some tips and game ideas for learning numbers with fun in the standard of living.


For youngsters, learning is thru play. These issues were learning numbers and numbers also. Exceptionally since for a few youngsters learning numbers will be an enormous task.

Always maintain a caring and devilish angle. Hear the kid and let him guide you to what interests him. It’s by enjoying that the kid learns best. Therefore here area unit some ideas to interrupt the routine and create learning numbers natural and, above all, fun.

Learn and act out nursery rhymes on numbers, verses that cause you to count. As an example, “A swinging elephant.” youngsters love it! Count everything you can: fruits within the room, birds and trees on your walks, butterflies within the books you browse to your kid, cars on the road, buttons on garments, etc.

Draw Numbers

By the way, speaking of dates, displaying a Maria Montesorri calendar or “time board” will be an honest plan to introduce your baby not solely to numbers however conjointly to time management. The kid should bit to learn. Books or cards with rough numbers area unit still excellent support.

Take advantage of the sensory sensitivity of kids before four or five years recent. Get the Number learning of books to the touch (for example, from the Balthazar series or rough Maria Montesorri numbers). Another sensory exercise: draw numbers together with your finger on a receptacle lined with a layer of sand, flour, or flour.

sculpting Numbers

Cakes within the form of numbers, we tend to learn the numbers, and that we rejoice. Consider Plasticine or magic sand for sculpting numbers. And if you prefer to cook along, the butter cookie dough conjointly lends itself o.k. to creating number-shaped cakes. Ezineposting

Name the numbers once you notice them around you. we tend to area units enclosed by numbers: house or lodging numbers, market costs, dates

mnemotechnic devices

You can use mnemotechnic devices to assist your kid in learning the numbers that appear as if a swan, eight sorts of a figure, etc. You’ll raise the kid if variety makes him consider something. If he’s the one UN agency finds the alikeness, he can learn it higher.

It will conjointly work his imagination and creativeness. Here is an Associate in Nursing example of cards with figures within the form of animals. You’ll use them to play a variety memory. Here, we tend to love it! Number learning coloring.

Try a variety coloring game wherever numbers area unit related to color. Begin with easy styles with simply three or four colors, and step by step, increase the problem pro re nata. tiny cards to count cute animals and associate an amount with a variety

Draw or print massive numbers and color or embellish them with the kid. Once adorned, cut the quantity into many items and raise the kid to place it back along with a puzzle.


Since associating {the number|the amount|the amount} of objects with the variety that designates this quantity is sort of sophisticated for the kid, these cards will facilitate him. These cards can reduce the Number of learning to associate with Associate in Nursing quantity with variety.

Print them out and stick them everywhere: in his sleeping room, within the front room. However, With our son, we tend to use these cards to play a variety memory conjointly. And yes, another memory! Begin with three or four pairs and increase the Number of learning cards as you go.

heavy cardboard

Cut out numbers from significant cardboard. Have the kid bit {a variety|variety} with their eyes closed and take a look at it to guess what that Number is learning. So, Upon getting into preschool, a 4-year-old might recite numbers up to twenty. However, his thought continues to be restricted to five objects.

Children would like heaps of following to grasp that once numeration objects, everyone is given variety, and therefore the last variety name refers to the whole variety of things.

build numbers

Does your kid like to play with DUPLO or Lego set bricks? Take the chance to make numbers. You’ll use our models or let your imagination run wild and invent your own.

Telephone Numbers.

Print photos of family or friends. Associate a telephone Number learning with every shot. Counsel that the kid decision is your favored one to elicit news. Although To higher learn the numbers, the kid should dial the quantity he’s reading himself. You’ll conjointly dictate it to him. A grandmother is going to be happy to receive a call;).

Trace variety on his back

Here is a beautiful plan for a flash of relaxation and collaboration. Raise the kid to lie on his abdomen and concentrate. So trace {a variety|variety} on his back along with his finger and let him guess that number. Currently, switch roles and let him draw numbers on your back.


At first, solely use multiple digits “1”, “2” and “3”. unfold them out untidy abreast of a table or on the ground. Rejoice to paste them (1, 2, 3) on a cooking utensil or magnetic board whereas naming them. However, Once the youngsters have down these 1st three numbers, add one variety at a time to extend the problem level.

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