Pros of the folding bike

Pros of the folding bike

For years, bikers have been enjoying the folding bike for their versatility, and now, they’re getting even more popular for the exact same reason. They offer easier travelling for both long and short rides, without the hassle of hanging your bike on a rack. The storage is also great, as there aren’t a lot of things that can go wrong with these. In fact, if you’re going to buy one, it’s highly recommended that you make sure it’s from a leading company, like Zzzaboom. They’re known for making quality cycles that are safe and sturdy.


Minimal joey suspension

There are several pros of folding zizzo folding bike rack systems, and the first is minimal joey suspension. It offers a smooth ride for better handling, and better safety. If you ride in a windy area, this is critical. Other pro is the lockable system. When locking the frame, you ensure your bike’s security and safety, as it’s not like with a regular biker rack, where you can just leave it down in the middle of the street, anywhere. It’s secure, so you don’t have to worry about leaving your bike out in the open, or in a parking lot anywhere.


Built-in tent

Another pro of the folding bicycle is the built-in tent. It offers protection from the rain, as well as shade from the sun during those hot summer days. This means you can use your bike any time, regardless of what season it is. You can easily take it along on your camping trip or even head out on a long shopping spree, without having to deal with the elements.


Consider the storage

One of the best pros to consider is storage. If you find yourself travelling often, this is one of the best cons to consider. Since the bike folds up compactly and is easier to stow, it’s easy to go with you on your next vacation. This also makes it easier to bring extra luggage, in case you might need it. Some people even choose to bring their bicycles when they travel, to make sure they end up enjoying the entire vacation.


Special locks

A few pros include the fact that you won’t need any kind of special locks to lock up your bike. The majority of these are standard bike locks, which are easy to pick. This is probably one of the best pros of folding bike locks, especially if you travel a lot, or ride in a dangerous area.



Storage room

When looking at these folding bikes, there are also a couple of cons. The first one is that many of them aren’t very practical. There isn’t much storage room unless you opt for a small trunk. You will also have to spend a little more money on a good model because these are typically made out of better materials. Other cons of this type of bike include weight because they can be pretty heavy.


Extra space

Now we come to the pros. Folding bike shelters are great when you need extra space when travelling on your travels. You can take them with you anywhere, unlike conventional bike racks that are stuck to the ground, or the tailgate of your car. Some of these can even be folded up, to be held against your car. This makes it easier to store when you aren’t using your bike, and you have a secure place to bring your camping gear.


Overview of the pros and cons

This is just a brief overview of the pros and cons of folding bike touring. It’s important that you think about what you plan to use your bike for, before making a purchase. The pros definitely outweigh the cons, when you look at the total cost. Folding bikes are easier to get where you want to go, and the cons are few if any. The best way to decide if folding bike touring is right for you is to make sure you do your research!


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