No One Should Make These Rubbish Removal Mistakes

Every family in Birmingham needs to deal with rubbish removal at some point. In our homes and workplaces, we produce a significant amount of garbage every day. However, if this garbage is not properly disposed of, it will result in landfills, causing significant environmental damage. We are sure you believe you take the required precautions to guarantee that your garbage is properly disposed of. Take it from someone who provides rubbish removal in Birmingham: you’re probably inadvertently making a few blunders. But don’t worry; we are here to assist you. Continue reading this blog to learn about four common rubbish removal mistakes that you may be making unknowingly. Hopefully, after reading this, you will understand how to dispose of your trash properly.

Disposing of Hazardous/ Chemical waste with the regular garbage

Disposing of chemical/hazardous garbage with regular waste is one of the most prevalent blunders we see individuals make regarding rubbish removal. Paints, fluorescent lights, cleaning goods, pesticides, car fluids, electronic garbage, solvents, batteries, and metal waste are just a few examples of chemical/hazardous waste. This form of rubbish should never be thrown away with other trash. You should handle it carefully and dispose of it properly. You must begin separating your household waste from chemical/hazardous waste today if you haven’t already. It would help if you employed rubbish removals in Birmingham to dispose of chemical/hazardous material properly. Expert waste removal companies will adequately dispose of your chemical/hazardous waste.

Believing that all paper and plastic can be recycled

We are sure you believe that you can recycle any paper or plastic. Contrary to popular belief, this is not the case. Not all forms of paper or plastic can be recycle, for example. Non-recyclable paper includes dryer sheets, pet food bags, wax paper, dirty paper, and pizza boxes. Also non-recyclable are bubble and plastic wrap, soiled plastic bags and bottles, and plastic wrappers.

So, the next time you toss paper or plastic into a recycling bin, consider what you’re throwing away. If you’re not sure what’s recyclable, you should seek the advice of professionals who provide waste disposal in Birmingham.

Disposing waste on your own

People trying to dispose of waste on their own is perhaps the most prevalent garbage removal blunder we see. Sure, you may believe that disposing of rubbish oneself is more accessible than dealing with a lengthy procedure. That, however, is a significant blunder that can be exceedingly destructive to the ecosystem. You’re not doing anyone any favors by collecting trash and dumping it in the nearest landfill. The waste you toss into the landfill decomposes in the absence of oxygen, releasing harmful greenhouse gases. Rather than attempting to dispose of waste on your own, hire a professional rubbish removal company in Birmingham. This approach is more straightforward and (often) less expensive than disposing of rubbish on your own. In addition, they’ll dispose of your waste in an environmentally friendly manner.

Throwing rubbish on the road

People frequently abandon their garbage on the side of the road. There are times when a community cleanup is held, and your local government will fund a minor cleanup of local trash. However, it would help if you never threw your garbage on the road. Allowing others to take their old belongings can make people feel like they are doing them a favors (such as shoes, couches, chairs etc.). Most people, however, will not touch it because they have no idea where it has been, and it may be damage as a result of being expose to the elements for too long.

Dumping, which is illegal

Some individuals don’t recognize what they are doing or where they are dumping their trash, even though it is illegal. It would help if you properly dispose of your trash and should never consider unlawful dumping. You will be fine (up to $5,000) if you are catch illegally dumping. It’s not meriting the risk, especially now that professional junk removal services are so inexpensive.

You’re not taking advantage of skip bins

Finally, if you are not employing the services of a skip bin, you are undoubtedly making waste removal inconvenient for yourself. Walk-in skip bins, unlike regular skip bins, can make rubbish pickup even more convenient. It eliminates the need to lift waste over the sides of a standard skip for loading by allowing you to carry or wheel it directly into the bin. Furthermore, you can pack in more waste and dispose of more significant amounts of trash in one go.


You’re probably unknowingly making some common garbage removal mistakes. These include mixing hazardous and chemical waste, assuming that all paper and plastic can be recycle, disposing of waste on your own, and failing to use walk-in skip bins. Consider Junk Busters for rubbish removal in Birmingham to make waste disposal hassle-free and straightforward. Call them today to speak with one of their waste disposal professionals!


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