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Namecheap Web Hosting

Namecheap web hosting offers three pricing tiers for its shared hosting plans, with all tiers offering unlimited bandwidth and free email accounts. Customers will also get one free SSL certificate installation in addition to cheap hosting.

Annual pricing plans include:

  • Stellar:

    The basic tier starts at $2.18 per month and includes up to three websites and 20 GB SSD storage

  • Stellar Plus:

    Starting at $2.98 per month, users can create unlimited websites, automatic backups, and unlimited storage

  • Stellar Business:

    Starting at $4.98 per month, users get unlimited websites, automatic backups, cloud storage, and up to 50 GB of storage

Small businesses can choose to sign up for a plethora of dedicated, reseller, WordPress, or VPS plans, too. If you’re unsure whether the plan you chose is sufficient, Namecheap offers a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Free Website Migration For Cheap Hosting:

For those who already have a website with another hosting company, Namecheap will help you migrate it to theirs for free with cheap hosting. The company guarantees it’ll complete a full cPanel migration within 24 hours and no more than 15 minutes of downtime. Otherwise, it’ll credit your account with an amount equivalent to your first year of a shared hosting plan.

Website Builder:

Site Maker, Namecheap’s drag-and-drop website builder, doesn’t require any coding skills. You can sign up with your email address for free to test it out making it cheap hosting. You can either start from scratch or choose from a variety of templates. If you like what you see, you can continue to sign up for a paid plan.

Supersonic CDN:

Namecheap’s Content Delivery Network (CDN) offers fast delivery speeds and high bandwidth so that it takes seconds for your website content to update and load. This results in faster load times, helpful for small businesses that want to ensure their website runs smoothly. Though all shared hosting tiers offer this for free with their plans, customers can upgrade to faster servers for an extra fee.

Namecheap web hosting is known as one of the best affordable and reliable domain name registrars and hostings. One of the largest in the market, too. However, that’s not all – Namecheap also offers web hosting services. Quite a large variety of different hosting types and for very low prices. While many enjoy Namecheap’s domain registration services, its hosting reviews are quite mixed. Some users are very happy with low hosting prices, knowledgeable customer support, and a reasonable security package.

 Who should choose Namecheap As A Cheap Hosting Option?

  • Individuals

    : If you want to make a small blog or personal website, Namecheap is one of the most affordable options.

  • Local small businesses:

    Most small businesses do not get a lot of traffic, so it often makes sense to opt for an inexpensive hosting provider.

  • Entrepreneurs:

    Starting projects off on a Namecheap web hosting server can be smart. If a site takes off, however, you may need to migrate to a higher-end hosting provider.

  • Bands and artists:

    If you’re one of the millions of bands, writers, artists, or other people passionate about something that doesn’t (yet) generate a lot of money, Namecheap is an excellent hosting provider to use.

Namecheap web hosting may be the best web hosting for anyone who wants good hosting but finds that low costs are the most important factor. This can include individuals, small businesses, entrepreneurs, and artists. Namecheap has been around for a long time and for the right customers, it is a great hosting company to choose.

Namecheap Top Five Features:

Namecheap’s strengths are its affordable pricing and excellent domain registration and management. You’ll also get a free SSL certificate included in your hosting plan.

Here are the top five Namecheap features:

  1. Solid state drives (SSDs) for storage
  2. Great uptime guarantee
  3. Affordable pricing for shared hosting and VPS
  4. Excellent domain registration and management
  5. Free SSL certificate

There is no shortage of discount hosting providers in the market today. But Namecheap does stand out in many positive ways providing cheap hosting. Check out the five things I liked about Namecheap and why I think they are a great option for many people.

1. Solid state drives (SSDs) for storage within cheap hosting

When it comes to web cheap hosting, a few things are as important as site loading speed. While many factors contribute to the overall load speed, few of them are more impactful than the hard drive where the data is stored. That is why I love the fact that Namecheap web hosting provides solid-state drives on all of the hosting packages that it offers.

