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Real estate astrology by We-Astro

Some people in the real estate industry spend a lot of time studying statistics and trends. Others rely on their instincts or intuition to guide them. Real estate astrology by We-Astro takes a different approach, focusing on the movement of the planets to identify cycles of opportunity. We-Astro attempts to explain an Astrological perspective on Real Estate in this article. Real estate prices tend to move in 18 to 20-year cycles. It usually takes about 9 or 10 years to go from one top to the next or from one bottom to the next top. In an 18.6-year cycle around the Zodiac, the Moon’s Nodes move retrograde.

There are many astrological conditions for owning a home or property. It is possible to learn about the possibility of owning a home and property through a variety of texts. There is the possibility of a palace or even a hut in various planetary combinations. Aside from these, some sub-factors indicate the possibility of a house and property. Regardless of the House, you must have a strong Lagna. The lagna’s strength is very important because it shows how strong you are as a person to achieve anything in your life. Mars represents land and construction, so Mars must be very strong.

The endowment of Real Estate

You can learn a lot from an astrologer. a lot about Real estate astrology by We-Astro. However, according to We-Astro, here are some points that reflect property endowment in your Horoscope. The person will be able to own many properties if the fourth lord and the Lord of the Lagna are well placed. If the fourth House has a good relationship with the ninth lord, they will inherit their father’s estate. In astrology, the ninth House represents the father. They will inherit property from their maternal grandfather if the fourth lord is well placed in the second house. After marriage, a person can inherit property from their spouse’s father or acquire landed property. This occurs when the powerful fourth lord is placed in the Seventh House. Furthermore, if the fourth lord becomes weak or has connections with the sixth House, they may face traditional property litigation.

Property Damage

Numerous planetary positions and planetary combinations can cause you to lose property when buying or selling real estate. However, according to We-Astro, in a Kundli, the 4th House represents and rules over land, houses, and properties. When the Lord of the Fourth House is in the Third House with other benefic planets, you will lose the property. Furthermore, if the Lord of the 4th House is in a malefic position in the 8th House, it causes property loss. Furthermore, property loss can occur depending on the planetary positions. For example, if the Lord of the 4th House sits in the 6th, 8th, or 12th House and aspects the House of the Ascendant, it causes property loss due to governmental actions. Similarly, if the Lord of the 4th House happens to be with the planet Sun, the effects are weakened.

Obtain Real Estate Business Success

The second House of the Horoscope governs a person’s sources of income. The rules of the tenth House govern career, while the eleventh house rules govern sources. Therefore, having a strong second and the tenth house is crucial to success in the Real estate astrology by We-Astro business. When the Lord of the fourth house is strong, and in the tenth or eleventh House, aspect by Venus, the real estate business can thrive. Profit from real estate occurs when the Lord of the 11th House is in the fourth House with the planet Mars or Venus.

Furthermore, when Venus is in the 2nd House, and the Lord of the 10th or 11th house is well-placed, earning money through real estate sales becomes simple. Mars is the homeland’s Karaka. A person with a strong Mars position is blessed with a beautiful home in their native land. Also, when Mars becomes the fourth lord and associates with the second or tenth lord, earning through Real estate astrology by We-Astro and buildings is possible

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