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Reasons why OpenCart is ideal for your online store

A great idea needs a great implementation. Creating an online store is more than just selling a few products online. It’s about creating brand awareness among customers. While site attractiveness and loading speed are important aspects for all online stores, there is one factor that determines everything: the e-commerce platform.

OpenCart is based on PHP and MySQL and is an open-source platform available to all potential e-commerce companies. In addition, OpenCart is supported in multiple languages and currencies, which increases its relevance.

Among the many e-commerce platforms available, such as WooCommerce for WordPress, Magneto, or VirtueMart for Joomla, OpenCart has gained a lot of popularity. The question is what makes OpenCart development the first choice for e-commerce stores. A detailed review of the advantages offered by this platform provides enough valid reasons to choose it.

Reasons to choose OpenCart

OpenCart is easy to use A smart administration panel that includes everything you need, such as catalogs, sales, and extensions, combined with a simple interface makes using OpenCart easy and straightforward. The OpenCart 2 version is smartphone-friendly and can be used easily from Android and iOS.

availability of temlates

templates are already available A well-designed e-commerce platform is essential to attract customers in the early stages. The website design should be unique and innovative, yet simple and easy to navigate for customers. The thousands of templates available for OpenCart are designed to stand out in their own way. Using pre-made templates in the first few months also saves time and money, making launching an e-commerce site faster and more cost-effective.

Ease of setting

Settings are easy to make A sufficient understanding of PHP, MySQL and HTML will help you manage OpenCart yourself. The interface is also simpler, allowing you to make changes or develop extensions to the template according to your needs.

a lot of information

A wealth of information about OpenCart If you are using this tool for the first time, you won’t feel like a stranger because there is already a lot of information about OpenCart. It is a much-discussed tool on which you can find all kinds of information on the Internet. There are special forums where every detail of the platform is discussed so that you can have a good understanding of it.

Number of extensions

OpenCart offers thousands of extensions and modules The official OpenCart store sells more than 14,000 extensions and 26 free basic modules. This means that you can browse them and add as many extensions as you want to your online store. It also offers thousands of customization features and marketing tools, so you are never left without options.


SEO-friendly interface One of the most useful features of OpenCart is its SEO-friendly interface. From managing meta descriptions to creating SEO URLs via the admin panel. Every aspect of the website can be managed through this platform. SEO becomes easier and less complicated when working with the OpenCart platform. Easy integration of the Google Analytics tracking code into the admin panel allows you to get a clear overview of your store’s traffic.

Easily manage multiple stores

Growing e-commerce businesses can easily use OpenCart thanks to the multi-store mode. Creating and managing new store branches can be done easily from a single administration panel. Regardless of the design, product range, and languages, everything is managed by one panel.

payment gateways

OpenCart has installed several payment gateways. This e-commerce platform also allows for different payment options (source: ). Several predefined delivery methods are available (source: ). Additional modules can be added to create more options. The customization process is also easier, which makes OpenCart the best platform for online stores.

Multi-language availability with different payment gateways OpenCart is available in 17 different languages that make up the major language groups in the world. Simple language selection on the dashboard makes it easy to use.

In conclusion

It can be said that OpenCart is very easy to use and is a useful e-commerce platform, especially for young online stores. The growing popularity of OpenCart as an e-commerce platform is a testament to its many features. Creating an e-commerce website with OpenCart will definitely help you reach the pinnacle of success in this field.

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