Solid-state drives are far faster than traditional spinning disk drives and can perform a lot more operations per second. Using SSDs with hosting is always going to provide a performance boost. Still, the benefits will be especially apparent on sites that get a lot of visitors or those that have a lot of elements on the page, such as e-commerce websites.

2. Great uptime guarantee of cheap hosting

If you sign up for a reseller or VPS hosting package with Namecheap, you will get a 100% uptime guarantee. If you choose shared hosting, WordPress hosting, or dedicated servers, you get a 99.9% uptime guarantee. Both are at or above the industry standard for uptime and reliability.

When I first saw this uptime guarantee, I was quite skeptical because it is impossible for any hosting provider to be able to truly deliver on a 100% uptime guarantee. Given the fact that Namecheap is a lower-cost provider, I thought that the claims would not hold up. Instead, I was impressed with how Namecheap handles its uptime guarantees.

First of all, this company generally does a good job at keeping your website up and running smoothly, so most of the time, you will not have any noticeable downtime at all. When they do fall before their stated uptime levels, they will provide you with a credit on your bill.

In any given calendar month, every hour past the stated uptime guarantee that your site is down will earn you a full day’s payment credit. If you have a VPS hosting package with a 100% uptime guarantee, for example, and your site is down due to an issue with hosting for an hour, you’ll get a free day of hosting.

3. Affordable pricing for shared and VPS(cheap hosting)

With a business called Namecheap, nobody is going to be surprised with low prices providing cheap hosting. If you are like the vast majority of people looking for hosting and you need either shared hosting or VPS hosting, you will love the prices. When looking through the different packages, the price points are very attractive. In fact, Namecheap web hosting offers its entry-level shared hosting package free of charge for the first few months so you can give it a try. This is a great option for anyone just starting out.

However, I found that the prices for WordPress hosting and dedicated servers are not that great. Looking at the system specs on these packages, I can’t really see any justification for the higher prices, especially given the fact that this company markets itself as a discount provider. Namecheap may target users signing up for inexpensive shared hosting who then upgrade later to the more costly options. If you need WordPress hosting or dedicated servers, I recommend going to other companies.

4. Excellent domain name registration and management with cheap hosting

Namecheap started off as a domain name registration company, which is still its main service with an impressive 17 million+ domain names registered for its customers. The fact that it sells domains at a significant discount compared to other sites also makes Namecheap a very attractive option for many people.


Reliability is extremely important for both free and paid services, but you should only expect any real reliability with a paid hosting plan. It’s likely that you’ll want your website to operate 24/7, and you’ll only get that from a web host with reliable servers and stable network connections. Before you decide on a host, check out its uptime history. You can read reviews and check their advertised uptime guarantees.

A site that is hard to reach or frequently down loses visitors, and customers, and can hit revenue hard. If someone finds your site and tries to access it only to find that it’s unavailable, they won’t hesitate to go to a competitor’s site. Slow access is also very frustrating for dedicated visitors.

Namecheap is known as one of the best affordable and reliable domain name registrars. One of the largest in the market, too. However, that’s not all – Namecheap also offers web hosting services. Quite a large variety of different hosting types and for very low prices.

While many enjoy Namecheap’s domain registration services, its hosting reviews are quite mixed. Some users are very happy with low hosting prices, knowledgeable customer support, and a reasonable security package.


Namecheap web hosting offers customer support via ticketing and lives chat. They also have an extensive help center where you can browse their knowledge base, blog, and several different guides and videos.

Security is one of the most important factors to consider when looking for the best hosting provider. While preparing this Namecheap review, I found it to be quite secure yet a little basic. It did a pretty good job of including several security features in its plans – from free SSL certificates to firewalls and backups.

The bottom line is that Namecheap’s design features are not something you can’t live without. However, I find them useful for webmasters who are trying to create a brand. Plus, if you don’t have the resources to pay a designer, or you’re just experimenting with some ideas, Namecheap web hosting kinda helps you out here.

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