Revenue-boosting Poultry Meats You Can Invest In Your Poultry Farm

With the rise of the poultry farm in United States, many are now indulging in starting their farming enterprise. Although one must think that it is the funding and the space that is of bigger concern while developing the farming organization, there is far greater concern that would determine the economic return of the farm.

We are talking about different variations of farm birds that you can choose to invest in. The birds that you choose are essential for improving your revenue. Depending on the consumer and their eating habits, along with the requirements of the neighborhood, choosing the right poultry bird can make a whole difference.

Hence, We Bring You A Few Revenue-boosting Poultry Birds You Can Think Of Investing In While Opening Your Poultry Farm In United States…

Whenever people think of investing in farming, they think of choosing either chicken or turkey. But various types of indigenous birds could help you boost your economic stand.


It is the key variation of poultry you can use. Turkeys are bigger and larger; moreover, they sell well for having a similar texture to chicken. Turkeys that we may see nowadays belong to the category called Meleagris gallopavo. They are used for commercial purposes, that is, to produce meat.

Moreover, they also lay eggs for consumption; however, apart from higher-culinary inventions, they are not intrinsically used. The male turkey can weigh up to 11kg, while the female turkey can weigh around 6 kgs. Moreover, the lifespan of a domestic turkey is around 10years. The classifications of turkeys you can breed in are,

1. Roasters
2. Hens
3. Tom
4. Black turkey
5. Blue state
6. Bourbon red.


Although not widely used in many households, in culinary spaces, ducks are extensively eaten. These water birds are smaller than geese and swans; moreover, they are not as common as chicken or turkey. The duck should be bred if you supply meat similar to GoodPoultryFarm, which delivers poultry meat to high-end restaurants.

Compared to meat, duck eggs are more common choices among households to deliver rich protein and creamy texture. An average duck weighs around 1.6kg. Moreover, the lifespan of fucks is around 5 years. The variation of ducks you can invest in are,

1. Dabbling ducks
2. Diving duck
3. Sea Duck
4. Merganser
5. Eider
6. Goldeneye
7. Perching Duck
8. Scoter
9. Stiff tail, etc.


Geese have also made it to our list of poultry birds that should be bred in because their demand increases in the commercial market. The most common geese that are used is the grey geese. The geese are categorized into two main categories.

They are Genera Anser and Branta. Historically speaking, it is the first set of birds that were first domesticated. Although they are more common to the household because of the eggs, these birds have more value than just that.

Currently, the populace has started consuming geese, and many manufacturers have even found a way to utilize geese feathers as well. The average weight of the male geese weighs around 5.2kg, while the female weighs around 4.8 kg. Their lifespan is around 31 years. Some of the common breeds you can invest in are,

1. Embden
2. Czechoslovakian White
3. Huoyan goose
4. Kuban
5. Lands
6. Toulouse.

Ending note:

Apart from these birds, there is also guinea fowl, quail, and pigeon that you can invest in. Although they are indigenous, they are being introduced to the community more openly. As a result, even the usage of these birds has increased. Furthermore, if you want to include more options, then choose Boer goat for sale. It will provide the neighborhood the option to come for red meats as well.

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