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Motherboard Choose for i7 4790K Processor

The Core i7-4790k is Intel’s reaction to the 4770k’s relatively little upgrades. A solid motherboard is essential if you expect to maintain utilizing the i7-4790k in your future PC build.

An Intel 9 or 8 Series motherboard is required for the i7-4790k, which has been discontinued by Intel.

Nevertheless, you may be certain that a large range of motherboards is still available that use these platforms.

Here we’ll take a look at five excellent devices, each of which has the potential to be the best motherboard for i7 4790k processor.

Let’s take a closer look at each motherboard’s specifications to help you decide which one is best for your needs.

Motherboard Z97 PC Mate from MSI

After looking at the first three possibilities, the MSI Z97 PC Mate Motherboard may be exactly the thing for you.

Compared to the Maximus VII Hero and Z97 Gaming 5, it is a more affordable ATX motherboard that supports the i7-4790k processor.

If you don’t require the additional functions, this board is ideal.


With a blue and black color design, the Z97 PC Mate is a departure from the red and black of the Maximus VII Hero and Z97 Gaming 5.

However, despite its lack of strictly aesthetic characteristics, this motherboard might be an excellent choice for PC cases that have exposed sides.

Options for Memory, Storage, and Expansion

The Z97 PC Mate, in contrast to the smaller H81T/CSM, can accommodate up to 32GB of system memory.

It has four DDR3 DIMM slots and a maximum clocked speed of 3000MHz for DDR3 DIMMs.

The Z97 PC Mate provides stronger expansion possibilities than the smaller Asus B85M-G and Asus H81T/CSM boards since it retains the ATX form factor.

Multi-GPU support is possible because of its two PCIe x16 slots.

PCIe 2.0 x1 slots and PCI slots for older expansion cards are also available.

There are no M.2 ports on the Z97 PC Mate for storage.

It has just six SATA ports that can carry data at 6Gbps.


A single PCI Express LAN Ethernet adapter is supported by the Z97 PC Mate for internet access.

This board, like the others on this list, does not have Wi-Fi capability.

An HDMI output is available on the Z97 PC Mate’s display connectivity options.

In the same way as previous motherboards, this one can support three screens.

Among the Z97 PC Mate’s advantages is its versatile 8-Channel adaptor with jack sensing capabilities.

It’s an Asus H81T/CSM motherboard

It’s possible that some of you may require a smaller form factor than the Asus B85M-G micro-ATX motherboard.

A mini-ITX motherboard, the Asus H81T/CSM is the smallest quality motherboard for your i7-4790k processor.

Your CPU will be at a different place on the mini-ITX board compared to the other boards.

Also, the Asus H81T/CSM may be the simplest of the five.


An easy-to-use PCB, the Asus H81T/CSM motherboard has a mouse-controlled graphical BIOS.

XMP profile settings, fan controls, and clock tweaks are just some of its user-friendly features.

Some people will think the BIOS goodies are unneeded since it provides just minimal functions.

With the Asus H81T/CSM, a clutter-free home theatre PC setting is possible because of its mini-ITX form factor.

You may conceal a tiny PC in a cabinet near your smart television.

Options for Memory, Storage, and Expansion

The Asus H81T/CSM has just two memory slots, one mini-PCIe 2.0 x1 socket, and four SATA ports for its core connectivity components.

With a maximum of 16GB installed, this board does not support any kind of memory performance boost.

Having just one PCIe slot, you won’t be able to use numerous graphics cards.

There are three 6Gbps SATA ports and one 3Gbps SATA port.


The Asus H81T/primary CSM’s characteristics are summarised by its connected components.

It has a Realtek 8111G LAN controller for conventional network connections, however, it does not support Wi-Fi.

VGA devices may be connected through the board’s HDMI and DVI-D ports.

The Asus H81T/CSM can only connect to two screens at a time, unlike the other alternatives.

The Asus H81T/audio CSM’s component has eight HD channels, jack-detection, and front-panel retasking since it is designed for a home theatre PC.


Since the second quarter of 2014, the Intel Quad-Core i7-4790k has been available.

Deteriorating the supply of support and suitable items comes with a lengthy history in the industry.

This shortlist, on the other hand, demonstrates that Haswell-DT CPUs still have some life left in them.

The MSI Z97 Gaming 5 is our top pick for the finest motherboard for an i7 4790k.

The Maximus VII Hero costs twice as much like this model, but it offers significantly more capabilities for a fraction of the price.

Rather than shelling out for the pricey Maximus VII Hero, you may want to save up for an 8th generation Intel CPU and a motherboard that supports it instead.

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